Thursday, February 23, 2006

Breaking Down Racism

I also just want to break down the racism a little. Now that everyone's trying to change me into some sort of blonde asian with colored contacts. The population here I think it's something like 142 asian people out of a population of over 50,000 ...I, a minority female, have experienced all of the below :

1. Taunting and racial slurs
2. Physical harm to people of other backgrounds; based namely on appearances
3. Academic Damage and unfair grading based on skincolor/ race. Also, allowance of academic success and then public humiliation and social destruction of the individual by the racist teachers. In my brother's case, he was offered a near full ride to U.Penn. The school found out and destroyed him the following week... via expelled from school for talking to kids across the street from the H.S. before a practice. My parents called the ACLU... no help.
4. Destruction of family; disrespect of cultural backgrounds due to a person's ethnicity.
5. Particular harm caused by members of a different race to the "racial or bi-racial" family due to lack of family support (in case of an immigrant)
6. More Physical harm, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, Rape, murder attempts/ excessive beatings, social humiliation that is directed at the minority citizen.
7. Financial damage to minority citizen and family via taxes, court costs, ill advice and unnecessary charges, funeral expenses (for loss of loved one), damage to personal property, hospital costs, extra charges beyond what a "normal" customer would pay.
8. Rape of minority women without any punishment for the assailant. Destruction of evidence permitted by the law to protect the assailant and harm the minority woman.
9. Stalking of minority women allowed by law. Legal authorities making up their own interpretation of the law while taking police reports/refusing to take police report or taking it to the DA due to racism.
10. Further slander of the minority woman and her family for the preceeding actions that were taken against them.
11. Further bludgeoning and social humiliation of the minority woman and/or her family due to racism of the area.
12. That the local Lutherans (who I was raised with and who are still here) acknowledge that people from 2 different races who marry are unacceptable. That they will go to hell and that their children are abominations that should be destroyed. Unfortunately, this includes me and my parents, and I've reached my psychological threshold for abuse.
13. White supremacy groups function under the protection of Freedom of Religion and 1st amendment rights.