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Monday, October 24, 2016

Japan perspective

This is my perspective from the East Coast where the competition for the "normal America" that is not saturated with Asian culture like West Coast business dynamics.

1. Another issue for Japan's public perception is online and in English. The constant historical banter & speculation that is published to the public as random internet address links within political and military articles.  A slippery slope appears to be aimed at taking the ground out from under Japan  since the overall balance of wartime articles is heavy in comparison with other nations globally. Such a stack of vague Japan militaristic knowledge affects modern perceptions and interactions in the political arena and business environment. The articles are aimed at emotional justification for causing economic and socio-political damage to Japanese abroad in the USA and NY City (a crucial global business environment). Ground level talks that have resolved are difficult to find in the internet haystack about international issues involving comfort women, and past war time atrocities in other nations aside from Japan. At UNESCO, a globally comprehensive report to view the humanitarian and gender based issue of comfort women is not isolated to Japan alone.

2. WW3 looks more like USA/India/Korea VS. China/Russia/Japan 
The United States is responsible for endangering Japanese born nationals within the USA Homeland. The US has jeopardized and pushed out standard business and family safety for Japan in key areas from the US Homeland in county courts in small locales. Instead, the USA business elite has embraced the family presences of Korean nationals and Indian nationals in particular while collaborating to create a facade of Japanese business relationship to the US public. In fact, most of the Korean & Indian linked business presence on the East Coast is aimed at destroying the Japanese image and presence in the larger US public at the ground level.

In the past decade and a half, before the talks of TPP vs. ASEAN;- it was more common to find micro level business & friendships between Japanese and Chinese within the USA homeland. There is still a huge lack of respect from the Korean and Indian communities/neighborhoods towards Japan in the USA. Of course this disrespect is only carried out politically with the help of the usual in charge USA white majority (that includes anyone of European descent who appears more caucasian). The dual national Israelis nearly top the list of foreigners pouring on sexual violence on Japanese in the USA and have no positive ASEAN interest.

3. The TPP vs the ASEAN allies.
The Philippines is going through growing pains with the rebuilding of their nation's infrastructure. Some new choices can be made, and so rebuilding seems to take on a plan-of-action that needs to be in line with the complete failure of the TPP, once promoted by their greatest ally. The past weeks have pressed the TPP issue to a new edge with 2017's USA Presidency to be a voided agreement. Donald Trump touted a revision of NAFTA/GATT from the 90's, while Hillary Clinton directly stood opposed to carrying the TPP torch. Neither US Presidential candidate shows intention of successful completion of the TPP. The ASEAN allies may be going through expected growing pains, arguments, to secure its trade routes and boundaries that the USA once considered crucial to its future survival and growth. This does not mean an internal War is imminent.  

Sunday, October 23, 2016

perspective: Japan

Japan's citizens pulled through the worst of two nuclear bombings by the United States of America, WITHOUT being a Christian Based nation.

However, the United States views the selfless omiyage culture as a pivotal point of spite. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

USA Homeland security

They have had some unsavoury conversations I overheard. And not surprising from the Hawaii Dock crews and Police.
I've heard USA Homeland security speaking of  deporting women and children where they can make money,- as a legitimate form of sex trafficking. And whether deportation is warranted or not.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

USA Business for Japanese relation

  • Recommend Japan limit USA tourist spending to Vacation packages and meals.
  • I have been experiencing heightened violence from some USA citizens with particular hatred of JAPAN. And, there has not been ANY assistance from the USA government programs.

The USA has not given anything to support business for ABAC size or larger.
Rather, since 1996, there has been direct interference with my personal life from the Clinton Boys as well as the Bush business elite. This includes, directly preventing me from leaving the USA to return to my home Country of Japan after completing college. In Hawaii 2009+ I was met at the Honolulu airport by a member of Obama's local Hawaiian secret services team;- He prevented my vacation on my own terms and returning to my life. Local Honolulu police department cooperated with him and guaranteed my abduction.

They, meaning the higher level individuals; - committed identity theft and destroyed my financial integrity as well as much of my work integrity (as I am unable to return to work on the mainland).
Since I have been in Hawaii;- I have attempted to document the issues that the Americans/ US GI's/ and Other USA citizens have created to cause more political rifts with Japan.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Things I think Japan should do @ civilian level immediately:-
1. Arrest and imprison, if not sentence to death, all foreign sex traffickers & pimps. 
2. Deport all foreign USA sex workers & night industry workers
3. Close all USA subsidised & or government funded corporate offices.
4. Refuse landing, docking, refuelling & entry to American vessels and military aircraft. 
5. UsA military fleet  must stay a minimum of 242km offshore Japan.
6. Stop spending in USA - for vacations & holiday.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hawaii security Issues

The Hawaii community, including individuals who may be regular salaried or hourly employees at DoE, Homeland Security, Federal agents, and US Military;- have been harassing and coercing me into positions that they think are detrimental to EX-IM with outside countries. In my opinion these individuals are working to undermine overall USA security. And, they deliberately endanger my life. 
They have taken actions to "cover up" abducting me as well as what would be normally perceived as attempted murder charges due to the existence of the art called "martial arts". I feel this is inappropriate for the well bein of the USA, and that no art form in security or combatives, legal or illegal, is beneficial to peaceable international trade and security agreements.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Stolen identity & USA Yakuza gang

3  people have approached me claiming that they are my brother. One of them, I have already had issues with and had military involvement for Intelligence investigation as he works for DoE & secret services as a combat trainer and has voiced how the American-Asian gangs always want to hire him. I think that they did, as I also wrote to Israel and they responded that he is not an instructor listed with them as IKMF.
I'm very concerned, also for my life and further issues from these Americans, who may be yakuza gangsters or connected to some other Asian based crime gang.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I think I got toxic mold @ my lungs

I'm coughing like I have pneumonia, but my allergies and chemical sensitivity is off the chart. Yesterday, I went to Aldo's at ala Moana, I went to pay for purchase and I was dying in the time to get the payment to the cashier. My throat started to close, my eyes started to water and burn. I felt like I could die standing there. 
My Bad ::: I ate grain & carb loaded  for about a week+. So this is what I get. Harsh punishment.

Monday, October 10, 2016

One Thing

One thing that I have noticed in the European and American special interest and community groups, as well as spiritual places to worship;- is that the Japanese are outnumbered by the huge numbers of Koreans, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian and other Asiatic groups. This give Japan a very very fine line of measure as the discrimination is not just about the country the Asian person of descent or racial group. It is very much about the Caucasian, African-American, Latino, and other European & Americans lumping the totality of Asians together as One representational group.
What I have found, is that Japan carries a fake sense of prestige that is disrespected by many Caucasian- Americans, and Europeans. They disrespect it because the "human slave power" is low in numbers. So, many of them use Japan for the money they would not be able to obtain safely in their home countries in a similar way. Japan has little to no human power, and is viewed as no longer having a backbone or strength of unified national image.
Even here in Hawaii, there are latina women who whiten their skin, and while younger and not putting on the typical weight of an elder woman in her 30's;- they pass themselves as Japanese to the American European crowd. Obviously this is a different type of impression management to the international community that can later effect opinions. 

Friday, October 07, 2016

Another day back at work downtown

So, this morning my Bank check card that I rarely use and headphones are MIA. Guessing someone took em from my bag last night. 
Theft...again, annoyed

Thursday, October 06, 2016

A pure white face with light eyes ALien

Today, a reflection of a being looking at me with a large eye about 8" long and light golden yellow colored. Has sparse white lashes and white covering not skin, nor feathers, not hairs on the the face but some combination of all? Serene, calm, Beautiful energy.

GMO eggplant is a pesticide

So, if GMO eggplant engineered as an ingredient to make a pesticide;- then why is it put back into the human food supply?
The genetically modified nightshade plant , eggplant, is even more toxic to humans than it used to be.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

McT oil eats plastic shaker

This morning I put McT oil in my shaker cup to add to my morning Americano. 
See green globs in the photo below-- Just 10 min and the shaker is being dissolved by the McT oil. yikes!!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

TBA: Honolulu, Philadelphia, Toronto screenings in November 2016

This independent documentary film will premiere on Oct. 4th at the Vancouver International Film Festival. I think I made a donation to help support this film back in 2012? So, anywhoo...I'm stoked that this film is making it's debut. It is already a difficult feat to contend the waves of of single race socio-political walls that can crush individual mixed-race personalities. I've already been personally grappling with the issues revolving around predominantly single-race Independent Asian Culture film makers. Now, here's part of the medical reason shared in a ground-breaking Mixed-Race film by a mixed-race filmmaker Jeff Chiba Stearns and his crew. Please share!!!  

Mixed Match

Monday, September 26, 2016

2 chain programming

Since June/July 2016 (3mos) 
Tree image (below) drawn or hand painted elementary teacher style, on walls  indicator of chain programming.
3 different homes connected to people who work at or frequent busy night clubs on Oahu. 
One seems single and random people friends one day put a tree on their living room wall. One is married and family put a similar looking "tree" without leaves (ioW not too attractive) approximately same size on a living room wall. The third one is is more composed.
They had prior history in drug dealing and supposedly were lifted out of that life by US military or US Hollywood. seem to have Delta altars of some sort.

2 chain programming

Since June/July 2016 (3mos) 
Tree image on walls  indicator of chain programming. 2 different homes connected to people who both work at or frequent busy night clubs on Oahu. 
One seems single and random people friends one day put a tree on their living room wall. One is married and family put a similar looking "tree" without leaves (ioW not too attractive) approximately same size on a living room wall.
Both had prior history in drug dealing and supposedly were lifted out of that life by US military or US Hollywood. Both seem to have Delta altars of some sort.

Differences MK Delta to MK Uktra

There seems to be a generational difference that is noticible between the more recent and natural MK Ultra and the drug submerged MK DELTAs.
The MK Deltas seem to have had more active and criminal past in drug use and distribution. They seem more accustomed to the doors being held open for them and their indulgences met as long as they complied. Some MK Deltas did literally go insane with the LSD and or PCP taking them to a restful suicide. Others survived the drugs and programming with proud stories to tell. 

MK Ultra isn't the same, at least not from my perspective. MK ultra isn't just about  the loud, willing, and compliant slew of USA monarch celebrities who draw public sympathy. Some lesser known MK Ultra subjects have been groomed for civilian Intel collection and have family profiles with clout outside the USA. Some of these MK Ultra types have been put through the Alice protocol. I know this one is in my past, definately. 
One unique feature of the Alice protocol is the use of the MK subject's mother in administering physical abuse. I am uncertain how many Mind Kontrol protocols use the mother rather than another adult. Sometimes the mother is also a victim having undergone Nazi-like surgeries to disturb the brain stem. Some cases, the mother is left the widow of an intelligence agent. The violence the mother inflicts is more psychologically binding a relationship than normal. And, the Alice protocol inflicts and exposes its subjects to timed deaths of companion animals, loved ones, and many other atrocities against human rights. There were only two paths to succeed the Alice protocol. The most common and expected path was for the Alice protocol subject to die from inflicted physical injuries, or by suicide from depression of continual and regular assaults. The other is that the MK subject is able to overcome the emotional and mental states of the assaults and to attain a hyper-vigilante persona. And even if this hyper-vigilante persona is achieved past puberty, a resulting factor with the Alice protocol is a suicide command at age 26 or 27 for some. 

China Closer to an Attack on Japan

Yesterday, Sunday the 25th of September;- China deployed military attack drill near Okinawa.
Message I received directly last night before I posted 12:11AM on the 26th August.

Aug/September Stargate dream

Representation of Red-White inter-dimensional being. (all I had was a green pen--orange didn't work)
Should Have legs and arms the same lengths, and the skin covering is high contrast red and white almost like seeing all the muscle fibers yet the surface is hardened like a skin. The face is the same way. With dark eyes and no pupils.  was in a racer starting stance with hands on ground.
In a location not far from and beneath an old stargate I used frequently in childhood. 
I first became aware of this being 1.5 years ago. 
This past month, I was able to see the being in entirety (body)
"I'll run with you"

Nuclear war Ww3

Message I just received:- "We are closer to a first attack than anyone thinks." "The second attack will be some months..."

This will affect the human species timeline. 
We humans may revert to a genetic state closer to opossum or "rat" that our original DNA mimicked by 99%...making bipedal humans only 1% different. Amphibious genes may be contained in a  total mutation to create our human species successors.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Mineral/Crystal activation Aug. 24, 2016

Yesterday, I attended Veg Fest in honolulu.
My mineral/crystal that houses/housed an interdimensional being was
vibrating like crazy in my bag. No, it wasn't a vibrator. In fact, there was NOTHING with batteries or electric charge in my bag. The crystal/mineral went off 2x that was extremely noticeable.
1x was somewhere between 2- 3pm Hawaii Time, when I was in line for a cup of Vegan coffee.
And, at the same time my bag started vibrating with the mineral/crystal got going, a small dog someone was holding a few feet away started barking while looking at me.
The second time, between 3-4pm Hawaii Time, I was standing near several clear quartz crystals;- and my mineral/crystal vibrated strong again. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Why Racism is an inbred battle.

In comparison to my numerous HVR1 mutations, 98% of the World has Inbred classic Homo Sapiens. It's no wonder I'm single and physically repulsed by most humans;- though I try to be accepting (I am genetically overwhelmed) The numbers on the Global population have been done for at least the next generation.
And, the majority of humans on the planet have an average of 4 HVR1 mutations. This number is offset by those of us, including yours truly, who are categorized as another Humanoid species;- We possess over 8 HVR1 mutations which puts us at over 80-90% different than the average 4 HVR. A person with 8+ HVR1 mutations is in the 5% of the entire human genus on the planet. And, since we aren't an example of the most common human, scientists have denoted us as another species. So it's safe to say that a healthy & modern, not inbred, human being of the last species on the planet has between 6-8 HVR1 mutations. This describes a human who is hypothetically, not inbred after 100,000 years of the last human species.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Stillwater, meditation

My glyph from the Stargate; - brought back from my U. Mind Stillwater meditation

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Protein powder in Ketchup/mustard bottle

So, I can't find a good way to keep my protein powder easy to dispense without doing a little work. The old skool red or yellow ketchup and mustard bottles are handy to put powder in and put a few Squeezes, through the wide enough nozzle, and into my coffee or ice water.
I got one 1/2 size (not so tall) and clear to carry around my organic cacao powder.
Looks like I need a bigger one for my Protein Powder.( currently Vega Sport performance protein) 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

2009 abduction charges

NI am still unable to safely report my abduction in 2009 by a federal agent who was aided by other Mililani security officers and Honolulu police department officers, who refused to take a report from me in May 2009. They knowingly took political and financial actions against me and forced me to comply or be murdred.
My situation in the USA has gotten more complex and damaging to my EXIM role due to the actions of these USA officers and agents. Sexual harassment charges are the lesser charge.
I have been unable to knowingly make a safe report to HPD or any law enforcement on island of Oahu. Their continued harassment as well as possibly related thefts of my documentation have made this more difficult on the small island of Oahu.