Thursday, February 23, 2006

Perspecitve 1

In my lifetime, I intended to return here, to my hometown of Quakertown,PA and Bucks County, and make positive change. However, despite my training and knowing full well what to expect as an activist; I did not perceive this level of hostility until it manifested after 9-11. I have learned a few things from the little bit of organizing that I have done.

  • Racism:
  • That people here are unreceptive to having "minority male" presence.
  • That Racists avidly seek to destroy men due to procreative factors in that 1 man can spawn several other beings, and that makes it easier to rape (cause harm to) the women.
  • My mother who is of Japanese descent spoke to me about this at a very young age. And, it has proven unfortunately true in to my adulthood. My parents taught me that we, as a bi-racial family in the 1970’s, 80’s, 90’s, were only tolerated because we aren’t black or African american. I fail to see how we were tolerated due to school, community and church abuse in the physical, psychological, and other senses. Today in the 21st century things have only worsened.
  • It is not difficult for me to believe that people here live with FT stable employment, and have their own homes and such. I nearly made that point with 2 mos. 2 go before 9-11 happened. After 9-11 my business diminished rapidly. People spread ill rumors, and became suspicious. Even the Chinese Restaurant in Doylestown closed; in part due to legal judgments passed that it's o.k. to harass Asian females because that's what we're for. (I hear this through the grapevine from a reliable source.
  • Caucasian families here then hire their teenagers for positions rather than adults. So, many jobs require only H.S. education and they easily dismiss me as overqualified.

At a young age I did not realize the entire meaning of the Rosicrucian, Illuminati, and all that is less than 1 mile from me as well as surrounding KKK. They contributed greatly to my childhood abuse from the community that I somehow survived. In adulthood, life is terribly difficult post 9-11 due to the racist minds around me. They make daily interactions unbearable. Sadly, my brother did not survive all of the abuse.