Sunday, December 25, 2005

Your New Kitten has Got her claws in you?

This is me (C below) during a cat climb up my leg
to my lap while I am on MSN Messenger.
It was 1 of many during the 1st 6 weeks
from this cutie cat named............Franklin Solar>>

So you have a new kitten, and you're on IM or MSN Messenger; The kitten badly needs your attention and can only get it by applying her claws. OOWWIE! He knows it's freeplay time. What do you do to survive the wrath of playtime without taking her/ him to the vet to be declawed? My latest endeavor was to adopt a kitty from the Local SPCA(click to locate a shelter). He knows when to act appropriately. He Plays Harder and Sleeps Soft and cute and cuddly looking.

#1. Patience. You must be patient. OM, OM, OM
and a little Peace of Mind.

#2. Immediately, get a really thick pair of gloves (By that I mean Insulated Polartec Fleece Gloves) for play. In my case, a thick bathrobe for the kitty to cling to the back of. Beware of the lure of Cute gloves like the following: Kitten Mittens. My 1 yr old cat Franklin while in kitten play mode can get a claw through my Sierra Designs sleeping bag (my only protection from WWF kitty attacks from the tall dresser).

#3. Teach your new kitten the meaning of Kennel and Kennel time outs (for 5 min.) or try keeping him her in the bathroom instead. Never, Never put a companion animal in a Closet.

4. Stock up on plenty of kitty toys. Disperse a new toy with each attention attack. Or, educate them about a new game by leaving the T.V. turned on to Football/cats in the TV room/ with a football catnip toy. Try your local dollar store if you're short on funds. Be creative and inventive too. Franklin's taking interest in sliding on a scouring pad, as well as attacking the tags I didn't remove from my pillows, sleeping bag, clothes, etc.

5. Don't forget to train kitty on a leash and harness. Take him/her out on short excursions...keeping in mind that they should use the litterbox BEFORE you leave the house. Especially when visiting Santa.

6. There are kitty toilet training sites. Try training them young. It's the best for them, I think.

I don't receive any proceeds from the links. I just hope for the best for you and your beloved Kitty!

Much Peace