Thursday, December 22, 2005

The One Minute Vegan- #1

The One Minute Vegan title is for cooking vegan in a Minute or less.
This is for those who are on a busy schedule, want a tasty & gourmet tasting, vegan calorie burst.

I proudly present my #1 one minute vegan recipie for a whopping 300+ calories in one mouthful.
Gather the Following pre-made ingredients and make sure you put #1 on the bottom and stack ingredients so that #4 is on the top:
1. 1 Cracker of choice, small piece of pita, slice of baguette, or large nacho chip

2. 1 tbsp. of any Desert Pepper Salsa- I prefer Black bean & corn - see grocery store or

2. 1 round piece (or .5 oz of the small single strip) of Primal Strips - try to get the large package of Shitake Mushroom or any flavor

3. One 1/2 inch slice of Vegan Cheese from Mozzarella or Cheddar

Stack ingredients and Microwave for up to 45 seconds. Pop it in your mouth...savor it while running back to work or to a normal holiday gathering.