Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Asian Women in the United States

It's not what you think Women~!

Once you are here: What they don't tell you: What we women of Asian descent try to hide from our respectable families in Asia....in my case Japan.

1. The number of times we have been restrained and raped in some Caucasian man's home/dormatory/apartment since age 17 or prior physically and against our will.
2. The number of times we have been refused assistance in using the legal system to "punish" an assailant.
3. The number of times they let a stalker/assaulter/ etc. go to wreach havoc on other asian women (we are petite in comparison to most Caucasian or African-American American Women and Children).
4. The number of times people say that they won't help because of our race; we must stay silent Asians and behave.
5. That women of Asian descent are attacked due to our lack of family ties and support in the United States; we are easy targets for them to hit without retribution.
6. There is a lack of understanding for our situation in a country full of very eager men who are only eager to harm and go away; rather than address us as respectable others.
7. Because we have little family here: there is noone to catch us when we face utter despair.
8. Those who try to help us only exploit our situation; leaving us with nothing. ( I have never met a suvivor of violence who has done well in her life and achieved any personal happiness.)
9. Many of us try to hide our hurt. We know there is little to no help. There is not even punishment in some areas due to the "hoochie mama" mentality that American men posess collectively; as a result of the Vietnam war era.
10. They will always try to blame us; even saying- "you're pulling a race card on me" when they fully know that we are seeing the deck of race cards that they are stacking against us.