Saturday, December 24, 2005

Why not Honey?

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I have been a vegan for over 10 years plus veggie for 8. I am still and currently vegan.
I don't eat honey for numerous reasons; one is that the idea of eating bee spit is about as appealing as eating grasshopper spit (however socially acceptable). The idea of eating honey is also about as appealing as eating earthworm dung and paper wasp spit. I'd much rather drink an artisan crafted organic drink that contains essential elements of flowers than consume be processed pollen. The flowers themselves are very sweet and nutritious. I've been digging into bags of bulk rose hips for years (as snack food, and reconstituted and pulverised back to a sweet goopy pulp). I know what the flower is, was, and isn't. That is why I don't eat honey. Aside from the fact that bees will be the vehicle for genetic engineers to alter more crops. No GMO's Please!

Allergies can be solved with other homeopathic remedies and herbs that people have tried (like cat's claw). People shouldn't need to eat honey to solve their allergy problems any longer, my opinion only.