Thursday, February 23, 2006

My Dictionary


A-hole = the current state of the American (USA) economy until 2080


Boundary check = self check to see if one is devoid of all morals and guilt before proceeding through one's daily life


Corporate Cannibal (C.C.) = The entity that absorbs other entities to survive. the C.C. creates a bleak wasteland of non-permeable surface area, storage warehouses, and low paying jobs. The Corporate Cannibal Survives on the planet without recourse for the effects of the environmental devestation they create. Tally all the 'Big block' stores = acreage, parkinglot, warehouse, and store space on the planet + all the floodplains that their stores are sinking on for a better planetary perspective.

Capitalist Cannibal (c.c.) = the individual person who lives off of others' misery to collect a paycheck, particularly media photographers, lawyers, government workers, doctors.


Divine Intervention = When church funding is used to purchase new X-boxes for the congregation


Elevated Morale = A new anti-depressant that pharmecuticals will sporatically dump in a community's water system. "A period of elevated morale..."


F = the new standard for economists' transcripts
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