Thursday, December 22, 2005

Holiday UnMeat for the Table

3 Main Choices aside from scratch
The Now and Zen unturkey is a really nice flavorful holiday meal. It has great grains and more texture. I enjoy Now & Zen more than the Tofurkey that I ate at more than 1/2 a dozen holiday meals. Tofurkey is alot closer to Stouffers meat than anything.
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Tofurkey is really popular. For a number of reasons; It keeps everyone happy, including the animals. I have found though: I need extra drumsticks for other family members and extra Tofurkey "Giblits' gravy for the next month (biscuts and gravy...mmmm).

#3 Boca Burger meat substitute: for the Lasagne lover and Cabbage Roll stuffer
I enjoy using the vegan original meat substitute in my cooking, and in my chili. A short story: Once, I hosted several local vegans at a potluck at my home. I put together a pasta dish and included the Boca Burger Ground Burger meat substitute in the sauce mix. Everyone vegan panicked (this was nearly 8 years ago). They accused me of putting actual animal meat in the food. It was really that real for fake/mock meat. Meat eaters love my chili and it's not too tough to please a crowd with my lasagne made vegan with Boca Burger Ground Burger.
I have some great recepies that are wholesome traditional American food... without the animal ingredients. I worked at a Coop and spent several years cooking to get it all down. I used to cook once a week on Sunday during college so that I would have food for the week. Tried and tested on real vegans! Nowadays, check out Tofurkey on Wikipedia for from scratch recipies. And, don't forget the cranberries!