Thursday, February 23, 2006

Changing Economy

Changing our Economy for a respectable society means an Economy based on Humanitarian principles of respect for life;

  1. No racism towards anyone- to support multicultural people of all backgrounds, ethnicities and colors (ie., including pink punk)
  2. No economy based on violence- don't allow violence to become a means to an end
  3. No media portraying violent images- where cameras are like guns that shoot, but don't lend a helping hand.
  4. No social rewards for bodily or other harmful acts- those stemming from practical jokes, juvenille behavior, or adult irresponsibility

Our "culturally advanced" society is now comprised of some 6.5 billion people (6,499,535,853 click for current number). People are capatalist cannibals with their current behavior and treatment of others; psychologically, physically, and socially. I fail to see human compassion reaching out to those in need from the people who have the ability to help. There is no "humanitarian responsibility" that private individuals give to aid those in need outside of self interest groups. This is much like the formation of some PAC's (political action committees) that are funded by corporate money and fueled by the same corporate thought. They also cannot quantify the volunteer help that happens regardless of their ill giving. Nor, do they seem appreciative for the whole of society for volunteer help, whom they scorn.