Tuesday, February 21, 2006

UAE guarding US Ports...

I was thinking about it, and...it's finally dawned on me.
We, the US, can't trust our government. So, we obviously need to hire people of another government to protect us.
Quite brilliant actually. (sarcasm at it's finest)

Photo of Security at Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA 7/2005

And, closer to home, Philadelphia having UAE guarding the ports is actually a huge improvement. People will have role models who aren't maffia, sports oriented, or gang/drug dealers. The UAE may even be copasetic with the 3 Chinese maffia families in the Philadelphia area. Then, we may have political relations that improve across the planet.

I don't think that we actually would want to know what would happen with more of our own guarding the port. Philadelphia is already so corrupt. Any international presence beyond -- who is there now --will definately affect the people of Philadelphia;- in the sense that they may be able to actually read our Declaration of Independence ( which was printed there in Philadelphia).
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