Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Freedom a Right or a Priveledge- 1992 paper

I first, must ask for forgiveness in the use of the language I used in this paper when I was 15 years old. Recently, I went though my old boxes of things to downsize. This was a paper I wrote and was awarded participation in a Young Optimists Club writing contest, during my senior year of college. As a teen; I had great difficulty writing such an objective article. Afterall, I was greatly psychologically chastized & physically brutalized by the members of the Quakertown community for my race. Today, I laugh about how I tried to express my thoughts so that I was acceptable to the same people who abused me for my color (as I would turn dark brown over the many summer vacations from school.) The paper follows below;

will be posted later due to technical difficulty.....