Saturday, February 25, 2006

Stolen Miller Questions?!

Today, this article about Miller Beer theft in Wisconsin was posted.
Urge Miller Beer to make a statement for the theives to Recycle those containers!!!
(see phone numbers below)

I wonder about the validity of the entire article. Being that, they can't find the 26,000 dollars worth of beer inventory. How much beer could the theives move in such a short period of time?? And then, was it on the virge of going flat?! I mean, really, to move it... isn't it illegal for them to simply throw out the containers that are 1's and 2's in Wisconsin! Hmm think they stopped to look to see if they aren't recyclable 5's on the bottom? see;

I'm am wondering the validity of such a grand beer theft. However, I do think that the Recycling community should take a further look into the smallest portion of the load that was packaged in plastic potentials: 100,080 Miller Genuine Draft 12 ounce bottles (unknown material), and 960 Miller Light plastic bottles.

Here's a little release from the Recycling community about Miller's Plastic Bottles: - Basically this article summarizes the Plastic Recycling industry's inability to sort through recycling to eliminate the bottles. This was at the onset of the Miller Plastic bottles being testmarketed. Urge Miller to continue to make recycleable bottles in accordance with PET recycling industry standards. They have been attempting improvements for aluminum and glass recycling. Stay on the positive side!!!

The cost will be passed on to taxpayers for the $26,000 of stolen merchandise. So write to Letters today!!! Urge Miller to make a statement for the theives to Recycle those containers!!!
letter writing Quote from

1. WRITE A LETTER TO MILLER BREWING COMPANY: Let Miller know that it should not roll out the new package, and that you will not buy it, until the company takes responsibility for its impacts on the waste stream. Address your concerns to:
John N. MacDonough Phone: (414) 931-2000Chief Executive Officer Fax: (414) 931-3735Miller Brewing Company3939 W. Highland Blvd.Milwaukee, WI 53201-0482
Send copies of your letter to:* Dan Barthold, Director of Environmental & Energy Engineering, Miller Brewing Co.(same address).* GrassRoots Recycling Network, P.O. Box 49283, Athens, GA 30604.* Plastics News, 814 National Press Blvd, Washington, DC 20046.* Beverage World, 226 26th Street, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10001.* Your local newspaper.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

My Dictionary


A-hole = the current state of the American (USA) economy until 2080


Boundary check = self check to see if one is devoid of all morals and guilt before proceeding through one's daily life


Corporate Cannibal (C.C.) = The entity that absorbs other entities to survive. the C.C. creates a bleak wasteland of non-permeable surface area, storage warehouses, and low paying jobs. The Corporate Cannibal Survives on the planet without recourse for the effects of the environmental devestation they create. Tally all the 'Big block' stores = acreage, parkinglot, warehouse, and store space on the planet + all the floodplains that their stores are sinking on for a better planetary perspective.

Capitalist Cannibal (c.c.) = the individual person who lives off of others' misery to collect a paycheck, particularly media photographers, lawyers, government workers, doctors.


Divine Intervention = When church funding is used to purchase new X-boxes for the congregation


Elevated Morale = A new anti-depressant that pharmecuticals will sporatically dump in a community's water system. "A period of elevated morale..."


F = the new standard for economists' transcripts
Please post comments...

Changing Economy

Changing our Economy for a respectable society means an Economy based on Humanitarian principles of respect for life;

  1. No racism towards anyone- to support multicultural people of all backgrounds, ethnicities and colors (ie., including pink punk)
  2. No economy based on violence- don't allow violence to become a means to an end
  3. No media portraying violent images- where cameras are like guns that shoot, but don't lend a helping hand.
  4. No social rewards for bodily or other harmful acts- those stemming from practical jokes, juvenille behavior, or adult irresponsibility

Our "culturally advanced" society is now comprised of some 6.5 billion people (6,499,535,853 click for current number). People are capatalist cannibals with their current behavior and treatment of others; psychologically, physically, and socially. I fail to see human compassion reaching out to those in need from the people who have the ability to help. There is no "humanitarian responsibility" that private individuals give to aid those in need outside of self interest groups. This is much like the formation of some PAC's (political action committees) that are funded by corporate money and fueled by the same corporate thought. They also cannot quantify the volunteer help that happens regardless of their ill giving. Nor, do they seem appreciative for the whole of society for volunteer help, whom they scorn.

Perspecitve 1

In my lifetime, I intended to return here, to my hometown of Quakertown,PA and Bucks County, and make positive change. However, despite my training and knowing full well what to expect as an activist; I did not perceive this level of hostility until it manifested after 9-11. I have learned a few things from the little bit of organizing that I have done.

  • Racism:
  • That people here are unreceptive to having "minority male" presence.
  • That Racists avidly seek to destroy men due to procreative factors in that 1 man can spawn several other beings, and that makes it easier to rape (cause harm to) the women.
  • My mother who is of Japanese descent spoke to me about this at a very young age. And, it has proven unfortunately true in to my adulthood. My parents taught me that we, as a bi-racial family in the 1970’s, 80’s, 90’s, were only tolerated because we aren’t black or African american. I fail to see how we were tolerated due to school, community and church abuse in the physical, psychological, and other senses. Today in the 21st century things have only worsened.
  • It is not difficult for me to believe that people here live with FT stable employment, and have their own homes and such. I nearly made that point with 2 mos. 2 go before 9-11 happened. After 9-11 my business diminished rapidly. People spread ill rumors, and became suspicious. Even the Chinese Restaurant in Doylestown closed; in part due to legal judgments passed that it's o.k. to harass Asian females because that's what we're for. (I hear this through the grapevine from a reliable source.
  • Caucasian families here then hire their teenagers for positions rather than adults. So, many jobs require only H.S. education and they easily dismiss me as overqualified.

At a young age I did not realize the entire meaning of the Rosicrucian, Illuminati, and all that is less than 1 mile from me as well as surrounding KKK. They contributed greatly to my childhood abuse from the community that I somehow survived. In adulthood, life is terribly difficult post 9-11 due to the racist minds around me. They make daily interactions unbearable. Sadly, my brother did not survive all of the abuse.

Breaking Down Racism

I also just want to break down the racism a little. Now that everyone's trying to change me into some sort of blonde asian with colored contacts. The population here I think it's something like 142 asian people out of a population of over 50,000 ...I, a minority female, have experienced all of the below :

1. Taunting and racial slurs
2. Physical harm to people of other backgrounds; based namely on appearances
3. Academic Damage and unfair grading based on skincolor/ race. Also, allowance of academic success and then public humiliation and social destruction of the individual by the racist teachers. In my brother's case, he was offered a near full ride to U.Penn. The school found out and destroyed him the following week... via expelled from school for talking to kids across the street from the H.S. before a practice. My parents called the ACLU... no help.
4. Destruction of family; disrespect of cultural backgrounds due to a person's ethnicity.
5. Particular harm caused by members of a different race to the "racial or bi-racial" family due to lack of family support (in case of an immigrant)
6. More Physical harm, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, Rape, murder attempts/ excessive beatings, social humiliation that is directed at the minority citizen.
7. Financial damage to minority citizen and family via taxes, court costs, ill advice and unnecessary charges, funeral expenses (for loss of loved one), damage to personal property, hospital costs, extra charges beyond what a "normal" customer would pay.
8. Rape of minority women without any punishment for the assailant. Destruction of evidence permitted by the law to protect the assailant and harm the minority woman.
9. Stalking of minority women allowed by law. Legal authorities making up their own interpretation of the law while taking police reports/refusing to take police report or taking it to the DA due to racism.
10. Further slander of the minority woman and her family for the preceeding actions that were taken against them.
11. Further bludgeoning and social humiliation of the minority woman and/or her family due to racism of the area.
12. That the local Lutherans (who I was raised with and who are still here) acknowledge that people from 2 different races who marry are unacceptable. That they will go to hell and that their children are abominations that should be destroyed. Unfortunately, this includes me and my parents, and I've reached my psychological threshold for abuse.
13. White supremacy groups function under the protection of Freedom of Religion and 1st amendment rights.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Swiped off W's Desk...

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UAE guarding US Ports...

I was thinking about it,'s finally dawned on me.
We, the US, can't trust our government. So, we obviously need to hire people of another government to protect us.
Quite brilliant actually. (sarcasm at it's finest)

Photo of Security at Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA 7/2005

And, closer to home, Philadelphia having UAE guarding the ports is actually a huge improvement. People will have role models who aren't maffia, sports oriented, or gang/drug dealers. The UAE may even be copasetic with the 3 Chinese maffia families in the Philadelphia area. Then, we may have political relations that improve across the planet.

I don't think that we actually would want to know what would happen with more of our own guarding the port. Philadelphia is already so corrupt. Any international presence beyond -- who is there now --will definately affect the people of Philadelphia;- in the sense that they may be able to actually read our Declaration of Independence ( which was printed there in Philadelphia).
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Sproutfuel...needs help


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Illuminati Rosacrucians #7

Evil militia types.

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Illuminati Rosacrucians #4 set

Name...there's one of the GrandMaster

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Illuminati Rosacrucians #4

I hate this place, It's so creepy... stinkberry bushes and all.

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Illuminati Rosacrucians Locale #3

More from Yours Truly,

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Illuminati Rosacrucians #2

Photos by Oko_ne

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Side of Illuminati Rosacrucians

Photos taken in Bucks County, PA Richland Township

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Gooey Loaf dare

Gooey loaf
ingredients list 1 (mix together until consistancy is smooth)
2 mashed ripe bananas
half cup crushed pineapple
2 cups flour
1tsp non-aluminum baking powder
1tbsp molasses
1cup vanilla soymilk
1/8 cup cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves
Get Gooey!
  • bake at 350 in a large glass dish until bottom is cooked...
  • pull pan out of the oven
  • take 2 scoops Ultimate meal & 4 oz. water mix & spread on top of the thin bread.
  • roll the cake-like layer into a "log" (like a yule log)
  • bake roll for another 25 min or until inserted chopstick pulls out clean.
  • remove pan with Gooey loaf from oven.
  • Let cool before cutting.

Correct result: 1/8inch of crispy crust and gooey on the inside when out of the oven...

very dense and moist, near gooey but not quite after cooled ...just satisfyingly moist & tastes great...breakfast snack.

Do not cut this loaf before it cools!!! It will seep out gooeyness!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Snowstorm Feb. 12, 2006

Bartend's Recipie #1

Here's a drink recipe... a friend at the time was wondering what the concoction was & was squemish until it was tried... Low cal!!!

In a short glass (rocks glass) on ice drink with a straw (like a Mind Eraser)

The Sexy Sprite
1. 2 oz Vodka
2. Balance: Diet Berry Sprite (now Berry Clear)
3. Top with Very Vanilla Silk Soy (fortified w/ calcium!)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Icon: No Fur

Hi... me again.. please no fur for Valentines Day or any day!!! Save a heart.

Eating Kiwi's

KIWI for 1....

Do you eat kiwi with the fuzzy stuff on or the fuzzy stuff off? Do you suck out the center? or just pop the whole thing in your mouth? I've learned that any of the above is possible... and only Organic Kiwi's should be eaten with the fuzzy stuff on.

Still looking for Golden Austrailian Kiwi... somewhere near here?

Monday, February 06, 2006

Field of Canadian Geese

Unique in their glory... I didn't know if I should name this;
sh*tz and gaggles" or "To Canada we Go!