Monday, May 22, 2017

Keto Vegan extra vitamins @2yrs

After nearly 2 yrs of ketogenic diet...i'm adding - started in the past 3 weeks.
🔼vitamin A- dry form occasionally
🔼natto cups - occasionally
🔼CALCIUM (macro mineral forgotten)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hypothetical Legal @ Hawaii Hotels & Airlines.

I have had 7 years, or 5 from the time of APEC 2011 Honolulu, to move through security issues on Oahu.  Something I want more research on ;- aside from the general international perception that Hawaii State is a Criminal money laundering operation if not just so poorly run its un
believeable. Hawaii State is a nightmare.
Those in Hospitality need to make about $50/hr in order to live comfortably.

One of the goals of APEC 2011 was to stop "payoff payments to criminal organizations" that are in effect a large part of the money LOST in business transaction. Hawaii state being the center of my 5 year commitment from the time of APEC 2011 and Japan's entry to TPP in 2012. It is now 2017. I  am nearly finished as enough construction has been completed.

Issues that stem from Hawaii's hospitality and employees- several possible spy/ agent/ crafts persons who are accepting tips from international sources. 
  • access to personal data & information, address, mobile phone number at POP end user interface.
  • issues with workers who do not speak English and use  Hawaiian Pidgin language as well as "Asian language affected speech impetement." 
    • Companies who/that hire & employ workers expecting native English speakers to try and figure out what they are saying
To be continued: 
idea: Have a billing system that is run by app in shopping centers with personal bag check at exit.

How the Airlines are liable for Non-USA criminal entrants to the Island State
How the Hotels are liable for aiding and abetting a foreign criminal or terrorist
Where the line to injuring an American citizen is drawn;- even with masked & foreign crafted intent
How the Native Hawaii State population is ill prepared to support USA.
How the Native Hawaii State population including politicians choose to intentionally harm gross USA planning

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sprout Fuel :!!: スプラウテ フエラ: Update: Security Concerns Hawaii

Sprout Fuel :!!: スプラウテ フエラ: Update: Security Concerns Hawaii

Update: Security Concerns Hawaii

Hawaiian Islands: personal security concerns Update for the Spring of 2017.
Best USA English Apps :  WAZE   [  }
  • 03/17 *New* USA Patriotism & Racism directed at Asian/ Green Card Workers 
      • Largely unreported, some clubs, bars are being targeted by Caucasian Conservatives. Does not matter if you are Asian and Pro Trump. They aim to rid the USA of non-native workers & business owners.
  • Airport inter-island travel security - 
    • Fingerprinting (possible detainment) of non-white travellers
    • Unjustified Baggage confiscation by Airport Security
  • gang stalking
  • driving personal vehicle at night from clubs - DUI checkpoint
Generally, most of the International Asian Organizations (Gangs & Masons) tend to keep to themselves in their own territory on the island of Oahu. The Honolulu Police Department is subjective to each town/local area where they are connected to local community (HPD is not objective in its conduct).
  •  Pearl City/ Pearl Ridge/ Aiea / Salt lake - I have had most life threatening incidents here with the Honolulu Police Department . Police standing to watch the incident of attacks on my life.
    • Filipino & Caucasian influenced policing. Additionally, some Filipino-Americans are afraid to go to clubs in Honolulu due to police targeting.
  • Honolulu Business district / Red light districts
    • Chinatown - Many residents stay away from Chinatown at night, despite worker & student attended early Happy Hours.
    • Kapiolani & Keeaumoku Street area - 
        •  Ongoing: Late night robberies of women's purses & ATM has become increasingly violent with gun  involvement
      • 600- 700 Block Queen Street (near Ala Moana Blvd. mall area & Ward St)- 
        • After Hours Clubs open till 6AM
        • Gun violence/ Shootings likely due to drug dealers
        • known area for Bloods (red) gang related - despite general positive presence of "wear your red" or don't wear red or light blue (Cryp)
        • Still under impression that it is a sniper are ( US military influenced)
    • Kakaako (zipcode 96797)
      • Homeless Tent Camps - families, children, civilian toxic mold survivors with apartments camp in the concrete industrial area of Kakaako.
  • Waikiki Tourist District - 
    • "false prostitutes" aka women working together Taser men to steal money at Hotelroom.
    • prostitutes - generally on the street level 
    • men who solicit random local women for prostitution
    • sexual harassment 
  • Kalihi - 
    • harassment
    • low-end drug addicts and homeless
    • police involvement in distribution of hard narcotics (stay away from police as residents are afraid of police here)
    •  Hostess Bars & policing for drunk driving DUI
  • The Pali, Pauoa Valley & Pacific Heights (NUUANU)-
    • Toxic Black Mold -  especially when rains & windy
    • also known for spiritual activity from Ancient Hawaii
  •  Kaimuki - Seems SAFER
    • Residential Area & University & Schools

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Upset with Ala Moana mall today

Tried to have a good start to my day.
Grocery shopped, coffee and a hair cut.
Again the hair irons stand near the sunglass shop and the waterproof shoes shop was an issue. I told the salesman that I just (and I just literally) left my appointment at the SALON on the 2nd floor.
instead he insisted and grabbed a flat iron and then grabbed my hair saying "you must try..." While beginning to use the flat iron on my newly cut, blow dry and salon styled hair I paid $80+tip.

Friday, May 05, 2017

Will the U.N. Expire the Japan-Usa security agreement?

North Korea's missile antics should raise a question that most USA news channels are not discussing. It seems that 1950's The Security Treaty Between the United States and Japan 日本国とアメリカ合衆国との間の安全保障条約.  Or also known as Japan-US  Security Treaty can be  by the United Nations in Order to maintain peace within the Asia region. see screenshot photo of Article 4

Photo from

Foreign Agents @Hawaii

Honolulu and Waikiki have a plethora of foreign owners of establishments. Those so-called mom-and-pop restaurants and bars usually have to register through some sort of Liquor Commission and establish their business identity. However it seems that there are some private bars clubs and restaurant type establishments. It's difficult to see which establishments are owned and operated by a foreign individual or organization. There is no Hawaii online look-up for such information. Additionally there seems to be a large fee to employ various monitoring agencies such as the Liquor Commission two research and gather that information.

Children's Day May 5th

Children's Day was the most amazing day to me when I was a kid. I was in complete awe the first time my father put the Konburi on a very tall flag post in our front yard.
No one else in the Pennsylvania, USA community I lived in knew of it or had one. It was like our own secret family holiday. That was the first time I felt like my family was together as a 1st Generation Japanese-American dual national.
I remember my mom had asked that it go up, and it was of course, for my brother. But that tall natural flag pole was over 30', and the two Konburi flags Blue and Orange were imprinted in my memory forever. I was in sheer spiritual awe. 

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Hawaii Dentists current nightmare

I'm still looking for the best dentist on Oahu for me. Seems that the economy has generated a need for some Hawaii dentists to some poor work to "keep up" the repeat business. They seem to broke to do dental work, or to politically biased.

In March I went to a Japanese focused dentist advertised with the best of Honolulu and holding a 1 review 5 star rating. I got a flat tire leaving my tire in the parking lot and had to purchase a new tire. The referral for Oral surgeon to pull my tooth at their recommendation. I went to the Oral Surgeon with a 2.0 rating online on web and I feel that they did a very unprofessional job. I also suspected the oral surgeon cracked my adjacent tooth (which was confirmed by the dentist in mid April ) and still feel pain in my jaw and nearby neck area.That is, despite the dentist saying "it healed nicely."
The dentist prior to this new pair of oral specialists actually did bad work and encouraged the tooth decay of the pulled tooth by leaving a ridge at the bottom.
After the oral surgery I returned to the dentist for a tooth cleaning. The assistant was tugging on my filling/crown on one tooth and it fell out within a couple days.

Later, they sent a dental treatment plan to me that is appx $2000. And it does not include implant for the lost tooth. Aside from new work that needs to be done. They did accept my dental savings plan that I pay for out of pocket. However, I am uncertain I want to return to their office since I think they should have a better oral surgeon for pulling teeth that have straight yet long root.

I am very upset. I am consulting with new dentists to do the treatment plan on more serious work. And, seeking natural healing and repair for smaller and untouched teeth. I have a feeling that between a variety of spiked drinks (including coffee with rat poison ) and toxic mold... I'm in for more than a doozy.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Job competition Hawaii

Despite the US military forces being the largest employer in the Hawaiian islands;- poverty runs rampant. The spouses and older children of the military employees take many jobs at larger retailers and tourism related work. They force the local population out of employment as well.

Additionally, till recent years there were a large number of strip clubs and buy me drinkie bars for the islands 1million population. Even those with more net value resort to flipping inexpensive cars and compete with the Military economy in order to make ends meet.

Hawaii's normal resident citizen is in dire trouble because of the U.S. military presence.   Only "rich women" who are usually married to the military can afford to work the $9.25/hr jobs and do App related car share business.

Does this work?

Host not found...wondering what's left

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Relationship Astrology to Save the Earth

I recently came across a reading that lends me to believe that there is a way to encourage practical environmentalism through astrology. It may be a balance of forces and a meeting of karma. And, no need to change lifestyle if partner is from the other side of the pair (element combo apply to male female pairings)
It revolves around the number 7 placement between 2 feng shui elements.

My partner pairing to create a better ecological environment.
Chen -  Chien pairing
Sun-  Kun pairing
Li -Tui pairing
Kan - Ken pairing

@ Waikiki Army Museum

I'm walking through the army museum, I think the funny thing I'm realizing is that the people here were never my mothers friends. Its real clear to me that they are internment Japanese-americans, migrant farmworkers on contract, and from the poor parts of Japan after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
I see today why they USA hates me, why they hated my mother. I see why they destroy records.
They have some strong animosity against those of us who are/were Japanese with some strong connection to Japanese government. The Hawaiian islands are still too poor and too expensive for them to recruit decent money from the USA as investment infrastructure. They became more concerned with continuing MIS and
Stealing from outside USA govenments. Even the building of the original Ala Moana shopping mall happened from a money embezzling scam that sent a Japanese politician to prison for decades.
Just a thought.

Saturday, April 22, 2017


When USA said that my siblings and I would have to "work our way up from the bottom" they meant the bottom as our graves.
The united states never intended to respect any Japanese based Asian interest. Despite my lengthy blog over the past 15 years and various posts that have since vanished from the old site. The United States of America and its democratic bodies and individuals have not provided a respectable and sufficient line of employment. Rather, the United States and its constituents have attempted to manipulate things further by:- 1.  forcing undesirable sexual employment on both my deceased brother and I. Both of us have in different timeline found the forced sex industry and its participants unsuitable to us.
2.  Not providing any business connection to more intellectual and business work, especially with higher IQ even in the state of Pennsylvania, as well as admonishing us to manual labor and least desirable employment. Also known as "working poor."
3.  They in Hawaii, including various masons and related groups have attempted to murder and harm me through direct and indirect persons.
4.  They have not offered what I consider to be a safe opportunity for employment. One where I am not tossing my personal information to the wind for less than suitable paying position that is not guaranteed. And, one where I can remain relatively independent.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Lesson at a Waikiki Steakhouse

Last night my friend I've known a few years and I went to a Waikiki steak house (I vegan/shojinryori had a salad & baked fries & wine) The friend was the only Caucasian customer in a room full of foreigners Chinese, Japanese, Korean tourists. The friend and I got in an argument because of their discomfort and didn't speak much to the server until meal was almost finished. Also over the service and alleged butterfly cut of their filet mignon. Total bill @$183 with tip = $200. The friend said the service was low and the Asians were being ripped off and they should go to Trump's BLT steakhouse where he would be more comfortable.
Today, I feel more lonely...way more lonely than before. Aside from continually gaining perspectives...this kind of life is depressing. Thing is, the friend happened to see me through the worst depression when I was forced to stay at the dojo on the mat.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Perspective on: White privledged USA

In the usa, many people of different cultures forget their own culture to compete in the Euro-centric or White world.  The Caucasians then sit back and enjoy visitng other countries as a lavish luxury, even as a backpacker. And, upon their return the American white privileged admire and admonish those of the cultures and continents they've visited for being too poor to know their own culture, their own families, their own grandmothers.

Other issues with Hawaii & USA

Americans & the criminal organizations that pay them off enough are allowed to tamper and plant false evidence. The prosecutor and other attorneys are equally & easily scared and bought.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Growing up Half Japanese: my mom's friends in PA

My mothers American born friends were the kinds of people who invited her to everything and their kids weddings and took huge amounts of money as gifts. They in turn never sent a birthday, congratulations, or any gift or showed up to my or my brother's graduation. They stole from us, mocked me and my brother, and were horrible in general. I seriously don't call that friendship.
My mother also afraid to call me for fear of my being killed by NA Illuminati types and or my father and his friends  ex- military or not.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Gentleman's clubs & Hostess Bars

The Honolulu night scene is scarce of low drama, city style clubs. However, the influx of foreign tourists and military still seek some respite and getaway from daily life.
I lost my job or simultaneously quit amidst the rising tension at one Honolulu night club. Despite the slew of laws, that generally go unenforced (even with regular L.C. inspections), the night & hostess club scene still sells drinks at a $20, $40, $80 and up to champagne VIP prices. The clubs take approximately 50% of the drink price.
Back in Fall 2016, several dozens of Japanese Navy sailors & some private Japanese citizens visited the club where I worked. They fulfilled the cover purchase and/or 2 drink minimum. However, the club owner had growing animosity as the group's of Japanese Navy sailors warded off the server asking them to "buy a drink for the lady." Many of the sailors said "no", and when repeatedly asked told the servers further that they were instructed not to buy drinks for women. In part, the local rules say it is an illegitimate practice when clubs sell drinks at high prices and keep a portion of the sale for themselves and pay the lady the other portion. So, over a period of several months, the Navy sailors who seemed to "check up on me" followed this rule. And, so did many Japanese tourist groups. This angered the club owner until their hostility about the perceived lost revenue  was directed at me in anger. It became so hostile I had to quit.