Monday, December 26, 2005

How to Get Married for Idiots

I am at a loss for serious relationship that I want to participate in. I'll be adding more to this topic. Please feel free to comment!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Your New Kitten has Got her claws in you?

This is me (C below) during a cat climb up my leg
to my lap while I am on MSN Messenger.
It was 1 of many during the 1st 6 weeks
from this cutie cat named............Franklin Solar>>

So you have a new kitten, and you're on IM or MSN Messenger; The kitten badly needs your attention and can only get it by applying her claws. OOWWIE! He knows it's freeplay time. What do you do to survive the wrath of playtime without taking her/ him to the vet to be declawed? My latest endeavor was to adopt a kitty from the Local SPCA(click to locate a shelter). He knows when to act appropriately. He Plays Harder and Sleeps Soft and cute and cuddly looking.

#1. Patience. You must be patient. OM, OM, OM
and a little Peace of Mind.

#2. Immediately, get a really thick pair of gloves (By that I mean Insulated Polartec Fleece Gloves) for play. In my case, a thick bathrobe for the kitty to cling to the back of. Beware of the lure of Cute gloves like the following: Kitten Mittens. My 1 yr old cat Franklin while in kitten play mode can get a claw through my Sierra Designs sleeping bag (my only protection from WWF kitty attacks from the tall dresser).

#3. Teach your new kitten the meaning of Kennel and Kennel time outs (for 5 min.) or try keeping him her in the bathroom instead. Never, Never put a companion animal in a Closet.

4. Stock up on plenty of kitty toys. Disperse a new toy with each attention attack. Or, educate them about a new game by leaving the T.V. turned on to Football/cats in the TV room/ with a football catnip toy. Try your local dollar store if you're short on funds. Be creative and inventive too. Franklin's taking interest in sliding on a scouring pad, as well as attacking the tags I didn't remove from my pillows, sleeping bag, clothes, etc.

5. Don't forget to train kitty on a leash and harness. Take him/her out on short excursions...keeping in mind that they should use the litterbox BEFORE you leave the house. Especially when visiting Santa.

6. There are kitty toilet training sites. Try training them young. It's the best for them, I think.

I don't receive any proceeds from the links. I just hope for the best for you and your beloved Kitty!

Much Peace

Interspecies Winter Cheer!

Photos are of My beloved Dmitree and Bull the Frog.

Some of my Cuter Interspecies photos... including Flora.

Post a comment with your email if you'd like a copy of one of these (larger & cleaner).

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Why not Honey?

Honey Substitutes to try: Just Like Honey at

I have been a vegan for over 10 years plus veggie for 8. I am still and currently vegan.
I don't eat honey for numerous reasons; one is that the idea of eating bee spit is about as appealing as eating grasshopper spit (however socially acceptable). The idea of eating honey is also about as appealing as eating earthworm dung and paper wasp spit. I'd much rather drink an artisan crafted organic drink that contains essential elements of flowers than consume be processed pollen. The flowers themselves are very sweet and nutritious. I've been digging into bags of bulk rose hips for years (as snack food, and reconstituted and pulverised back to a sweet goopy pulp). I know what the flower is, was, and isn't. That is why I don't eat honey. Aside from the fact that bees will be the vehicle for genetic engineers to alter more crops. No GMO's Please!

Allergies can be solved with other homeopathic remedies and herbs that people have tried (like cat's claw). People shouldn't need to eat honey to solve their allergy problems any longer, my opinion only.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The One Minute Vegan- #1

The One Minute Vegan title is for cooking vegan in a Minute or less.
This is for those who are on a busy schedule, want a tasty & gourmet tasting, vegan calorie burst.

I proudly present my #1 one minute vegan recipie for a whopping 300+ calories in one mouthful.
Gather the Following pre-made ingredients and make sure you put #1 on the bottom and stack ingredients so that #4 is on the top:
1. 1 Cracker of choice, small piece of pita, slice of baguette, or large nacho chip

2. 1 tbsp. of any Desert Pepper Salsa- I prefer Black bean & corn - see grocery store or

2. 1 round piece (or .5 oz of the small single strip) of Primal Strips - try to get the large package of Shitake Mushroom or any flavor

3. One 1/2 inch slice of Vegan Cheese from Mozzarella or Cheddar

Stack ingredients and Microwave for up to 45 seconds. Pop it in your mouth...savor it while running back to work or to a normal holiday gathering.


Holiday UnMeat for the Table

3 Main Choices aside from scratch
The Now and Zen unturkey is a really nice flavorful holiday meal. It has great grains and more texture. I enjoy Now & Zen more than the Tofurkey that I ate at more than 1/2 a dozen holiday meals. Tofurkey is alot closer to Stouffers meat than anything.
click here to locate one in your area:
Tofurkey is really popular. For a number of reasons; It keeps everyone happy, including the animals. I have found though: I need extra drumsticks for other family members and extra Tofurkey "Giblits' gravy for the next month (biscuts and gravy...mmmm).

#3 Boca Burger meat substitute: for the Lasagne lover and Cabbage Roll stuffer
I enjoy using the vegan original meat substitute in my cooking, and in my chili. A short story: Once, I hosted several local vegans at a potluck at my home. I put together a pasta dish and included the Boca Burger Ground Burger meat substitute in the sauce mix. Everyone vegan panicked (this was nearly 8 years ago). They accused me of putting actual animal meat in the food. It was really that real for fake/mock meat. Meat eaters love my chili and it's not too tough to please a crowd with my lasagne made vegan with Boca Burger Ground Burger.
I have some great recepies that are wholesome traditional American food... without the animal ingredients. I worked at a Coop and spent several years cooking to get it all down. I used to cook once a week on Sunday during college so that I would have food for the week. Tried and tested on real vegans! Nowadays, check out Tofurkey on Wikipedia for from scratch recipies. And, don't forget the cranberries!

The Need For Ketchup, not veg yet?

Ketchup Catsup Tomato Sauce...where art thee'

Sometimes, There is no way around your parents. They will try to force you to eat the liver on the plate, the scrapple (pigs brains) for breakfast, the steak that is bloody. The easiest way out of being a meateater, sad but true, is to cover it all in ketchup. Just like the scrambled eggs to ketchup ratio; you must have a big pile of ketchup to cover the surface area of the animal laden meal. Then, swallow (liver's the easiest). Don't choke. Try not to choke on the food. And eat all of your veggies. But don't play bulemic either by puking it all up. I doubt it's healthy. The best option, is to get a dog who can hang out under the table. Stack up that ketchup pile while removing meat items and feeding the dog under the table. *Best.
And, Check out these links and get informed about the eating change
About eating Vegan:
Recipes by Ingredients:

Ketchup also comes in handy when you have really greasy Hashbrowns, tatertots, fried Boca Burger, pan fried Seitan Steak & peppers, etc. The vinegar in ketchup helps to cut the grease. Of course it never hurts to keep a lemon, lime, or Orange wedges around to do the same.

Ketchup out.


Holiday Giving it all Vegan

Giving the perfect Gift Vegan! for the holidays is usually as simple as cash. Or, a big brick of gold. Though some vegans might argue over the collateral damage incurred on the mining of Gold, silver or the destruction of trees to print cash...this one here isn't. Please send some my way! Gold. I meant send gold... or a brick of Silver.

Though, ideally, you'll also be dropping off toys, catfood, dogfood, extra blankets, carriers and maybe a donation to your local HSUS shelter. Also, you can adopt a cat or dog for Christmas. This year I adopted Franklin for $50. He came with shots and a microchip, and some problems totalling another $160 at the vet. Plus toys, food he likes, litter. Then see the above photo. I took him to see Santa for a local no-Kill-shelter...proceeds went to the Kitties at the shelter.

Be polite. If someone is Veg. ask them if they eat Milk, Honey, or Eggs. It will save them the embarrassment of returning your gift, or giving it away. One year I received more than 5 lbs. of Homemade fudge from my students. I actually took it to the kitchen and weighed it. I was really thankful that year to unload it at the local RockGym where carbohydrate burning teens demolished the fudge. Along with the plethora of Dollar store & Yankee candles from my students that I had to chuck immediately. Admittedly, I held onto the one Soy Candle I received. The Soy candle smelled great even without being lit. Candles are forbidden in the family home since we lost our Grandmother to a candle ignited housefire. Instead of giving the gift of arson...please please look below;

Really great vegan gifts include:
A box/case of Silken tofu from my "stand in Aunt"- this is one of the typical Holiday gifts I receive. Every year, I laugh to myself about how it will keep for the next 5 years in the basement. Though, it rarely makes it's way past February. It's a main ingredient in holiday treats and daily cooking.

I'd prefer: TofuKan from Ithaca Tofu- Baked marinated tofu, Primal Strips, Now & Zen Unchicken & chocolate Mousse, Freshly Roasted Coffee, Box of Cliff Bars, and things from the below links.

General Gift Basket Items:
Products from the ever popular Pangea Store in Bethesda, MD.
Stuff that's normal to you in your everyday life; like a box of a special treat to many of us who are vegan. Vegan Doughnuts go for about $2.00 to $3.00 a piece.

Other things include Faux Fleece, Faux Fur, and other great warm fabrics that aren't wool, have wool content, or have silk content. Some vegans are into all cotton organic clothing, baggy peasant clothes style. That's 100% cotton. Others like me prefer microfleece and Patagonia, form fitting Jeans that flex, revised dance clothing, etc. "Faux Fleece" from Northface, Patagonia, Outdoors companies; It's the substitute for the Christmas sweater from Aunt Mae.
Or add one of my MilkWhat? Soy. Tshirts your list of VegItems not yet had!!! What vegan doesn't have a Veg T-shirt collection?

The Best Vegan Cookbooks:
For Farm Sanctuary "Vegan Vittles" by Jo Stepaniak
The Uncheeze Cookbook

Donate to the Best Organizations for 2005-2006:
#1 Humane USA
Summary: This Organization keeps the politicians informed of the public view on Animal Welfare. Keeps track of Senators and Representatives voting records with the Humane Scorecard. Lobbies for the Animals.

#2 WSPA- World Society for the Protection of Animals
Summary: An Umbrella Organization for Global animal Welfare. Did outreach and sent Mobile Vet Clinics to the Tsunami hit areas of Asia 2005.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Hi all! Happy Holidays!!! This is my Supuraute fuera burogu desu. I'm Oko_ne (Oak-O-Neh). My Sprout Fuel translation to Romaji. My first blog for all things veggie! I have travelled about and all for 20 years of my Veggie/ vegan life. I have met all sorts of people and places and everyone and everything has evolved. I'm going to share some of those points with you. I know it's of interest to those who are on conventional commercial diets. (how to live that is). There are a Ton of cook books out there. I may even mention a few. And, I have some favorite recepies I've developed.

I am half-Japanese descent and vegan, my food tastes are unique. Though, I've had to adapt traditional Japanese recipies (though not Shojin ryori) to an Americanized Vegan version.
So, basically, after 4000+years ... well... there is a whole new kind of vegan zen Shojin ryori food from a small town outside of Philadelphia; where the beginnings of the United States of America took place. Otherwords, Hiall Veggies! from PA Deutsch country... I don't quite fit in here. But hey... at least i'm not spilling out of the boundaries of a Lazy Boy recliner!

I will cover everything from companion animal bouts to driving (I have 70,000mi/year experience in the drivers seat from the past 4 years). Piano is a sensitive topic for me. I basically work like this: if I like isn't a problem. Unfortunately, this isn't most people. If I don't like you. I don't like you. Get over it. For everyone else who is reasonable, so are my rates and my expectations.

I'm a female freelancer in a variety of fields. This translates to the following: I'm happy when I receive a check and i'm not charged for the fee that I incur for your check bouncing. What makes me more happy... is getting a check that is good!!! That would also make my creditors extremely happy too. Don't pick on me because i'm small and single. What's even better is that our relationship maintains a healthy equilibrium so that what you are paying me isn't less than my therapy bill for our interaction. I want to live peacefully, sanely, beautifully, and smoothly. Much Thanks! Oko_ne