Friday, January 27, 2006

Heifetz Toscanini NBC Symphony/ Victor Beethoven

My treasure that i was given in a box heavier than a Car engine while repairing my old 8-H (a.k.a: old Saturday Night Live set ) I wish I could sell this... and see it to safety... all intact... with some scratches on the cover. My little gem. I believe that this is the 1940 recording single-sided Lp set (nice pattern on the back!) with set notes... of Heifetz, Toscanini, NBC Symphony recording of Beethoven Symphony in D dur.
I think that this recording was re-released by Sony not too long ago, and I believe it is in a newly released box set...

Here is the only info that I could find on the recording: though these are not the same numbers on this "aincent" Lp Red Seal set that is still horribly fragile. These discs are a bit stiff and i'm afraid of breakage (i think this is the onset of a "stupid human trick")... If you want to...::. listen to ...::.

March 11, 1940 NBCSO
Studio 8HRCA 60261 (Vol. 41)Pearl GEMM 9157 (2 discs)Naxos 8.110936