Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Need For Ketchup, not veg yet?

Ketchup Catsup Tomato Sauce...where art thee'

Sometimes, There is no way around your parents. They will try to force you to eat the liver on the plate, the scrapple (pigs brains) for breakfast, the steak that is bloody. The easiest way out of being a meateater, sad but true, is to cover it all in ketchup. Just like the scrambled eggs to ketchup ratio; you must have a big pile of ketchup to cover the surface area of the animal laden meal. Then, swallow (liver's the easiest). Don't choke. Try not to choke on the food. And eat all of your veggies. But don't play bulemic either by puking it all up. I doubt it's healthy. The best option, is to get a dog who can hang out under the table. Stack up that ketchup pile while removing meat items and feeding the dog under the table. *Best.
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Ketchup also comes in handy when you have really greasy Hashbrowns, tatertots, fried Boca Burger, pan fried Seitan Steak & peppers, etc. The vinegar in ketchup helps to cut the grease. Of course it never hurts to keep a lemon, lime, or Orange wedges around to do the same.

Ketchup out.