Sunday, December 19, 2021

Nano-tech polymersome


Darkfield Microscopy- Live blood (7000nm-1000nm cells)  of Angela "Kikuchi" Kneale
copyright 2014
Finger-points to the area of 'black nano scatter' biotoxin
appx 480-520nm Cyan polymersome or nanosphere & disintegrated structure 

Definition by size: Nanoparticle- is on the nanoscale, Nano-tech 1-100nm

1. Nanosphere (aka Bead - possibly PMMA or PGLA) aka polymersome 
These beads are responsive to signals and/or temperature changes.
Some of these spheres have the potential to trigger additional cytotoxicity and unknown long-term effects. 

2/3- Possibly disintegrated nanospheres- or triggered beads that released contents.

4. Red Blood cells - with hexagonal structural changes - indicate my blood's ability to adapt to recruit oxygen and/or to maximize surface area for efficient signals conductivity - note closest to the crystal and bio-toxins.

5. Crystal appx 30000nm- attributed to Uric Acid created due to bio-toxins. Unlikely it is a Nano Chip due to lack of luminosity. However, there is a black nanostructure within it that appears to be similar to known patented nano-chip circuitry.

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Finally, a drafted script/story

This past week, I meditated on my writing abilities. 
And, finally, I have a draft of my sci-fi psychodrama. Surprised by the patience and focus I had to write 10 pages of story, setting, characters, and some dialogue before stopping. 

Amazingly, my drive brought up an old 2018 attempt at making a script in Hawaii while embattled with surveillance virus issues on my auto word. I had been prodded to try writing or something to get out of the bar scene crowd by a customer (a film director) who worked on Hollywood films in Hawaii. That was before I got a call about a family situation on the mainland, and left Hawaii not knowing what my future would be. If I would return to Hawaii, or take the solo role to be my elderly parents' support team. My 3-year plan was also financially stunted by the pandemic.

 This is what I need to learn to try, simply to attempt a part-time job career change. But in 2021, that career change looks bleak. For some reason, I forgot that I "registered" my 1st 12 pages of bad scriptwriting -- only to see if I could use the online process. With ill-fated confidence for the virus-ridden and badly structured screenplay dialogue- I plunged it through to the registry.  Laughing at utter humiliation and embarrassment, I read through that old script this week. Noting EVERY SINGLE mistake and confusion in the scenes.

This wasn't like my freshman year at my alma mater as a Music major living with a Communications major and filming her 1st student film project almost entirely in our dorm room with a view. I being the main actor in her film-- that I've still never seen to this day. And it definitely wasn't my first independent computer stylus - hand-drawn (hand painted computer) animation that took dozens of sleepless days to render on a Power-Mac. That senior year rando computer art project I entitled "In the Blue" lasted a whopping few seconds as a naked blue woman emerged from a black box as college TV channel aired seconds of the classes projects. The 1st production I named under "Green Ondine Productions" was blessed with a few weeks extension to finish it as a class project as I got private access to my boyfriends' brand new G3 he used to daytrade on when I wasn't working on the animation at our condo where we split rent. I was so grateful for the processing upgrade. My creative work ended that summer without a direction. And the work - oh yes, my first endeavors of full-color computer painting and rotoscoping drills-  is locked away on a VHS tape and zip disk somewhere. VHS? yes, on VHS. 

So, I'm still overwhelmed with the diversity and seriousness of the research I've done in 2019-2021. Another 3 full years wiped away. And, far away from the positive social crowd that lifts my mood; I can't even anticipate where my life will be headed in 2022.

This year 2021 was fairly unproductive: 
I wrote 1 song, some random other lyrics, several blogposts, and did research about my human rights case. And now, I can just eek out 1 draft of a script/ story. 

Friday, September 10, 2021

Because of the bad ones in the group

Several years have passed since I joined a German-based, international, healing community. And, I've stuck with it somewhat shamefully because I can practice on my own, and worked through decades of trauma from USA persecution and racism. Yet, it is German-based, and within it lurk people who have an intense hatred of me for being of mixed-race hapa, Asian, and Japanese descent. Though I joined the community in a diverse place- Hawaii. So the initial community was much more diverse and accepting. And only 1 serious incident of an older German (immigrant?) woman who attacked me in front of everyone because to her, I am a brown thing that she could not believe speaks English. Today, in 2021;- her outright behavior would be akin to a hate crime.  Yes, in a healing group. 
Today, I'm reflecting on that incident as 1 of 3 strikes in my personal safety manual. 

The 2nd strikeout in 2020, was surprisingly from an elderly Phillipino woman who, I was told to contact on the East Coast. When I contacted her and told her I came from Hawaii and am Japanese-American, she responded quickly with an outright statement of hatred from Japanese people. I smugly listened to her rant about her hatred of my background, blaming me and others of my kind for war issues long ago. This is what the Healing group of Bruno Groening Circle of Friends has in store for me.

Yesterday, was the 3rd strikeout as I clicked into the East Coast IGR. A place online where my full name and town location is posted in front of everyone. It makes me an easier target for racists in person. So, even though I thought things were positive- the community leader obviously stated that I was not being positive when I began to tell of my healing from SRA. A lengthy process that started before I left Hawaii and asked to heal from it. The Community leader immediately interjected that I was not being positive. I had only wanted to report that I was through my 3+year regelungen since I made the request, and had had a successful meeting about writing a co-authored book with another person.  
It seems consistent with some of the Circle of Friends that they wish harm on me, thus my healing is a negative thing. It's not the first time since I've had to try and work with the Success Report Writer main editor whose personal politics do not agree with me, and whose voice is very rude in how she talks about immigrants because she helps them. Among other things, I am the daughter of at least one Japanese foreigner who naturalized to the USA and my US State Actor father. 

Their tone is rude. And instead of the group implementing some type of diversity training for the USA leaders;- I am told to do "Einstillen" for the issue. I am writing this article and posting privately, in the event that a Neo-Nazi or another Anti-Japanese person hands out my personal information or takes it upon themselves to harm me further. 

And, in the hindsight of this group potentially being a Bundestag run front;- I am still uncertain. The trauma-based mind control may be as simple as the image of a Nazi-run Germany. And my unworthiness in being able to secure much in life without God. Though I've managed to write my way through real hate crimes I've survived, I feel that the scrutiny and judgment of some of the leaders are harmful to me. So, again, it's my time that is wasted and my being used as the persecutory example in front of the group. I'm in my mid 40's. This is unacceptable. Yet I post here since I will be told to do Einstillen for it. And I have done Einstillen for the group to be cleansed of its outright hatreds. 

That wasn't what I signed up for. And, like other groups;- it only takes one bad person to do harm to me to end my life. I am grateful for my life and those who helped me survive many many attempts on my life, and to God. Though I don't see safety in this group for me. I cannot martyr myself so that I have peaceable healing since I am criticized for belonging to this and any religious institution that Americans disapprove of. Including Americanized forms of Buddhism.

Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Roasted Yellow Peppers

 There was a surplus of Yellow Peppers as ripe as they could be from 2 cases. 

So today I made some roasted Yellow peppers, brushed with olive oil and doused with a small amount of pepper, fresh basil, and dry basil. Saved a few to have with chili pepper. And, broiled them on the bottom rack until some were slightly brown. They are so sweet and tasty with a small amount of Jasmine rice and shoyu for dinner. This should be plenty for the week. The other peppers are sliced and ready to dip in hummus along with some cucumbers. Bounty of Summer.

My digital underpainting blocked

Yesterday my digital underpainting - acrylic +digital editing was posted 
Though most any painting I did went unmarked. I have a few painted mental 'checkins' I keep.
Some cropped pics of the interesting sections, and a vid of what I did before letting it dry exist.


Saturday, July 31, 2021

My Old Poetry that didn't make sense

 Today, I had a chat with an author about Mind Control and Stargate related technology. So, one of my older tweets from 2018 I made when I returned to the mainland has my college poetry. The part of Torture that i mentioned when writing to the United Nations, is that the perpetrators also had access to all of my belongings in the mainland for most of 9 years. I lost everything that was left at my office in Ithaca, NY. The Landlord, no one ever attempted to call me. And when I was permitted to communicate with my parents;- of course my father happily made sure I would not have my vehicle when I returned. That is one of the other reasons, there is no question in my mind that the father I had was a malicious State Actor. One of the poems is a sonnet entitled 'A Pear Tree Lullaby'. I have other poetry I wrote on an old floppy and zip drive too. I had read some of the poetry at an Eco day poetry reading at college. And some people wondered if I was psychotic, while not knowing that I had been recently diagnosed with Hyperacusis at the Sir Ewig hearing clinic.  

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Near completed for submission, Score pdf link

The link to my score with accompaniment is at : A Photo in my Mind 

 Today I attempted to record a version of the song for submission. My voice decided for me, that singing in my contralto range felt better than in my Mezzo voice. Something about the mix is definitely unresolved after grinding up my vocal cords to the D5 for a bit. My voice is far far from polished yet it's functional to document my song.  Though getting down to B2 is not where I headed and stopped off near the D2. 

My score is entitled 'Photo in My Mind' for Mezzo and Contralto/Tenor. The range is B2 to G5 and I changed a few notes. I slapped in some German translation, yet the 'in my mind' as Geist or Herz being my favored choices is yet to be worked out. Due to the Use of the Muse3 scoring software, I had some issues with notes moving around and did my best to remove extra notes and rests with the newer commands. However, it didn't work for everything. And yes, I checked the voicing boxes and tried everything to remove extraneous or incorrect markings. 

Emailed April and shared my practice sesh. She basically said it's o.k. and doesn't need to pro-sound recording. I'm simply enthused that I was able to put everything together to this point, even shortening the song to get it finished quickly. Bucket list item since 2004 nearly done, though it's not a CD of my original work I want. As an adult, it's a big heart wish for personal reasons. 

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Song with German translation

 Photo in My Mind;- Tonight --past 20hrs Worked intermittently on Setting my lyrics to German translation in the Score since I have to submit at least a DeepL translation with it:  I put in my English words from the last post;- I had to adjust what I could to fit the music better. And I set at least the soprano part to the lyrics- of S/A+piano ...  Though I'm not sure how involved It's going to get with the piano part... since I have to record myself singing it--video??...and I'm a bit out of practice vocally. I want to finish this first went OCD on it... before I focus on other things.  This still needs some work. But most people with half a brain know that names double up ....if there are 'missing' lyrics. And since we have 'bad English with Pennsylvania Deutsche colloquial structure, I decided to omit extra German syllables in this.  1st two pages were posted... and not done yet. It's for Soprano, Mezzo, Alto, Tenor...maybe bass? The link to the DRAFT that is mostly written is here: "Photo in My Mind" (draft copy) .pdf 

it's not finished. Posting due to the computer being rickety and beeping at me with issues.

Here's the German... there is Japanese that follows that I have yet to do, and Einstillen isn't a word that translated into Katakana. 

Foto in meinem Kopf   

Ich bin schon seit einiger Zeit mit Bruno Groening zusammen.

Sein Foto hat sich in mein Gedächtnis eingebrannt

Und das Einstillen ist seine Art

Ich nehme jeden Tag Heilstrom auf

Bruno Groening mein alter Freund

(Original:) Durch Einsamkeit und Trauer (Ersatz:) Durch Liebe sind wir so gesegnet

Finde ich den Weg zur heilenden Welle

(Original:) Dass Gott heilstrom gemacht hat (Ersatz:) Gott hat uns so gesegnet

Und dann fragte mich eines Tages jemand

Kann ich bei dir mitfahren, mein Freund

Ich habe nicht, was es braucht 

Um dorthin zu gelangen, was ich kann

Durch die Hilfe von jemandem, den ich verehre, --Durch die Hilfe von einem, der verehrt=Through the help of one who adored--translatedfor music

 das ist es, was sie mit Liebe meinten

--That is the meaning of love=Das ist die Bedeutung der Liebe--translated to fit.

Und viele Segnungen kamen 

um auch den Schmerz und das Leid wegzunehmen

--zum entfernen die schmerz und Leiden weg=to remove the pain and suffering away--translated to fit music

Eines Tages hielt ich dein Foto in meinen Händen

Und mein Herz stand so still

 -- Ich hielt Ihr Foto in meinen Händen ein Tag, und mein Herz wurde still=  I held your photograph in my hands one day, and my heart became stillness--translated to fit music

Die Heilung kam schnell eines Tages

Nachdem ich viele Stunden und Monate und Jahre gebetet hatte--The healing came quickly one day 9

After I had prayed

many hours and months and years =Die Heilung kam schnell eines Tages

Nachdem ich gebetet hatte

viele Stunden und Monate und Jahre --translated for music (Die Heilung kam schnell eines Tages 

Nachdem ich gebetet hatte

viele Stunden und Monate und Jahre=The healing came quickly one day 

After I had prayed

many hours and months and years AMK

Ich bin seit einiger Zeit mit Bruno Gröning zusammen--Ich bin mit Bruno Groening=I am with Bruno Groening--translated for music AMK 

Mit seinem Foto, das sich in mein Gedächtnis eingebrannt hat

Gott schickte die göttliche

--God sent the divine=Gott schickte den göttlichen--translatedfor music AM

Meinen Weg zur heilenden Welle finden

Dass Gott so heilstrom gemacht--

Meinen Weg zur heilenden Welle zu finden

Die Gott so heilsam strömenließ=Finding my way to the healing wave

That God made flow so healingly--translated for music AngelaM.Kneale

Here it is in Japanese: 






ブルーノ・グルーニング 私の古い友人

(Original:) 孤独と悲しみを乗り越えて (substitute:) 愛を通して私たちはとても恵まれている


(オリジナル:) 神がハイルシュトレンを作ったこと (代用:) 神が私たちを祝福してくれたこと


















Wednesday, July 21, 2021

2nd draft with melody notes

 This is the song in Treble clef. However, I'm still deciding on mix since I'm more comfortable as an alto.

Things to note for other instruments: 

1. It is in D Mixolydian

2. I wrote for piano and voice.

3. The lyrics open on an ascending minor seventh (a bit unusual)

The range is B3-F5 for this version... and due to deciding the accompaniment, it's not the 100% placement of all the notes yet. I originally sang while vamping in my head voice everything is an octave lower except the scale in line 2. The song is written for Bruno Groening in the Music group. Have a lot to do since there's no Midi keyboard here.   Chord progression with melody is simple without accompaniment. It's in 

The word Groe-ning is on a downbeat with my accompaniment.

The Lyrics and melody...basically - not finished version.

Basic Lyrics after the vamp sesh. - there's more.. yet not needed.

Photo in My Mind

I've been with Bruno Groening for some time
His photograph etched in my mind
And doing Einstillen is his way
I take in heilstrom everyday

Bruno Groening my old friend
(Original:) Through loneliness and grief  (substitute:) Through love we are so blessed
Find my way to the healing wave
(Original:) That God made heilstrom (substitute:) God so made us blessed

And then one day someone asked me
Can I have a ride with you, my friend
I don't have what it takes 
To get there doing what I can

Through the help of some one I adore,
 that is what they meant by love
And many blessings came 
to take away the pain and suffering too

I held your photograph in my hands one day
And my heart it stood so still
The healing came quick one day
After I had prayed many hours and months and years

I've been with Bruno Groening for some time
With his photo etched in my mind
God sent the divine

Find my way to the healing wave
That God so made heilstrom

Monday, July 19, 2021

Draft of Lyrics for Song w/vid

Bruno Groening inspired song... I'm at the piano working this out today. 
Didn't plan to post this vid either, working 1st time over and coming up with lyrics. I cried a lot through this. Also, I'm ditching the negatively programmed word editor for interfering with auto-correct.
This needs to be edited... But it's a start. Will add the video link... Angela Meredith Kneale / Angela Kikuchi Kneale Key of D Major. 

 I've been with Bruno Groening for some time 
Through the loneliness, I did find (a way)
 With this photo-etched in my mind
 God sent the divine
 Bruno Groening my old friend 
Through loneliness and grief
 Find my way to the healing wave
 That God bestowed on us.
 Healing waves to take the pain 
The judgment of people, it does hurt 
Being vulnerable while mending wounds
Every night I go to bed 
A healing photograph inside my head
 An old photograph I saw 
I didn't laugh
 And the healing came one day
 for those who saw a film with friends
 The healing came quick one day
 while I had prayed many hours and months and years.
 Then one day someone asked me: Can I have a ride with you my friend?" 
They didn't have a way to go see this old old man. 
And many blessings came to take away the pain and fear they saw.
I held your photograph in my hands one day
 And my heart, it stood so still. 

 I've been with Bruno Groening for some time 
Through the loneliness, I did find (a way)
 With this photo etched in my mind 
God sent the divine 
Bruno Groening my old friend 
Through loneliness and grief
 Find my way to the healing wave 

 I don't have what it takes my friend to get there doing what I am.
 And then I walked inside with them one small woman and one more 
I was introduced....and shut the door.
 So looking back friend to the day didn't tell you why
 I stayed for a long long time.
 And in this short, short life, I must live each day
 there's a way I ask, to God to see me through.
 And in this short life, I was given. 
I only had a task or two.
 I've been with Bruno Groening for so long
 My friends, I found my way to you.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Lyrics exercise Saturday July 17

Still lacking inspiration. ... yet wrote a couple of blocks of poetry. Moon Fallen Vampish... send your heart to me, wrap it in a chocolates' box, and scribble LOVE in red dribbles Do you know where I am? Did you write my address first? You know what I love. That you know, You know how I like things That you will live for me after I taste your chocolates that red sweet dribble after I drift through excitement & Bliss sinking my teeth into you, are, sweet yet so so live without a faint heartbeat reflecting on my ears no more nightmares no more fears we will live beyond the Sun's drenched tears Kissing your heart Travelling Red Astronaut Like you alot Living kind through infinite time. Angela Kikuchi Kneale Aloha by Angela Kikuchi Kneale Once upon a dream in neverending eden Sun gazeing pierces my soul with solar waves Charging my heart I need an inspirational restart Rushing my heart emotional lights & darks overwhelmed memories my inherit sin protected by immortal wings Your smile etched into my burning heart I diverge into the dark black hole penetrates the depth of my soul Rushing my heart Emotional lights & darks Run through my heart and fly me to the sun (Burn with fire the wretched human.)

Friday, July 09, 2021

Independent Lyric writing exercise... July 2021 week1

Decided to work towards writing one song, with lyrics. This was my goal when I went to Hawaii for a long vacation. However, things are quite fragmented right now (11 years later) That's how much USA intel has wrecked my life. They have hated me being in classical music, and I've mentioned some of who 'they' are in my one US affidavit. By Angela Kikuchi Kneale - after random rhyming blocks... new block Hiroshima images?: Like Gothic raindrops We/I/You Haven't forgot fellennnn, fallen out image (sitting under a pavillion) sold into oblivion embedded with breath soul essence effect explosively bright dark fragments ignite splatters my skin dark/dew droplets of sin cry tears of nuclear years/ irradiation and rise after night ... forplay of war --- {end new block7/9/2021} Walking high above the clouds. I woke My soul is tattered My heart beat scattered End of the succession that defies How many lifes did they take for you? Defies natural profression Tearing my soul apart one more time around to fix it what is this a demon's tricks? Dissolves pain that made my heart nearly obliterate Shielded my heart from your games directors and demons preachers and sermons my heart compounded by these calloused walls. surrounded by killers... compartmentalized pillars Lie wake with my eyes wide open to my soul inside. Points in time in quantum mind You think you cling wait for the clock to sing quantum mind I swing from my immortal thread. Lie awake in bed (repeat) My adventures never been said never tell the tales of what we did Lie wake with my eyes wide open to my soul inside Points in time in my mind. Some people? live they talk and sing reminding the static of how they cling to life to life every day is certain never do much more than pull back a shower curtain ------------------------------------ immortality is a frequency like any other have you tuned in turned on? all is pitch my mind my mind didn't design a body of time your soul controlled if i had another life that is karma free I'd come back to visit and set ___________free we liberate, we liberate dissolve locks Open doors did you think you'd see my face? through time and space beings are free Walk through my gate demons don't lurk or wait... compassionately you're running out of time. Lonely you're haunting my sleep frequency glitch our timelines fixed love love love. eternal betrothed Once upon, Once upon...a dream....a dream (repeat fade in) I felt my love's immortal breath survived how many lifetimes. Until our once upon a time storybook ends. We walk through sands of time only you and I survive my salvation is it holy? do i live for you?

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Retracing Racial Norms

Sample slides of the Presentation

 "Retracing racial norms: Politics and it's impact on modern diversity training"  is a brief overview of my viewpoint. Recent "anti-Asian" hate crimes diversity training seemed to lightly address common racist views. And, I don't believe from my own experience that people are independently being mindful after the diversity trainings. Some, are going through recent required trainings and lashing out with hostility anyway.   My opinions are due to the contents of diversity training impacting my "international" life as a family member in a foreign family. And because of this fact, my opinions diverge from the popular domestic trends. As a lifelong activist, and "mixed race" Asian- American, I find that academics who have not lived through decades of hate crimes don't represent my views. So, This is my presentation of the not "sugar coated"  version of diversity related issues. And, is not so academic as I have forged my path outside of US institutional abuses. 

There is a pdf version that Will be made available with the full presentation deck. 

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Targeted Justice Affidavit draft



Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, County of Bucks

On this 27th day of December, 2020, Angela M. Kneale appeared before me, an individual known personally to me the person that affixed his/her signature to this document below and being first duly sworn on this oath, hereby deposes and says:

I, Angela M. Kneale, am over the age of 18, and am fully competent in all manner to make this affidavit. I have personal knowledge of the facts herein, and if called as a witness, could and would testify completely thereto.

  1. I am a 46 year old woman who is a Japanese-American nisei and mixed race.

  2. I attended the 2011 APEC USA international summit representing the USA as a private individual who was self-employed. My lifelong targeting is congruent with US trade and foreign policy news and events with Japan or Asia. This is due to my prominent family relation in Japan. I was born to one Japanese national parent in the USA on visa and one US national parent in the USA.

  3. In 1999 I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY. Please note that my alma mater, Ithaca College's non-mascoted sports teams are known as the “Bombers.” In 1996 I completed a nationally contested, environmental organizing pilot program while under surveillance at the University of Montana, Missoula, MT. In 2004 with a 4.0gpa, I began Information Technology management (appx 3.86gpa) studies online through Colorado Technical University in Colorado Springs, CO. I also had private mentors who are or were world class or nationally recognized in their respective industries and fields for classical piano & voice, law, political campaigns, environmental issues, veganism, animal rights, and information technology entrepreneurs. One example of my private study of basic law while residing at the home of former Cornell University Vice President the Honorable Constance E. Cook.

  4. I am still targeted due to issues related to former and recent state actors of Richland Township, Quakertown, PA who I witnessed conspiring to end my brother's life as an alleged suicide in 2005.

  5. My targeting began at least 4 years and 5months before my birth on June 10, 1970. This is the date that I attribute to a incident of Quakertown Hospital Staff murdering my sister in front of my mother who was a Japanese foreign national. This incident iwent unreported to police due to the police's racist nature in Pennsylvania (to the best of my knowledge) and as a hate crime until I was able and permitted to make an in person report with police in Honolulu, Hawaii after 2009. I am uncertain what happened to this report as I understand that many of the Honolulu Police Department's reports were lost in a data breach a few years later. Due to my targeting I no longer posess all records of my own police reports.

  6. I was subject to non-consensual testing that involves forms of mind-control since early childhood. The mind-control technologies were combined with daily physical non-marking corporal punishment and/or torture that often led to blackouts and sometimes being prescibed to wear a neckbrace during my elementary school years.

  7. My repeat experiences that had been attributed to spiritual “psychic” phenomena are congruent with descriptions of v2k, synthetic telepathy. Other visual and auditory experiences are technologically possible electromagnetic frequency visual creations as light shows, or musical compositions and broadcasts.

  8. My USAF vet father had knowledge of these mind control technologies and protocol. He possessed a technical background as a graduate of the USAF 55th Technical School prior to 1968, and other special skills. In addition my father is a former Lockheed C130 jet engine mechanic. He told me that he had ATS clearance and was a warrant officer and offered a CIA Air America shipping related deal that he turned down due to life threatning targeting. He told me directly about the results of some of the technologies I would see as I was tortured in childhood. As a child I was told that I was expected to put up with it or kill myself as per my father, State Actors, and my mother. My mother explained that I would be raped, what rape is, and that “they” were going to test on us despite our Japanese genetics. And, that this testing was normally for white people, but they wanted to test us anyway. I was 4-5years old at this time. I lived with my parents despite school pedophiles who offered foster care to me in middle school. I left my parent's household for Ithaca College 3 months before my 18th birthday.

  9. US Targeting heighted at age 3 with the inception of FISA 1978. I was exposed to corporal punishment for saying “Konnichiwa” to my obasan on the phone for the first time. Beaten till I blacked out as a toddler. The “foreign agent” spy torture I endured as a toddler and child was likely triggered by a international visit in 1978 from my Japanese national grandparents and aunt.

    1. Some of the perpetrators know of this incident and use the phrase, ”can't even say konnichiwa” when they have stalked me throughout my life.

  10. US Targeting at home, school, church, babysitter intensified when my mother was in the hospital for experimental surgeries in the 1980s. These surgeries destroyed the loving happy person I knew. And, I was exposed to adult racists, pedophiles, and other predators at school and in private. During this time my father told me he was instructed by the doctor that I was not permitted to see my mother. And, at one point my father told me that my mother was dead and then slammed the living room door in my face. I was left to tell my little brother that our mom was dead and tried and explain it to him. I was 6-8 years old at this time and my little brother was 3-5 years old.

  11. During this time my mom was in the hospital, my repeat night terrors of USMC problems began.

      1. One example of the dreams: was a problem of hiding in an empty room with soldiers entering. As soon as the soldiers saw me they began shooting at me with automatic weapons. I was shot at and woke up screaming frequently. As I gained some control, Though the soldies still shot at me, I was able to change my dream world to escape (though incorrectly) and peacefully wake up. This dream had few variations. This repeat dream, over years, stopped the day I solved the problem.

      2. Other repeat dreams with aerial technology used hot air balloons, sky stargates, huge aerial robot spiders, lighted bubble domed Ultralight craft, and one of me flying a jet over treetops.

      3. During this time I was also able to remote view parts of my life and people who I would meet up to 3 years in advance.

  12. General classic targeting heighted at age 17 at Ithaca College in the experimental co-ed dormatory I was assigned to and lasted through completion of my undergraduate degree at Ithaca College in June 1999. Ithaca College didn't respond to my personal complaints as an young adult and expected my parents to communicate with me and make a requests. I was sent to a counselor who quickly referred me to visit the Tibetan monasetery because they didn't want to handle my issues. My parents refused to interact with me in a positive way while I was at Ithaca College. It was a legal nightmare of obstruction by the private campus security that I survived.

  13. After 9/11/2001, I heard that many Japanese nationals, including friends I knew from childhood, who held US visas or greencards, left the USA. Other foreign nationals and international families warned me about remaining in the USA after 9/11. Since I attended college in New York, I lost many college friends who were quick to call me a terrorist at this time. Japan was the 1st nation blamed for the 9/11 tradgedy before other theories were presented. I suspect some people I knew to have called the Department of Homeland Security out of sheer hatred.

    1. My former college friend, Jennifer Mancini, had told me she smelled burning bodies of the Trade Towers across from the office building where she claimed to work for a sheikh at Ideal Global. I sent a care package of natural smelling vegan toiletries to her. When she received it she said she thought that the package was a bomb over the phone. This nearly ended our strained friendship, as she had racist underpinnings towards me that I tolerated for many years. I visited her and saw 9/11 ground zero with her. Our friendship ended around 2003. The patriotic justified discrimination surged at me by this time from strangers and coworkers in Doylestown. I was fighting for my career, life, and any friendships I had. I also blocked her from friending me on social media. I understood that she knowingly and deliberately attempted to trigger surveillance of my phone with her erroneous statements made to me about me on my mobile phone.

  14. Persecution of a class of individuals and hate crimes: US State Actors target me because I am 1st generation Japanese-American born under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the USA. I was persecuted as both a US and a Japanese national parent in the USA. Additionally, I grew up in an Quakertown, Pennsylvania in Upper Bucks County. Bucks County is known in segmented areas as Lower Bucks, Middle Bucks, and Upper Bucks. Middle and Upper Bucks County and nearby Lehigh Valley area has a history known as a “national hub” for USA white supremacy, former-Nazi residents, neo-nazis, skinheads, and KKK. I was the only Asian minority and non-white mixed race minority in kindergarten -8th grade, until i reached high school. Racial persecution, assault, sex assault, violation of language freedom to speak Japanese in Elementary school and with my Japanese family was implemented by school officials, teachers and other State Actors as well as specific groups of children for the duration of my kidergarten to High School attendance.

  15. I am not a terrorist. My legal name at birth in Pennsyvlania is Angela Meredith Kneale. My initials are A.M.K. My Japanese national mother told me she was not permitted to give me a Japanese name, and that the constraints of fitting a name to my initials A.M.K. were put forth by “They.” Only my parents know who “They” are which seemed to include attorneys due to the legal nature of the conversations. I was told that I was named this way was allegedly for security purposes so that noone could identify me as being of Japanese national ancestry. This cultural violation upset my Japanese national mother and may be a form of psychological torture.

    1. And that, my US father frequently marked me on official forms and surveys such as the U.S. Census as Caucasian or White. Additionally, he frequently referred to me as “bait” and told me about prostitutes he saw in Vietnam while I was elementary school age. I was taught to mark my race as White on forms since an early age. However people knew I looked different than caucasian. This led to my being accused of faking my real identity at an Ameriprise interview I attended after the Patriot Act was passed, and not being hired. In 2001, the US Patriot Act also changed my status as a US Citizen as perceived by others in Japan interpreting impacts of the law on international relationships. And it was not until after 2004 that the designation of other or multiple races was added to the US Census.

    2. My extended USA family of Great grandmother, grandmother, Aunts and 2nd Cousins were livid anti-Asian US Patriots. This stemmed from 2 great uncles Eddie and Joe Stankiewicz who served at Iwo Jima as a USS Langley Gunner, and Korean War tank commander respectively. My extended family scared my mother so much that she believed they would kill me. Only Uncle Eddie fought with them about treating me as a normal kid and that I deserve to eat. I frequently had to find a hiding place as the family fought about our presence upsetting Joe and Eddie. These were my 2nd cousins parents. Cheryl Ann Davis was known for riding her bike cross country and rising up to “run” HUD in Sacramento and later HUD Philadelphia at about $250k per year. In the early 2000, I returned home and saw my father and brother standing over an antique small bomb casing. I asked what it was for in the driveway. My father replied that his cousin Cheryl Ann wanted to bomb Philadelphia neighborhoods.

  16. I was informed that I was considered stateless by relatives in Japan in the year 2000. Despite living in the USA as a functional USA citizen, and that my father was considered a trafficker of the USAF since the legal changes surrounding children born to foreign nationals. Neither of my parent's registered me in Japan as part of my mother's Japanese family. And, that the United States is seeking classified information in Japan of my family that is or was involved in Japan's national security by creating this issue. I did not have funds or friends to even know where to begin an International ICJ court proceeding against my father and the USAF and USA. Japan's nationality laws had changed, as I was made aware of in the 1980s so that I would hopefully be able to change my nationality to Japan permanently. The U.S. and Pennsylvania attorney seemed to view me akin to being less than a dog in training.

  17. My targeting heighted due to the legal change of status of 1st generation Americans born to a foreign national by the Patriot Act in 2001.

    1. I attempted PTSD protocol due to the events that lead up to my being abducted , assaulted and locked in a basement the first time at age 28. It was a targeting allegedly due to my employer's direct connection to Jeffrey Schleissinger and Meale the International President and Vice President of Warner Brothers. December 2002, my assailant was a 46yr old man who claimed to work with the DEA in international waters. He lived with a North Korean-American WB17 News anchor. He told me he wanted to switch to Japan. I called the Lower Merion police department to make a report by phone. However, I was psychologically attacked and targeted repeatedly and unable to complete the PTSD protocol in counselling. The counselor deemed that did not have a safe environment at this time.

  18. I strongly suspect that “persecution of people of Japanese ancestry” or “racial discrimination” was the slippery slope used by US State actor perpetrators and their co-conspirators to set their version of legal precedence. Their violation and manipulation of numerous International, State, and Federal laws to inflict crimes of humanity and stage entrapment for those they persecuted. US State Actors maintained a tight network that prevented me from using the law to preserve my human rights, cultural identity with Japanese language, and report criminal activity without further retaliation. This is the predominant behavior from US State actors and other perpetrators since the 1970s. They also are linked to decades old racketeering family networks that I became privy to as a kindergartener.

  19. Due to the international scope of my Japanese national family relation, my K-12 education was based at 3 public US government funded schools in Bucks County, Quakertown, PA. And, I was subject to the orders of various teacher members of the 501c3 non-profit organization known as the Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association in relation to the Music Teacher's National Association from early gradeschool until I entered studies under Dr. Andor Kiszely at the Mainline Conservatory of Music in Ardmore, PA. Dr. Kiszely was a world class piano instructor who had studied at the Liszt Academy, and posessed about a half dozen University degrees in fields such as medical profession and economics. Dr. Kiszely also served as a US double agent against the Nazi's and was a former prisoner held at Nazi concentration camps. He was a sufficient mentor to me and was a better guide for me than my parents.

  1. I maintained meager self-employment since age 15 is as an independent piano instructor to afford my lessons with Dr. Kiszely. I also gained experience working for non-profits as an organizational and campaigns development consultant. This later turned into self-employment as a business and organizational consultant for over 2 decades. And also maintained steady part-time work in the performance or hospitality industry, including bar management, over a decade.

  2. I was an accomplished Nisei and mixed-race Japanese-American young artist at piano in the PMTA Pennsylvania circle. However, I was not white and thus not permitted to win competitions. I began teaching piano and pedogogical studies at the age of 12 under a Dr. Richard Van Auken, a world famous organist, who instructed me with some direction from his piano teacher, Elenor Sokoloff of the Curtis Institute of Music. The Curtis Institue world renound as a Music institution yet is known domestically for its racism and ability to recruit and influence political defectors to the USA. I feel that my talent was not the crux of discussion but rather my race, controversial political background of my family. and of the USA's foreign agent legal loophole manipulation and torture I endured since I was born Extra money was demanded to “be my teacher” since I was racially undesirable to the Pennsylvania community at large. After college graduation I joined the MTNA and PMTA and NYSMTA (New York State Music Teacher's Association) as a teacher to allow my students to participate in adjudication. The last time I performed spontaneously to demonstrate sound control for a Curtis Institute pianist was in 2000 during a teacher's association meeting and master class for Gary Graffman himself at his command.

  3. Due to expectations beyond my US parentage and due to interest from my prominent Japanese national relatives in international business, I attended and represented the USA at APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) USA International Summit. I was privately mentored in relevant to building a company with my relatives in Japan and my (late) brother. It was a co-joined family plan rather than some alleged CIA Air America US military deal my US father turned down by the late 1960s. Though the USA intentionally fails to appreciate me as a human being, I was not given a choice in this matter since birth. And it was a highly political and volitile EXIM matter that USA residents and state actors, neighbors, including my parents have sought to extinguish by targeting and torturing me.

  4. I was also exposed to directed energy weapons attacks. This is a seperate time period from the mind control experiments and psychological and physical torture I endured in my childhood. I understand this to may be due to living in a flight path of military drones on Oahu, Hawaii. Though I was aware of new smart city testing in Mililani, HI, where I moved to. And, later the AMI Ambient Intelligence that was being used in shopping areas and for surveillance and seemed to be weaponized in Honolulu, HI. The weaponization seemed like lower class of weaponry, though I am unaware of how the use, application, and damaged areas of my body are affected by this type of energy weapon.

    1. Night terrors

    2. Mylein sheath/ Nerve damage (temporary)

    3. Vibration & heating of my major organs - front and back

    4. A temporary burn mark in the shape of a star

    5. Pressure on head

    6. Extreme temperature rise at my corotid artery

    7. Dehydration of skin

    Description of V2k or synthetic telepathy:

  1. V2k that I hear goes to my inner hearing and my vocal chords. This is the phenomena my told me would be like a ventriloquist. I heard a broadcasted voice that seemed urgent to engage a response from me. After the initial occurance my vocal chords “ghost” or “whisper” the broadcast simultaneously. It is not a normal loud ventriloquist sound and has been called “creepy”. It's as if my head is a bluetooth receiver and my vocal chords are the speaker. The broadcasted questions, comments, directions I perceive in my inner hearing began intensely in Hawaii before APEC USA.

      1. A black female sounding v2k voice in Hawaii. She indicated she may be a friend of a high level DOE instructor and former Green Beret who I had an intimate relationship with in Hawaii. I knew of Psychic Soldiers and thought it was similar to SAIC/ Microsoft Squire technology for IOBT Internet of Battlefield things.

  2. Other radio/ microwave broadcasts that are not v2k to me. These broadcasts are in my parent's home. And, they have been audible to me as if a real person were in the next room. Yet, I have witnessed my father responding to the broadcast aloud.

      1. Pennsylvania 2018-present: Male voice using the name “Vin” of a Philadelphia Italian or teamster type who comments on my life, threatens me, and instructs my father on how to harm me. And, the broadcasted voice is concurrent with the v2k signal my father responds to concurrantly yelling, and or follows instructions to attack me. I only know that the Department of Transportation may use the data attribute “vin” for motor vehicles .

      2. Pennsyania 2018-present: Handler Black female voice v2K that I “overheard” at my parent's home prior to the 1st instance of hearing and seeing the United States Postal Service (USPS) worker in person delivering a package. The V2K voice that matches the USPS worker who is/was stationed at the local post office; v2k is informative and also threatning.

  3. Additionally, there was alot of common knowledge among women I worked with on Oahu of the mix of Navy and non-military sex traffickers and pimps. These men had access to op shops and more than sufficient technical knowledge of cloning women's phones to intimidate them, tracking, gangstalking, and protecting their team operations at all costs. Some men were known to be more dangerous than others among long term hospitality industry workers who gave warning sign to stay away from these customers. Though these men were not the only human traffickers in Hawaii.

  1. Synthetic telepathy I experienced after 1999, was in connection to my schedule as piano faculty at the Community Conservatory of Music (CCM) in Doylestown, PA. The CCM was located at the time at an old mansion under the Church of Salem. The experiences I had were between what local people considered a “haunted” experience at the mansion and what I can only define as a type of augmented reality and some synthetic telepathy. Most of the instances of synthetic telepathy or “knowing” or receiving a “dream wish” what was going to happen to my schedule that day at the conservatory was based on cancellations. Normally a phone call was being made by a student's parent at some point in my schedule change. And, I was aware of the reason the parent was canceling without communicating to the registrar or or to the student's parent. This knowledge was normal to me. I had grown accustomed to the conversation of “dream wishes” and occultist psychic communication in conjunction with my USAF vet father explaining different “abilities” I would have later in life as he was my handler. My father was allegedly ATS clearance USAF 55th tech graduate and told me about wierd things that I'd be able to do as a child. I understood that I was a test subject as my mother had explained this to me by the time I was five years old. My mother claims to have assembled satellite components for Ford-Philco in Landsdale, PA when she was still a Japanese national.

  2. However, this timeframe 2001-2003 was particularly heightened and regular with real live confirmation from the registrar. Coincidentally, I also worked briefly, part-time for someone who was in the Executive crowd of elites who had direct connection to WB International President and Vice President during this time.

  3. At the onset of 2007, I was visiting the Great Lakes in Ontario. I stayed out on the lake for approximately 1 month. During this time there was a summitish broadcast that I received directly. The message at the time was that North Korea wanted to hit us with missiles. This place is a remote place known for yachting culture, appx 90 miles from a town and on a tiny island with a cottage. Special equipment, ie, boat, aerial, snow vehicles are needed to access it.


Several incidents of what I perceive to be gangstalking are very similar to decriptions of published group stalking tactics in the “Golden Dawn” trials of neo-Nazis in Greece.

The first major gangstalking I experienced in Hegins, Pennsylvania involved nearly being lynched in public September1996 at Hegins Rescue Effort with the Fund For Animals (FFA). I interned in Silver Springs, Maryland that summer. I had rescued a pigeon and immediately saw a few men watching me in KKK garb standup to chase me. While I was running to the vet station, the number of men chasing me increased dramatically. I was fortunate that other rescuers ran to form protective circles around me. And these white supremacists, some wearing KKK garb, were jumping and trying to hit me through the physical barrier of other bird rescuers. This and other intern and organizer activities I participated in 1996 were considered a threat by my father and other state actors in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

After 2005, I worked briefly for Eastcom, a Verizon telecom provider, in Doylestown, PA;- a coworker in the service department who I didn't know followed me home on his motorcycle with a confederate flag on it. He followed me up the driveway at my residence, 12miles from work. He was not given permission to follow me, or be at my residence. After this incident, I quit my newly acquired position. The service department had snapped my missing Chinese language CD in half and mailed it to me. This incident prompted my State Actor father, a township official, to call police and have me removed from the house without cause. He claimed that I'm endangering my mother by bringing white supremacists there. And, that he could no longer “protect” me. The police arrived and had me leave the residence without questioning my father. This was the second major attempt by local State Actors and perpetrators to dismantle my career and using my father.

Descriptions of Invasions of Privacy:

Several breakins to residence, storage units, vehicles, and work locker. Key lock box being opened, Safe deposit box being accessed, Hard drive of laptop stolen, Car keys & key fobs stolen, iphones stolen, iphone hacking, belongings being stolen, destroyed evidence of police reports from room/office, stalkers, vehicle breakins and theft, drone at window of high rise condo, military grade drone fly by doors of residence, other apparent drone surveillance at window, forced into shared living situations where my personal belongings were stolen, broken glovebox left hanging in vehicle.

Descriptions hacking of computer, phone, more;

  1. In sometime late 2000 I received untraceable email suspected to have been sent through a remailer. It included images of women who looked like me and that they may have been assaulted received in my corporate work email. I was a temporary special projects assistant who took on accounts from terminated employess at the time. It was my first corporate work since college graduation. This email harassment coupled with break tampering to my vehicle 3x prompted me to decline an offered position at the national merchandising firm headquarters.

  2. In 2002, I was informed by someone anonymously in Doylestown, PA that my phone was under police surveillance. I was targeted due to being Japanese ancestry after 9/11 and for having other suspicious international families in my piano studio and at the Music Conservatory where I was piano faculty. It was a threatning warning. I wrote a brief communication to the United Nations about this issue in 2019, however did not hear a response. I was unaware that I was able to write to the United Nations about many of these violations until 2019. And I had exhausted all reasonable possibilities within my means by 2019.

    Descriptions hacking of computer, phone, more; continued...

  3. Around 2003: My phone and personal coordinates were triangulated and I was nearly hit by a friend/ perpetrator's car, Karl Gesslein, as his experimental tracking game. He informed me how he was able to track my phone off of a cellular tower. During that time I had several cellular service issues including piggybacking that were probably attributed to his experiments and the existing police surveillance. I did not give him permission at any time to track my phone. This friend/ perpetrator was also a known programmer and friend of my former boyfriend in music college, Douglas R. Hauptli. That relationship lasted until mid-October1996 and ended since he started seeing a Russian Cornell student while I was away for 7 months for organizing studies. He became a Silicon Valley VP by 1999.

  4. Also, around 2004;- A known Helsinki, Finland based social media hacker, Aarne Ilmonen aka A.I., took interest in hacking my accounts over a period of at least 6 years to 2010. I have an email evidence of his perception after hacking. I was aware of his hacking others on the diversity based social media forum for half-Japanese people that I belonged to at that time. The hacker intruded on forum leaders and was banned from the forums. However, he continued to hack my email and online accounts and drop emails to me. This invasion of privacy led me to having no actual legal recourse. I gave up and got to know this person remotely by agreeing to skype calls. The immediate related pressing issue, was that he was not aryan enough and considered inferior with dark features. However, I was unappreciative of his insecurities of being a 'dark featured' nordic. And was not permitted to point out my dismay of the Finnish aryan genetic caste system to admonish and force “darker” featured caucasian people to connect with diversity to prove themselves worthy in the aryan heirarchy. This diffused my sense of malicious attacks or intentions from the hacker though it had been a serious privacy invasion.

  5. In 2004 the hacking during my first month of class was identified by my Colorado Technical University online professor as those mirroring off the site due to military proximity in Colorado Springs. I was instructed to tolerate the hacking and reinstall the OS for the MSM IT program in which I was enrolled. I reinstalled the OS in entirety several times during the first week of my enrollement to study the expedited building an Enterprise database segment. US State actor(s) retaliated against my being online to finish my MSM degree. My father, a local township planning commission official seemed disturbed, angry, and violent at me and called me a terrorist. I believe his government collegues encouraged him to harm my degree studies. I withdrew from the excellerated master's program to save face, due to the coercion, yelling, and threats at home.

  6. 2005 I called the ATF from my mobile phone to report “anonymous” information my late brother shared with me about his employer. This call was probably not private due to the FISA surveillance on my phone and with local State actor surveillance. I feel that my brother was retaliated against by the local state actors who learned of this call and contacted his employer who was/ is a State Actor as a Richland Township Supervisor in Quakertown, PA.

    1. And, that this phone call lead to the retaliation we both experienced with seperate death threats at our family home. His employer, Lee Clymer a Richlandtownship Supervisor, was our neighbor and allegedly forced my brother to CNC unmarked weapons to distribute to the employer and state actor's private white supremacist organization. I also overheard his employer/State Actor tell my father that he wanted my brother dead. They had discussions about how my brother was going to die with my brother being present. My father did not at anytime protest or challenge his Richlandtownship Planning Commission collegue, neighbor, and my brother's former employer. I am unaware that Pennsylvania's sovereign immunity includes gun running, white supremacy, and conspiracy to murder or willful manslaughter. My life was also threatened and I experienced retaliation with aggressive action from other State Actors. At the time another Richlandtownship official had plans to acquire and develop land for his $70mil track housing project. After my brother's death I was not asked any questions by an investigator or police officer or federal agent. Instead, I was chased by 2 very large men at the house, and threatened by the female officer.

  7. 2006-2007 when I attempted to re-enter the workforce, I was abducted by other State Actors at a different Bucks County local township Engineer's office known as Knight Engineering. They recrited me through a temporary agency for a brief amount of office work. Later, I was held against my will at the Buckingham Township home of Earnest Knight by James E. Brasted, sexually assaulted so I could not walk for what seemed like weeks. James Brasted coered, stalked and followed closely when they allowed me to leave, and assaulted over several weeks. This includes the State Actors accessing my email account to make it look as if I was working for them and happy about dating them and working for them. These incidents led to financial & career sabatogue and the ending of a 8.5year relationship I had with my Cornell University graduate boyfriend, friend, and partner who had stuck with me through many of the overt sex assaults I endured since 1997 and despite regular death threats he made at me. We had met after while I was on crutches from being pinned under a vehicle at a non-violent McVegan solidarity protest four days prior.

    Vehicle Break Ins:

Many noticeable vehicle break-ins occured in Pennsylvania and Hawaii. From 2001-2009, in Pennsylvania, my Pontiac Sunfire's radio seemed to be tampered with after interior lights were left on in the vehicle parked outside. And, at one point the insurance documents were stolen. After the initial breakins, the vehicle frequently received a shortwave radio signal about local efforts to set legal precedents. At the time I suspected these radio transmissions were from the nearby Rosacrusians ceremonial grounds just under 2 miles from my residence. I ignored it as part of the normal intimidation tactics stemming from the cult. My mother had warned me in early childhood that the people at the people at the nearby Rosacrucians AMORC would kill me, and that we were only tolerated because we aren't black.

Other Targeting:

There are many more incidents of targeting that I have survived since my legal adult age in the USA in late 1992.

      1. I was a known organizer for Animal Rights/vegan/environmental/feminist and leader at college and nationally through my early twenties. This stemmed from the absence of Asian foods at the mandatory dining hall and because I became ill from the food they served during my first 2 years. The group I began developing was out of an book by PETA “Becoming an activist” on how to do a vegan dining hall campaign. The dining hall project achieved its vegan goals and other classes pursued improvements. It also developed into a collaborative effort with other diverse organizations on campus to provide multi-cultural foods for the diverse student body.

        1. Due to the radical nature of some other activists, I was under surveillance particularly in 1996. I had heard that the Ithaca Police had posted my photo in their office with photos of other vegan student leaders in the area. This surveillance included police tailing me after a group meeting, a neighbor tailing me, and group members signing in as FBI wanna bes.

        2. I was a targeted victim of over 2 dozen campus and off campus sex assault attempts and actual sex assaults as a Japanese-American attending Ithaca College (IC).

        3. The president of Ithaca College in 1992 was JJ Whalen. JJ Whalen was known to be anti-Japanese. I did not graduate until a new president took over Ithaca College.

        4. My friends from this time were students concerned for my safety regarding these matters. However, I was looked down on and belittled due to these repeat issues. My tolerance of racist attitudes was for reasons of immediate physical safety aside from having to endure a classical music education. Those who supported my organizing were generally not aware of the details of these repeat assaults.

Several of these targeted incidents were blocked from being fully reported or reported at all by Pennsylvania, New York, and Florida police due to my gender, race, and cultural ancestry and my mother being a Japanese national and eventual naturalized citizen in the USA. I made every attempt to file police reports within the USA mainland. Many times the statute of limitations ran out before I was able to report. Some reports for the most heinous crimes against humanity, including murder of my sister prior to my birth, were eventually filed with the Honolulu Police Department in Hawaii after 2009.

Other targeting of my family:

  1. Additionally, my late brother was a victim of torture, targeting, persecution, and other attacks to ruin his life. These attacks included a School official, US State actor ruining my brother's University of Pennsylvania acceptance by age 18. Incidents allegedly involved the ACLU, and David Knight his attorney, was also named within a 1980s letter of financial abuse (possible embezzlement) concerning misuse of my mother's medical POA made by my father's attorney for her experimental surgeries.

  2. The first hate crime against my brother was in a Quakertown church by two boys who kicked his leg. The attack resulted in his broken leg as a toddler. I witnessed this attack first hand from several feet away. I was five or six years old at the time this incident occurred.

  3. My brother told me he was dosed/ drugged at Susquehanna University unknowingly often. And, that police and others attempted to harm him by climbing through his dormitory window. He was hospitalized, brutalized, hit by a hit-and-run driver, strangled with bare hand-prints bruises on his neck, had night terrors in 2000 onward.

  4. My parents never let me know when he was hospitalized while I was at Ithaca College. I found out about some of his hospitalizations after he died since they left a pile of his medical bills out in the open. He was attacked by people he considered friends from grade school, Susquehanna University, DeSalles University, and in his private life. His Caucasian so-called friends made an admission and joked about it at our parents' home after his memorial service in 2005. Instead of telling them to leave, my father reprimanded me by moderately restraining my defense in front of them and my mother.

  5. My brother told me that he was locked in the irradiation chamber of the newly built Cobalt based Irradiation Plant in Quakertown, PA while hired as a temporary worker. His coworkers locked him in the irradiation chamber. The local community used this incident to call both of us terrorists. Our father was on the planning commission that approved the irradiation plant. I feel that my father played this sick game repeatedly by denouncing me as his family member, and other people took it as an invitation to attack me for lying about my parentage. My brother showed me his painful skin damage from when his coworkers locked him in the irradiation chamber and irradiated him. Additionally, he lined his last apartment room with lead sheeting due to a significant amount of interference signal that affected his music equipment noticeably.

I have made public that I am the niece of a Takenaka Corporation founding family member and executive related to steel commodities procurement with the Takenaka Corporation of Japan. I was informed by my mother, while she was still a Japanese national, of the ill intentions of the United States actors due to my particular family relation in Japan. The Takenaka Corporation is a frequent target of the criminal, multi-national Yakuza syndicates network in Japan. I was made aware at a very young age that the USA had intentions to use, take my life, identity to further the infiltration of my family in Japan's security.

Defamation campaigns I endured in the USA include perpetrators calling me Yakuza.

I declare under the laws of the United States and the State of America that to the best of my knowledge and belief the information herein is true, correct, and complete.

Executed this 26 day of December, 2020.

Signature ____

Name _Angela Meredith Kneale________________

_162 Axehandle Rd.__ _______________________

City ___Quakertown__ State ___PA_____ Zip_18951


State of __________________________

County of ________________________

Subscribed and sworn to (or affirmed) before me on this _____ day of _December, 2020

by _________________________________________________________________________

proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence to be the person(s) who appeared before me.


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