Friday, June 30, 2006

New Hope To Lambertville Flooding

Photos taken Thursday @2PM at New Hope, PA

Top: The Inn at Lambertville Station: see between the Sculpted wood;-- parking garage is under water... (photos are from thursday's flooding prior to the swell from the Delaware River) .

Bottom: Bridge to Lambertville, NJ from the New Hope, PA right side of the bridge. See earlier blog entry photo for 1 day comparison.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Update from 8PM New Hope

  • Odette's is 50% consumed by water; no entry to the parking lot.
  • Water Works is 1/3 under water
  • Parking Garage is filled to 1st level and was spewing water
  • Water View is also 1/3 under water
  • downtown main street water levels rose; but not overwhelmed the businesses yet.
Despite the flood warning of 8ft swell at Trenton, NJ. It seems that many people may expect the 8ft. swell at New Hope, PA. Tonight's news showed the Lehigh Valley and a 35 ft. swell is on its way! There is another thing about New Hope, PA -- that the swell may be at least 19 feet and will reach the center of the road.

Much luck to all!!!

Delaware River Flood at New Hope/ Lambertville

a New Hope alley is enveloped by the Delaware River at 2PM

This is about the Flooding and 8 ft. swell on it's way to the Trenton, NJ dam. Ringing in at anticipated though appx. 21ft of flooding in New Hope, PA (a popular tourist attraction);-- Store owners were preparing for the swell of water prior to the 4PM evacuation deadline. Road Closed signs were being taken off trucks and moving trucks were parked in front of Downtown NewHope stores and Homes for the evacuation. This is to be "one of the big ones since the flood of 55'." stated one anxious, but calm store owner. He drew a line with his foot on the sidewalk where he expects the water to stop and tapped his food on the front stoop of his store, saying "that means up to here, up to here" and "...the last one was up to here." while moving things inside appx 3ft higher than the store's floor level.

Yesterday; I was on a shared drive up to Wegman's for some grocery shopping in Bethlehem.
The Flooding was Fierce by the bridges in the Lehigh Valley. The level of the River had risen approximately 13-15 feet from the normal level. Also, on the drive there was a canal that was dry as a desert ditch, though in creepy Kitnersville, PA. The Canal in Kitnersville area sat empty due to damage incurred from the last Delaware River Flood. The rain subsided here in Bucks County early in the morning; though the storm moved further North to the Lehigh Valley area. They are expecting a swell from the Lehigh area to move through the Delaware and be in the NewHope area by tomorrow afternoon. The waterway in Trenton, NJ is to be flooded approximately 8 feet over the floodline. And, there may be more area thunderstorms tonight.

Scroll down to see more photos/ snapshots from my after lunchtime break.

Delaware River Flood; New Hope, Pa to Lambertville, NJ

This Photo Taken on the New Hope, PA (right) side of the bridge over the Delaware River to Lambertville, NJ .
Photo of the water level under the Bridge to Lambertville, NJ from New Hope, PA (left) side. This photo was taken on the New Hope Side.

New Hope Flood @ 2PM June28, 2006

I stopped down in New Hope. After taking some snapshots of the canal I saw Mark helping out at the Three Cranes;-- where the owners and their family and friends were preparing their store for the flood. They are a Mixed- Culture Couple from the U.S. and Thailand. Intricate teak statues were moved to Safety while Buddha sat high upon the shelving stands. I took photos on a walk down Main street and near the Bridge at Lambertville.

More Photos of Oko_ne

Over the years I have also tried changing my appearances to become more acceptable to the average person in the U.S. who I encounter in my necessary and basic interactions for life. People definately react to me differently when they see me in clothing that I detest (though picked out by someone completely different from me-- and Caucasian). I have come to realize that people don't like me. They react to the image of my clothing (no matter how american countryside thrift store it looks). Though; I like asian designed clothes...I still have issues of the American company thievery in selling goods and not returning the money owed to Asia. But, i suppose it's better than the story I heard from a biz. owner here who had his goods made in Mexico 1st but who was also blamed for the factory burning to the ground. And then, the issues surrounding Asian sweat shops.
This progressed even to the point of my over zealous hair colorist bleaching too much of my long hair to look more like eveyone else here. (though I don't think I ever want that thick squareface look.) I do have a long list of product complaints that cost me several hundreds of dollars and caused more skin damage than good. I found 1 bottle of beNice and other Lion soap that works for my face. Basic Soap here is expensive and damaging to my bi-racial skin; aside from the fact that i'm allergic to apples and malic acid. Esolis even went out of Business...but was good for my skin...and showed positive results.

Freedom a Right or a Priveledge- 1992 paper

I first, must ask for forgiveness in the use of the language I used in this paper when I was 15 years old. Recently, I went though my old boxes of things to downsize. This was a paper I wrote and was awarded participation in a Young Optimists Club writing contest, during my senior year of college. As a teen; I had great difficulty writing such an objective article. Afterall, I was greatly psychologically chastized & physically brutalized by the members of the Quakertown community for my race. Today, I laugh about how I tried to express my thoughts so that I was acceptable to the same people who abused me for my color (as I would turn dark brown over the many summer vacations from school.) The paper follows below;

will be posted later due to technical difficulty.....

Monday, June 26, 2006

language letter to Multicultural admissions

Oko_ne copyright 2006
I am posting this to my blog as an example letter to a school that has a seemingly huge party school reputation in Pennsylvania and;-- it is a school that has also secured some state funding for multicultural development. I gave it much consideration before applying. I am a halvsie; My largest fear is that they pass it over due to my very Celtic name my mother was forced to choose for me. The letter follows, though bullets are not fomatting properly for use in this blog.
Dear Hiring Manager,

I am responding to your posting for Assistant Director of Admissions on the Kutztown University Human Resources website. I have 10 years of recruitment experiences in varied locales and populations including; schools and organizations in NY, PA, DC, MD, MT, CA as well as consciously working for social change and multicultural understanding. Independently, I am a fluid communicator of hybridism with a wide range of people skills rooted in varied cultural backgrounds of the U.S. and varied Asian populations. This communication began in my youth and includes my outreach with regional translocated Asian populations to create community understanding of particular cultural and cross-cultural, and multi-ethnic issues. Some highlights of my involvement include:

* Recruitment of Student body for a Community Music School left without teachers & student
* Organized home-stay of 25 Chinese Exchange Students to Doylestown, PA area.
* 1994- 2000 Member of Ithaca College Asian American society
* A high percentage of Multi-ethnic backgrounds in my private piano studio for individual lessons.

Conversational and presentation skills;

* As an environmentalist I have conversed with timber industry workers on clean water initiatives in the state of Montana to gain qualifying signatures for citizens’ initiatives.
* Worked alongside a top Information Technology industry business leader and entrepreneur to procure Higher Education clients.
* Media spokesperson on Rights issues at; press conferences, live t.v. interview, newsprint; as well as, live public presentation.

My acquired skills as a consultant include effective communication for projects to meet client requirements. I have used my prior academic training as a grassroots organizer to juggle these and other multiple projects constricted by deadlines. And have dedicated time to causes as necessary. I have attached my complete resume for your review.

Much Peace,


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Race and the Metrics of surviving in American Culture as a person of Half-Asian descent; the Case of a Halvsie

Unedited: to be revised last updated 6/21/2006; Mixed-Race, Bi-Racial, AREAL, Halvsie, Milk What?; Hapa; Haafu; Daaerubu;

Anti-Global Racism:
Racism that supersedes mapped boundaries

By: Angela M. Kneale copyright 1996
Journaled Notes from my own personal discourse:
Not supported by government and living in white communities; White Government has little to no support for people of mixed descent. They do not acknowledge the issue of a person of mixed-race who invariably encounters racism from many people of singular racial descent. This is a separate issue from parents in these communities who house trans-racially adopted children from non-white nations. This is not to say that all the parents are bad, or are mindless and un-thoughtful to their children. However, as a teacher who is of Asian descent; I have been immediately met with the words of some of these parents. Where;- they circumvent the polite practice of the basic “Hi, how are you?” and immediately substitute a very loud “What are you?”. It is very inappropriate to address a person of unknown racial background with a question one could only address to talking furniture.

The racism of the Environmental movement; white Caucasians learning to work with people from varying ethnic background; how people in America have take a Disney Song beautifully performed by Vanessa Williams, and turned the words if the song into a verification for the racist behavior embodied in the words, “You think the only people who are people, are the people who look and think like you.” from the Disney Song titled the Colors of the Wind.

While working the other day: I discovered that my employer/contracted work that I was; and made me of reference to my psychological thinking on my part; as if I was to share his brain, approach to life, etc.;- and when will people realize that my experience is not the same as theirs by a long shot; they won’t even give me the gift of having a job who here I am not harassed. They hear how Asian workers are treated on the news and seem to treat me in as similar manner because they feel that they are justified in their behavior, at least here in this state where I live.

In Thailand, there are too many people who do fester diseases that are STD’s. Much of the fear with protecting their family women is to keep them safe from the harassing and nagging presence of European men and American men. These are men who are infatuated with the idea of the exotic silent subservient devotee. These foreign men treat nearly all Thai women as prostitutes regardless of who the women are and whether these women are mothers and have a family and children.

My Ranting…..seamless….

Did anyone notice; does anyone care: is this country the U.S.A. and my supports are so poor in mindset, action, and economy that I cannot afford to visit my grandmother in Japan? No matter what I seem to do; someone is always directing their anger at me; they scoff at me and put me down; tell me how well they treat visiting Asians from other countries who are pure-breeds of race though not nationality; not me of ½ Asian descent. There is no fighting their lies; their constant Gemini persona; that I mean the society around me; the country side that I will refer to as the Great White American ghetto; it’s not the cities so much; where people are pressed against each other in close proximity on a daily basis; in the real melting pot of America; not in the countries w here people live like outlaws who have taken over the sheriff’s department; they lie; make up their own rules; discard federal law as well as many state laws; they then claim that hey are insulted by accusations of the introvert racism; that the accuser is the racist trying to blame someone white; they make it very clear that there is not enough here for them to share with people of other cultural background s an races; they devise their arguments in ways that keep the min control; which is why there is a state wide crisis; there are no longer funds to support life here in the even t o f a crisis; why there is reason grate of militia activity and out ward presence; they have stolen my identity and un around with my name and credit cards; I tried at one point to report the violence and harm that they caused to my person; they turned me away once they saw my color and made derogatory statements towards me in the process; they tell me I lie about possessing a degree-I live in a primarily undereducated area called Bucks County; where money is al that exists to the m and the fact that I even have a degree that I completed is not a believe able fact to the white man here; they are really deplorable; they compare me to someone who is more Asian looking on their white mindset; they are derogatory towards me most of the time; they do not respect me in anyway though I must perform; and I have grown weary of the daily ordeal of putting up with their attitude; even personal relationships seem not to harbor enough trust; they damage me, an then turn around and tell me that I damage myself with my attempts to utilize the laws on the books; I have lost all sense of safety here; I fear for my life daily; I have post traumatic stress disorder; it is no longer a joy to live; the people who are in my environment think that I was raised with no values; from my perspective; they are not any different than gunner city gang members; the only difference is the environment that they live in; that they control the law; one prime example is that of the suicide bereavement group; Coincidentally; the pastor who was at the Lutheran Church; St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Richlandtown, PA the person who runs the suicide bereavement group in Bucks County; I remember many Sunday School Classes with him and hearing my little brother arguing with him; it was a church where we were humiliated in front of people for our color and race and Asian family values; that Pastor also lost his 2 children to suicide; In my mind this is not the type of person who should be running a suicide bereavement group In the mind of the people here; it makes him an authority. They say that I am insane and should be committed when they who are making such a call to not possess a quality College or University Education; they are not doctors; and then; they doubly call me absolutely a nut case for having a Jewish ’therapist”. They want to be famous in the most deplorable white neo-American-Nazi way possible; they enjoy knowing that they can walk around with guns and kill people; that this state called Pennsylvania; I raised my rates to keep away the all phone calls and scumbag advances on my person that the School is so trying to promote; they treat me worse than the garbage that they throw out on a daily basis; they do not put me on an employee payroll and pay me a normal wage on the books as a contractor; that is the only work that I have and did not have any health insurance or benefits nor can I afford to retain such things on my own; I figured it out one day; that I am paid less than a Mexican immigrant worker; I have more liabilities; and less to live on outside areas on able life with outside of a dumpster where I could hunt for food;

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Problems With Women's Assistance here where I live

  1. Racially Discriminatory - against minorities; In Counseling; In their Thrift Store; lemme translate in a brief summary; Give you help to make you poor .
  2. The Thrift Store is next to the Storage facilities where most women would need to store things.
  3. Women at the thrift store are closed minded racists.
  4. Counseling is racially derogatory towards minority women; they do not allow you access to laws; and try to keep it out of the legal system until you're beyond repair financially and otherwise.
  5. Will not issue PFA even on police advise.
  6. Will not assist in filing sexual assault charges
  7. Do everything in their power to keep Caucasian men in power.
  8. Do not offer a safe-house when stalked; sexually assaulted; abducted; aggravated assault victim; and can identify the person.
  9. Person who is the attacker calls your "lawyer" obtained through the service and cuts a deal with her.
  10. You are left having to donate any and all belongings to the organization because you no longer have work or a place to live.

Minorities Moving to Suburbia: Give consideration

When Moving: Consider the Jurisdiction of the New Township:
For the Single Minority Female; For Family with minority Children.

Angela “Oko_ne” Kneale

1. In instance of sexual assault… how do the police; legal services; Women's Support group; work for someone who is a minority in that town.

2. When a lawyer is hired; and a judge decides that it is because of the other person's culture that it is acceptable for them to sexually harass you (when you are a biz owner.) Case of the Asian Business owner; who is a female and who has a husband and children; Harassed on the sidewalk outside her business; and coerced to leave; sell, due to the actions that a neighboring Italian business (serving veal) took in order to create more legal problems for the woman.

3. Neighborhoods of Trophy wives are no good for young women; their men prey on the single women; on your life; they single out minority women especially; because they are non-white and are typically easy to destroy in the workplace, professionally, and publicly in predominantly white areas. Police do not assist in any manner that takes time away from their other duties; because there is little chance that anything will happen to the perpetrator or assailant due to the fact that securing a supportive non-racist jury will be possible.

4. The Law" of the white then transfers to your children in school and elsewhere; parents rarely stand up for their children because they will be affected in their work for 'being a problem" or viewed as "someone with an attitude. Even with legal involvement; there is no Supreme Court hearing if it cannot get beyond the local level.

5. No matter how good a student the minority child is in a homogenized race environment; there will be other students; and faculty who will cause the student to fail.

6. Selecting a therapist from your insurance plan who is unbiased. Unlike people from the city where there is more diversity;
The Suburbs are a difficult place to find an unbiased therapist; where their religion; their racist tendencies--whether deliberate or not will shine through in your therapy sessions; and then; you are diagnosed crazy and unsuitable for work…This is not to say that the therapist who is of one race or another is necessarily racist. It is to say that there are many people who are Caucasian from racist backgrounds who infiltrate all walks of life. They carry these beliefs with them in their professional conduct. The same people use their children to make examples of teachers and other minority "role models" And intense period screening families and clients for the minority professional is suggested, though with a fee. You must make sure that there is some precedent to taking on white Caucasian clients who are not going to walk in and destroy your business; this writer took the advice of 1 person who ran the organization; and; -- upon meeting the host family and seeing the environment was extremely skeptical of the person's intent;; That person when allowed in the group cost the contractor teacher more than $1500 and mental damage from her abusive and racist standpoint. Advice from the writer; trust yourself; don't trust what other people who are Caucasian have done for you.

7. Legal Services in the event of Sexual Assault: Read above.

8. Also; as a minority female; remember we look particularly young for our age (in comparison with our Caucasian peers). Be careful and try to avoid areas with a high rate of adoptee who are trans-racially placed; I will relate one unfortunate instance where I was at an Art Museum with the Artistic Director and her Husband from a client school of mine. The Artistic Director was approached by someone at the museum who commented on how I was such a beautiful adoptee. This created issues with the artistic director and I. That School became a non-client, rather rapidly, due to the ensuing ill behaviors of the Artistic director who later influenced the Executive Director about my new 'child' status. That was 4 years ago, and today, I am 31.

9. I, the author of this article live in an area where:
  • I must spend a day in Philadelphia (appx 60 miles 1 way + parking) to get in the door of the EEOC Equal opportunity Commission.
  • I must spend another day or more; trying to secure time to leave my place of employment to have time to file a complaint.
  • The local Human Rights commission office for Bucks County; Buckingham township; Richland Township is in Philadelphia (another County entirely)
  • It is known that the local Human Rights type agency for Human Rights Violations is more proud of the fact that they collect complaints than helpful in executing actual complaints on a federal level.
  • The Community is racially biased
  • The ACLU protects the Rights of the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) and other like-minded terrorist organizations.

Above to be edited at a future date. last update 6/20/2006

Angela M. Kneale Copyright 2006
Angela M. Kneale © 2006

Monday, June 19, 2006

Links to Articles on Interracial Marriages

Article About Passing

My Mission Statement

Please post a comment if you agree. I have had this group since 1996.
about me: I am a haafu or Hapa of 1/2 Japanese descent. Japan is where my mother was born and raised into adulthood before moving to the United States against the wishes of her brother & sister and those who cared for her. I would rather be embarassed about my life, than dead by racist and hateful minds entirely. Ganbatte Yo!

Much Peace,

The following is also written by yours truly;
Search Keywords: Angela Kneale; Oko_ne; A.R.E.A.L.; Environmental Organizing Semester; trained byGreenCorps; Speaker +Machan +Women's Speak 1999 Ithaca College
Angela M. Kneale copyrighted 1996

Our Philosophy

We the members of Pangea believe that Animals have intrinsic value of their own and should not be reduced to human commodities. We believe that Animals have rights that are at least equal to those of humans in basic standing, and that Animals must be granted due action of these rights for their own preservation. These rights must also be respected and upheld.

We recognize that human industries which use animals or part of an animals, also promote the exploitation of humankind and our planet. These industries must be persuaded to halt their immoral practices and make progressive changes to uphold the integrity of our plant’s species and ecosystems.

Human Benefits
By acknowledging, respecting and upholding these rights, we humans will benefit from a healthier environment= (reduced moral, social and environmental degradation.)

My Brother's b. Feb 18, 1978 -d. May 2005

Some photos from his notebook:
He complained of severe racism directed at him at his last place of employment. He hated working at the beer distributor and being my father's beer boy.
He was extremely intelligent, talented, and athletic.
He and I shared music, grew up in the countryside of BucksCounty; virtually isolated aside from School & piano lessons.

He was my best friend for the duration of my childhood years. And, remained my beloved brother on this planet until his departure May 2005.
I hope to add his music to some posts.

I miss his prescence greatly; as, he handled the majority of internal family conflict caused by our parents of 2 different cultures. I miss him dearly. I wish he would have left Pennsylvania.
The culture of this state was so violent that he stopped his Drum and Bass DJ gigs in Philadelphia due to the violence. He didn't like the violence and partying.
Before his death he told my father about the Rosacrucians people approaching him on his last travels in the month before his death. He didn't like the Rosacrucians at all, and feared for my safety. His friend's siblings used to brutalize him due to his race. I was extremely offended by many of his friend's who attended the memorial service as they acted like they owned him and I was treated like a piece of dirt by them. I cannot be objective about all of his friendships because I have heard what they did to my brother, in my brother's words.

Survivor Of Racism and School Abuse- H.S.period


18951 High School period: 1988-1995

My little brother scored extremely high (perfect score) on the math portion of the SAT’s and PSAT's. He competed on piano at an international level at the International Stravinsky Awards at age 9 and qualified for the final round;- that was the first time he attended . He additionally was a very excellent soccer player and track relay team member. He practiced his soccer moves in the backyard for afternoons. My father laughs about how people on the field would call my brother a “gook”, how it would anger my brother and then he would inevitably “take them out”. My brother was recruited by University of Pennsylvania for his academic success and high SAT marks as well as his team participation.
The principle of the 18951 High School (Mr. James Bearrr) made phone calls and succeeded in destroying my brother’s opportunities at U. Penn. He granted undue academic suspensions and fabricated lies about my brother's actions outside of school at a very crucial time for my brother’s academic success. The ACLU became involved briefly; but to no positive avail for my brother. It is known that the ACLU supports the rights of the KKK; however, they have yet to prove that they will support the rights of a minority in a predominantly Caucasian environment. At that time, only I and my brother were Asian in a H.S. population of appx. 500.

My personal experiences were quite different from my brother’s. I was not on the soccer field often, I did not run track, and I spent more time in the Piano world outside of H.S. In part because; I was subject to Mr. Pfiepher’s stark racism in U.S. Cuture; In class he frequently shouted the derogatory JAP comment at me in front of the class while everyone laughed at me, and they would chime in for brownie points. I was humiliated due to my race and mother's national background. My mother told me why my sister died on June 10, 1970; and, what racism was, is, and what white supremicist racists do, and why I was not allowed to spend time with people in the community on my own, unsupervised. My knowledge began from the time I was speaking my first words.

In the 18951 High School, people like Al Rensler and Shell Malachisky and Bickky Wassper were trying to get me to attend hardcore neo-nazi and White Aryan Supremacy concerts with them (aside from trying to make me attend various area churches). I remember once when A. Rensler said, "well why aren’t you going?” My reply was "I’m not white"
She responed with laughter. I left her presence immediately. They considered themselves to be “Born-Again Christians" and spent time with me because they were trying to save my soul. Though they said I was going to hell because of my color. It was racial humiliation that I tolerated nearly every day I attended High School. They were all in the Choir; a choir where I was unpaid for my accompanying time. It was no cost for them to coerce me to do so; and it took away from my academics; they taunted me and made fun of me; and blamed me for anything that went wrong. Though they gave me no credit at a Talent Show based on popularity where an aryan girl named Heidi was the piano portion winner. High School was virtually unbearable. I was brutalized at school; even my senior year; I was given detention systematically because the Schoolbus was tardy on it’s arrival. They said it was my fault that the schoolbus was late. If they didn't have to pick me up it wouldn't have been late. I was fortunate to even graduate. I did receive my diploma. It disgusts me that I had to attend that school. I graduated with the Japanese SERC course that they targeted me for. I am half Japanese descent. The School istrict forced my mother to stop teaching Japanese And speaking Japanese with me ( I wasn’t allowed to read my favorite Japanese story books because my father was an enforcer of the White rule and took them away from me). They did not want me to communicate with my grandparents; Aunts, uncles, and Cousins in Japan. The school district did everything in their power to destroy my sense of family. They made me take a Japanese course with G. Shwaghopher who did well with the course; and then they made a mockery of me because I could only do as well as my classmate in the room. I frequently had nervous breakdowns where I was crying in school; and people would sit and laugh at me and make more taunting fun of me. That was aside from school lunch where the popular boys would make fun of my Onigiri and Wakame salad with rice lunches. They all loved to make fun of me.

I have no liking for these ugly, square-headed, fat-headed, or block-headed people.
There is much more that I endured; but the community thinks that it’s funny. I can never be right because they choose to ignore my rights as an individual. To these Caucasian Suburbites it is a joke and simple to constantly abuse those of us who are of color. They are only nice when they know that a parent has money for them. They attempt to blackmail parents and keep their white claws in making minorities here impoverished. I have learned as an adult, I’m 31 now,. That teaching as an independent teacher only lends itself to my demise. The parents take pride in running my business into the ground and not paying for all the time due to me, not volunteering for my studio and other non-profit organizational events, and for the most part; not even treating me as someone who has rights. They gave me an opportunity to try and teach. They see themselves as all knowing due to their race. It disgusts me that I have to put up with such ill remarks. It would not be to my benefit to secure a minority and socially disadvantage grant because the people here are so racist; It costs me a great deal personally to just stay alive. And;- I detest my miserable life here in Bucks County because of the miserable people who think that doing such actions creates a great story for me to write; so I may demonstrate my literacy.

Though, the area has not changed too much in nearly 1 decade of my absence from this place.
Now there are more confederate flags displayed on trucks. There are more instances of Asian middle school exchange students being thrown out on the streets by their American host families in this area.

18951 Elementary School Playground Beatings 1980-1984
18951 Middle School Humiliation & beatings 1984-1986

Milk What? Conglomerate campaign

Milk What? is a campaign against Dioxin, against racist nutrition practices, against government funding of milk subsidies.
Milk What? is for Healthful, organic, and Dioxin free Soy products, Diverse nutrition practices from many cultures, pro:-- funding of environmentally sound and containable Soy products.


Lactose Intolerant Groups:
  • African, Asian, Hispanic, Italian, Jewish, Greek

Lactose persistent (tolerant) Groups:
  • Caucasian

  • Animal Protein (such as Milk, Cheese, Meat, Eggs, Butter, Whey)
  • Sodium (found in Salt)
  • Caffeine (found in Coffee, Tea, Soda pop)
  • Tobacco
  • The Couch Lizard lifestyle


  • Broccoli
  • Kale
  • Peas & Beans
  • Tofu
  • Enriched Soy Products
  • Sprouted Grain Bread (such as Ezekiel Bread)

Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine
Please see web article


  1. How my animal rights/ vegan group started at Ithaca College; I am multi-ethnic Halvsie who got sick on the food that was offered in the dining halls (not my normal japanese diet my mother made for me).
  2. Schools and Institutions are segregated based on dietary needs and constraints
  3. Allergic to Malic Acid? (apples, sour bears and the like)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Asian Women in the United States

It's not what you think Women~!

Once you are here: What they don't tell you: What we women of Asian descent try to hide from our respectable families in my case Japan.

1. The number of times we have been restrained and raped in some Caucasian man's home/dormatory/apartment since age 17 or prior physically and against our will.
2. The number of times we have been refused assistance in using the legal system to "punish" an assailant.
3. The number of times they let a stalker/assaulter/ etc. go to wreach havoc on other asian women (we are petite in comparison to most Caucasian or African-American American Women and Children).
4. The number of times people say that they won't help because of our race; we must stay silent Asians and behave.
5. That women of Asian descent are attacked due to our lack of family ties and support in the United States; we are easy targets for them to hit without retribution.
6. There is a lack of understanding for our situation in a country full of very eager men who are only eager to harm and go away; rather than address us as respectable others.
7. Because we have little family here: there is noone to catch us when we face utter despair.
8. Those who try to help us only exploit our situation; leaving us with nothing. ( I have never met a suvivor of violence who has done well in her life and achieved any personal happiness.)
9. Many of us try to hide our hurt. We know there is little to no help. There is not even punishment in some areas due to the "hoochie mama" mentality that American men posess collectively; as a result of the Vietnam war era.
10. They will always try to blame us; even saying- "you're pulling a race card on me" when they fully know that we are seeing the deck of race cards that they are stacking against us.

Exchanging Views

Lately; I have been working on some things for the Church's Africa Fund. It has been a meager and only source of work for me. After all; I did go to a University for grassroots organizing and bear the brunt of understanding social responsibility for a while. However; today I am reflecting on that experience...and quite noticably; I'm not white looking enough. It's amazing how people in social movements use reverse racism to pigeon-hole people who are like me. We can do no right as far as they are concerned because their view of racism and minorities is the only correct view that should exist.

It is tragically the reason that Wars start in the world. It is a matter of control. Even today; i read a local/regional magazine about environment. It pigeon holes those of us with families in Other countries as "exotic foreign visitors." My family lives in Japan. I have seen my Obasan (grandmother) only once in my lifetime that I remember. Today; she is dying of cancer in her Akita-ken home. I am extremely sad. Dualy; I have received an emil from a schoolmate who assisted in dishing out school abuse to me while I was in Elementary school. He wrote that he is in Osaka. I replied in effect that I don't want my childhood memories in my adult life; and please, don't write to me again.

My Japanese family members think that I live in a ghetto. It is a place full of hateful Americans who are primarily of Caucasian descent. These people not only steal from me; pay me worse than an immigrant mexican worker; destroy my reputation; try to build me up as a blasphemous and disgusting ethnic female; disrespect all of my years of private training from American and European teachers for Piano, disrepect me and the laws that exist to protect me, disrespect me further by slandering me....

I understand that I am outnumbered on a daily basis. I understand that noone is willing to enforce the laws that did exist to protect me. I understand that ganging up on 1 minority female and her family is cake for them to build up their own "white pretensiousness."

I am disgusted with the country that I live in. It is not a pleasant place for me to inhabit in the least part. I felt more comfortable leaving my posessions in my tent in a campground in Thailand (not excluding my sleeping person at night); than I do sleeping in my own room/apartment/dormitory that I have slept in here in the U.S.A. (primarily Bucks County, PA and then Ithaca, NY). My opinion of course stands alone. I live amidst an overdeveloped clan of neanderthalish caucasianoids of disinherited European descent here in the States.

I only wish; I could give my Obasan a hug while she is still alive.