Saturday, December 17, 2005

Hi all! Happy Holidays!!! This is my Supuraute fuera burogu desu. I'm Oko_ne (Oak-O-Neh). My Sprout Fuel translation to Romaji. My first blog for all things veggie! I have travelled about and all for 20 years of my Veggie/ vegan life. I have met all sorts of people and places and everyone and everything has evolved. I'm going to share some of those points with you. I know it's of interest to those who are on conventional commercial diets. (how to live that is). There are a Ton of cook books out there. I may even mention a few. And, I have some favorite recepies I've developed.

I am half-Japanese descent and vegan, my food tastes are unique. Though, I've had to adapt traditional Japanese recipies (though not Shojin ryori) to an Americanized Vegan version.
So, basically, after 4000+years ... well... there is a whole new kind of vegan zen Shojin ryori food from a small town outside of Philadelphia; where the beginnings of the United States of America took place. Otherwords, Hiall Veggies! from PA Deutsch country... I don't quite fit in here. But hey... at least i'm not spilling out of the boundaries of a Lazy Boy recliner!

I will cover everything from companion animal bouts to driving (I have 70,000mi/year experience in the drivers seat from the past 4 years). Piano is a sensitive topic for me. I basically work like this: if I like isn't a problem. Unfortunately, this isn't most people. If I don't like you. I don't like you. Get over it. For everyone else who is reasonable, so are my rates and my expectations.

I'm a female freelancer in a variety of fields. This translates to the following: I'm happy when I receive a check and i'm not charged for the fee that I incur for your check bouncing. What makes me more happy... is getting a check that is good!!! That would also make my creditors extremely happy too. Don't pick on me because i'm small and single. What's even better is that our relationship maintains a healthy equilibrium so that what you are paying me isn't less than my therapy bill for our interaction. I want to live peacefully, sanely, beautifully, and smoothly. Much Thanks! Oko_ne