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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

DHS? listening to Prior phone calls

Can hear DHS & man listening to recordings of my previous phone converstion with my friend/landlord who I live with. In Waikiki. They're on the sidewalk or nearby.
Super invasive and annoying.
Looks like a nightmare. 
Feels like they're going to kill me.

Monday, January 16, 2017

EXIM bank closes for Trump?

If the EXIM bank is shut down, will there be a USA export market? Canada & Mexico cannot rival the magnitude of re-negotiating with Asia, almost in entirety. 
Does Trump plan to purchase Japanese Steel in quantities enough to rebuild decaying infrastructures set in place from the 1920's? It's difficult to see such a huge overhaul in this manner. I wonder if he would have his ex-companies self I sure shipments just to own stake in all land/underground infrastructure overhauls.
It has been planned well before Bush's win in early 2001. That 9-11 was staged by their private security companies by trading on the Public stock exchanges.
Now, with the migration south mostly over, I sit and wonder if Trump is taking on bankruptcy for USA national debt resolution. Not exactly a reset.
Or, will there be a outright backlash on the USA public by outsourced military police?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Reason I have not spoken about MK Stargate

Though I cannot prove that there is any correlation to the MK Ultra or MK Search & Stargate programs run by the CIA to my life;- I can list several "coincidences" amidst the flurry of attacks that my parents and I are aware of upon my life directly in the USA. My parents have, for many years, encouraged to sue me and complicate my life so that I cannot find work by the participating organization

Dual Nationalities, Pennsylvania women are cattle legalities, Easy access by programmers till 2009+
  • I & my brother were born a dual-national of Japan & USA
  • My mother was a Japanese National citizen at the time of my birth and did not become a USA citizen until well after Japanese Nationality jus sanguis requirements changed in 1986. 
  • My father was USAF OSI warrant officer for a 4 year enlistment with ATS (Above Top Secret) clearance. He was not declassified until 2001.
  • My mother's family still today are Japanese Nationalists with involvement in Japanese National Security. To my knowledge, my mother was not issued a Diplomatic Passport for appearances of any peaceful mission to the USA post Hiroshima. In fact, while attempting to obtain my mother's records with parental permission for SBA use;- the DHS claimed no knowledge of my mother in the USA database.
  • I grew up, to my memory, in Rural Quakertown, PA in Richlandtownship
  • Our multigenerational family home was located appx 1.2 miles from the Rosacrucians Ceremonial Grounds on Clymer Road.
  • For my higher education at age 17, I was sent to Ithaca, NY and my parents had no legal requirement to remain present in my life after my 18th Birthday. I was sexually assaulted frequently at the private College "Experimental Co-ed  dormitory" before my 18th birthday. I was relocated late into my 2nd semester to a normal dormitory. I also had to beg for my parents to intervene as I became extremely ill on the dining hall food. My "alice" vigilante altar manifested as I formed an Animal Rights organization on the Campus. It took me over 7 years to complete my undergraduate degree at the College. Due to poor grades I was unable to transfer to any other institution to get away from the situation. In contrast to Ithaca, I was able to achieve a 3.86-4.0 for coursework in the Western Conference Universities 1996 & 2004.
  • 1993-10/1996 My college boyfriend I met in Music school, was D.R. Hauptli and I broke up despite most people expecting us to marry. 
  • 10/26/1996 - My suicide programming took hold at an animal rights protest as non-violent action, a friend saved my life and my body from being critically damaged.
  • 10/30/1996 Still on crutches from the suicide programming trauma, I met my partner/boyfriend for the next 9 years. Over the holidays introduced me to his business family which included several Clinton Boys and threatened to kill me if I left the relationship, due to the security of his business family identity. Some of his friends included owners of American heritage type business families and Founding family member of USA based private security company.
  • 1999-2000 was taken to Sarasota, Florida where I met late Joe Elkes, M.D. while I lived with Sally Lucke for a brief time prior to working for 2 different companies & directly for original founder of Peoplesoft.   
  •  8/2000 - I returned to Quakertown, PA and taught piano for 2-3 years in Doylestown, PA and Central/Lower Bucks county as well as commuting to Ithaca, NY where I had a home & worked with my partner/ boyfriend.
  • 200I had for most of our relationship till the company was founded. He controlled all of my money, and did not have my financial best interest in mind. It took me until 2007 to leave him.
  • 12/2002 - Abducted by Todd Hawthorne of Oregon & Tina Kim - Locked in basement at the home of Tina Kim then a WB17 news reporter with ties to North Korea.
  • 1/2007- 3/2007 trip/stays @ Washington, DC, Langley, Va, and Baie Finn, ON, CA. - this was official split from my 9 year relationship.
  • 1/2005 -2/2005 - Trip to Thailand with K. Gesslein - Business recon after Tsunami 
  • 5/2005  - Death of my brother @ 27.  "suicide programming" forced by his Valley Precision employer/owner directly connected to the Rosacrucians.
  • 2006 - Buckingham, PA - Abducted by James Brasted & Knight Engineering @ Ernie Knight's empty apt for appx 1week, I was subsequently stalked and harassed under death threat.Police rescued me/ intervened but did not pursue charges. I had been hired to work for the engineering office through a Doylestown, PA based temporary agency. I was later abducted by the employer and assaulted repeatedly aside from the engineer who lost his mind spilling his guts for faulty drainage plans & payoff from Toll Brothers that in total compromise the Delaware Dam integrity. 
  • late 2005/06 - returned to Ithaca, NY with assistance from Tibetan govt. in exile.
  • 2/2009 -  

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Russia into Plowshares

Does Russia really have an enemy?

My Spiritual Perceptions

The spirit world is much like a tree in relation to our human physical reality. As Above, so below.
The spirit world and our  human conciousness can interact due to frequencies Hz.
One of the things that I have noticed with the  frequency of filming in the digital age is the number of dark matter spirits over light matter. Neither of these should be immediately perceived as having a negative attribute in our Physical Human reality. Even instances of attribute called demonic posession should not be considered "evil".
 My personal experiences since I have had some near death experiences have a different interpretation of these spirit, Djinn, entities. And, they and their interactions with us in Human physical reality should be treated more like a friendly match of grappling is perceived in a martial arts dojo.
Some, in Japanese culture consider the spiritual realm a place of training in and of itself.
In other conciouness traditions, these instances are considered to be something the soul chose to encounter in this lifetime or the human soul is still in a learning process.
Even through meditation methods or with use of Tibetan Tanka painting, some entities have come through as a reminder to me that I am still in this Physical Human reality. One of my most intense experiences is from a day where I attended meditation at my neighborhod Tibetan Buddhist monastery and I meditated on a near death experience I had and the perception/mindstate I achieved in that instance. I had a perception that is difficult to explain of a dark matter entity that knocked me down on the sidewalk, and I actually tried to prevent this entity from knocking me down on the ground;- while the very loud resonant voice said to me "REMEMBER YOU ARE HERE."
The importance is not that these spirits, Djinn, Greys are to be Capitalized on.
The importance is that there are the innerworkings of what keeps the spiritual world in balance, each soul going and arriving with those they still have resonance.

This idea of something that horrifies people, makes one run away, makes one feel complete bliss and being identified as a malevolent or beneficient spirit needs to disappate. The purity or intensity of such a frequency that triggers an acknowledgement within the human physical form is just that, resonating a particular portion of the limited interactions as perceived by the human body and brain;- whether or not in the most healthy or ideal receptive state. So as the human experience is highly reactive to such frequency;- the human cannot determine the intent of such a frequency wave.
Human body reactive in such a frequency wave can move the human to take measures that instead, give more definition to the frequency;- much more as acknowledgement that has no retreival in such a containment as a Bardo.

In cases of "spiritual haunting" the frequency wave form can be utilized against the masses as they have been preconditioned to some more immediate threat against their physical well being. They are reactive and will typically implement the preconceived survival reaction. Obviously, on any scale, this preconceived survival reaction has an omptimal crux, velocity, and strength. The least employed reaction is one of compassion, knowing personal strength, and allowance for conciousness or life or spirits in all forms to co-exist in and of their own capacity.

Spirits, Djinn, Greys - 

@Dark Forces

Friday, January 13, 2017

Hand of MK Ultra

The hand of MK Ultra, program us..
We have similar hands in the art of palm reading. Time to stop sharing otherwise.

Illuminati is officially Global Catch word

MK Ultra Super soldier Book in Pdf format at the following Link:  I reccomed this because the author breaks down the various "Illuminati" which has become a Global catch all to "secret society" just as the words Maffia/ Family Business, Gang/Unrelated persons organized crime. I believe that the misuse of the word Illuminati is purposely set forth to create more of a race war within the USA, and to encourage American civilians & military to attack ambassadors and other business elite from Japan, China, and other 1st World Nations. It has come to my attention since the USA enables 2nd & 3rd world country economies and their citizens from Asia to organize and attack those of us from 1st World Japan and China with more frequency. Or, as I was told by one person- the Rothschilds hate the Japanese and Asian dragon lineages.
excerpt starts on Page 11 of the PDF: http://supersoldierforum.ubbforum.com/fileSendAction/fcType/0/fcOid/369466719342656620/filePointer/369466719342656640/fodoid/369466719342656634/James%20Casbotl%20MI6%20-%20Buried%20alive.pdf

Also can be found in version at  site:   whale.to/ search James Casbolt Buried Alive

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Presidential Smear in Media

How is it that the ENTIRE Judiciary Branch of the Federal government has seemingly vanished?!
Were they shut down?
Trump's Twit and Tweet along with the entire Media smear tell me that the Judicial Branch has taken a much needed Vay-Kay for the next 4 years (and 2 months). The Judicial attorneys were supposed to PREVENT media and press coverage on (ESPECIALLY) Mr. President &/or MS. President.

Presidential Tycoon the APP
How does this newly elect surrender his Twitter app?  On camera, while taking the Presidential oath Mr. Trump will hand over his cell phone & mobile computers like a school child in elementary school? To ease his pain, a game app called Presidential Tycoon can be played.
  • The Presidential Tycoon app includes;- don't feed and take care of unrelated Americans to shove more money in your kids bank accounts.  Tapped relentlessly, Trump-doo birds flock above the White Jail House. 
  • Secret Russian Service agents can be bought for less than Obama-care payments to throw the entire Judicial branch and any Senate and house opposition into Mexican Wall building grunt work (along with their bank accounts).
  • Terrorist connex to rush to Presidential Tycoon's aid to pirate weapons shipments and liason payment to other governments who will sink US military vessels in the South China Sea and Sea of Japan.  Presidential Tycoon receives more money in military contractor secret bank accounts. 
  • Beware of the Presidential Tycoon when he sinks Manhattan. Blown infrastructure deal with terrorist cover up adds 20 Billion to his private stock held in escrow at an offshore bank account by the VLADIATOR.
  • Presidential Tycoon gets bonus points when he kicks puppies at his next visit with North Korean menace Kim Jong-leur


South China Islands- OMG

If it's anything to the Newly elect and his entourage, the other hemisphere is going to be able to get along just fine without USA intervention.

China & the South China sea are and should remain off limits to the USA. In fact, something that would help the world much more than USA military intervention is to simply TAKE AWAY 90% of credit cards belonging to US citizens. It might have helped to deter the consequental severe pollution that outsourcing USA managers and production though grants that was created in the 90's by a decade.

 I guess I have a sore spot since I can only compare that island situation to my entry to the APEC meeting Nov. 11, 2011 the day before Japan announced interest in the TPP that is now being bashed by Trump. I walked in between line of shooters with M-16's on one side of me aimed at the Chinese protestors on the other side of me for my arrival to the Symposium I attended. I held my breath for that walk through the door with eyes wide open. I'm EX-IM family expedable they say...yet i'm supposed to worry more about "terrorists?' really!? Are you all f'n kidding me?

I don't think that anything has changed in the past 6 years with USA/China, except now worsening.  I've been on warning due to number of Chinese supporters in the USA since some of my relatives were involved in Chinese war negotiations with Japan. The number of issues with US military personnel or contractors even DOE who resided in the State of Hawaii and side with China is Huge. President Elect Donald Trump is their cover for fear of legal punishment from Hillary's team;- mostly to move weapons illegally or legally is huge. Sadly, many of these men are minorities who were/are claim to be Obama's hand picked team, or the Creme de la creme of the Hawaiian islands maffia fight scene and special forces elite.

The other thing that bothers me, is that Trump's products were made in China. So, somewhere his hands must have gotten dirty in the midst of Terrorist bankrolling of Chinese businesses. That, is something I have a HUGE problem with. And then, his team wants to send in our US Military to mess with the non-terrorist Chinese with whom the USA didn't have a hostile military engagement with prior to Trump's office!? Seriously? Not moving Trump ties anymore, looks like a weapons deal (underhanded or not) that is going to further the next 4 years of what is left of USA democracy.

Obviously believe that Japan could get along better in Asia without the USA military influence, despite Japan's past military history in Asia. I do believe that USA is giving hope to people within Asia to be more riotous. I think that stand-alone purposeful USA fact is enough  

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Aqua-plantpod Hab wall- in supermarkets

2011 Vegilogi - Aqua-plantpod Hab Walls; aquaculture garden pod wall for grocery stores

Goal: Eliminate mass Shipping of conventionally grown leafy green produce.
Health goals;- provide non-irradiated food, limit range of travelling contaminants

Investigated Aqua-(pod) culture technology currently;-  For grocery stores/ Vegilogi Lifestyle Hab.

One thing that I have never liked, the amount of nutrition vs. amount of chemicals in transported with produce. The most pronounced thing in my mind as a vegan for the past 20 years is that the quality of more selective organic and chemical free meal replacement powder that need water or other liquid hydrator were nutritionally effective. The luxury of consuming plump lettuce leafs, and conventionally grown produce to constitute a salad with high water content & pesticide exposure has diminished in significance. This is aside from the need to adjust for a macro/micro-biotic lifestyle that is more congruent with one's environment by keeping plant species within their climate range and naturally occurring habitat. All to deter the need to ship such vegetables, and or fruits and their contaminants such as molds and small pests.

So, Vegilogi Aqua-plantpod Hab. does not seem that it would not work in several instances due to higher maintenance of cleaning what I see as a wall display. The perfect wall display would have  live, edible, hydroponic/aqua culture plants without soil contaminants being present and clean hoses and in event where mold occurs. At first seemed the aqua-pod wall seemed feasible due to sprayers over already picked produce. To be contaminant free from human touches it seems that the system would really need to be more contained with a pod vending conveyor belt. 

Ideally, if this weren't such a Dept. of Health issue;- the Aqua-plantpod walls could exist as a complete yet enclosed community garden or community agriculture projects supported from Solar energy to maintain pumps and temperatures. Existing community agriculture communities are generally privileged with acreage. However, part of the idea behind in store installation is to encourage Aqua-culture pods being used in elementary schools & communities across the globe as a way to take social responsibility in lower-income communities where children can learn how to eat healthy.

Another big part of the motivator is to bring fresh, clean, non-irradiated food back to the plate as a biological reset. Most all food shipments today are irradiated at some point in the process, or at least through the East Coast & Pennsylvania from my private sources. That may however, be negligible in comparison to current produce pile shopping style displays that can smell like mold from uncleaned quantity driven displays (ones noted at Langley, VA to Kailua, HI). The smaller Aquaculture plant pod wall designs should fit within refrigerated shipping container as a small display for vending POP.
  1.  The POP (point of purchase) should enable the consumer to take the plant home intact to plant in a soil based medium or to continue to live for consumption within a week of purchase. Print out basic instructions, receipt, app development for instruction, etc.
  2. Benefits to the store are a live, beautiful display of fresh edible greens. 

2011 Vegilogi Product Needs:
General Specs:
  • Aquaculture-pod wall fixture 6'-10' or 16'-20'- 2 options: 1. entire wall enclosed  or 2. not enclosed. 
    • conveyor system to work unenclosed wall to rotate for maintenance
    • enclosed system to have a dispenser & POP outlet for the pod(s)
    • easy access to remove flush/clean hoses running through aqua pods. 
    • employees or IC's who can maintain & restock Aqua-plantpod Hab wall(s) and have background. All vegetables/plants grown on site. - will require a time commitment for new growth. 
    • ie,. Butterhead lettuce, Oak leaf lettuce, Arugula, Herbs, possible sprouts,  Aqua-plantpods to contain plants that can be taken home as is and plugged into a compatible home system for growth, or removed from the pods for current consumption.

Deconstruct the Modern American Kitchen Refrigerator

When, I mean when is Tiger  or Samsung  or GE going to design a refrigerator for people like me who need a hydroponic watering system to keep our fresh herbs and greens more live?

Vegilogi Specialty Products Needed;
3 types of singles refrigerators
  • Vegan Live foods fridge with Hydroponic water system (with or without lights) for herbs and fresher greens, sprouting drawer/shelf, filtered water, seperate potato & root crop storage, no dairy storage, prepared salad pull out tray like a mini salad bar, and wine rack.  
i believe the following 2 would sell if designed properly;- 
  • Beer & Power/Protein/Granola bar fridge - maybe hold 1-2 bottles of wine
  • 2x Pizza boxes refrigerator or marinade ribs compartment with Beer & Powerbar storage with slush, ice & water dispenser, freezer bottle bar for vodka.
Long gone are the days of the American frontier Iceblock cellar dug into the earth and stocked with
large natural icecubes that slowly melt underground through the summer months. The modern refrigerator and it's glorified  ice box companion has staked it's way throughout North America, in nearly every home x2 or x3.

 I visited my friends over the years, and made note of the refrigerators, size, number, and stock. Most of them are single. Only one or two people living at the residence. Most of them have at least 2 refrigerators (fridge/freezer combo) or one Fridge and 1 Freezer.  From the East Coast to Hawaii - The average healthier, astute, busy profesional single man over 30yrs. old generally keeps beer in the fridge, with granola bars or power/protein bars- low maintenance, that's it & eats out. By 40's - Some singles, who do eat in and make mixed drinks & coffee at home keep gallon juices, milk or creamer, leftover pizza, and sometimes bacon.
Those in 20's or 1-2 a ploace with men who train/ hit the gym regularly seem to keep a more rounded and healthier diet than their restraunt going elders-  includes large containers of perishing premix salad & untouched fruits and grillable paleo food and BEER. Maybe this is what the men in their 30's figure out that those in their 20's haven't. Find a way to eat the grillables at a friend or neighbor's cause they are single anyway.

They seemed unlike me, at times sharing 1 kitchen with 4-5 people where we divided the refrigerator into personal sections like specialty sections of a supermarket cooler.  Or, in my Upstate NY vegan days- cooking for 3-20 people for potlucks, or so everyone could share the kitchen to potluck. Due to the lack of space, fresh veggies and refrigeration items were usually purchased the day of, or the night before cooking or salad building needed to happen. That way we would seek out our best veggie source and hit up the local farmers market asap as a first choice for ingredients. Any veggies and fresh herbs that could be kept out, went in a partially filled & sturdy glass of water close to a window.

The problem of personal Home kitchens is a huge environmental, health, and  one in most American homes. I no longer believe every home needs a fridge or 2 just to keep beer and sugary drinks, or a full kitchen for that matter.
  • Overuse of clean water to wash dishes & get really clean (no crud)
  • Waste of Food/ food animals due to undesirable cooked meals 
  • Continuous energy utilities use (appx $80/mo) in Hawaii to run refrigerator/freezer alone
  • Complex cooking appliances to aid cooking - cooking isn't basic anymore
    • use of mined metals increased
  • Unsanitary homes - accumulation of mold on used dishes & in refrigerators 
    • Contaminated foods stored in refrigerator affects all foods
    • results in wasted pots, pans, appliances (fridge)
    • metals are not meant to be like toilet paper
  • Fat Squirrel syndrome; - Unnecessary stockpiling & consumption of food 
    • it's not winter all year (in most places) 
    • no need to hibernate
  • Storage of high sugar & fatty sauces
    • Medical costs due to poor diets
    • Use of pharmeceuticals 

Green Paper - Private Shipping - Disaster Recovery vs. Old Grid living

my personal Notes: While going through some urbanesque (urban-like) survival, some environmental concerns do come to the forefront with Supply Chain. I want to see a less toxic personal home use supply chain that may succumb to extreme loss for a period of 80-100 years with global population growth.

For my private shipping Goals;- elimination of unnecessary weight in cargo
elimination of unnecessary product shipments while natural disasters ensue

Global Initiative Goal:  Make metals recycling of containers & appliances UNNECESSARY in public use.

Vegilogi's Goal: 
Eliminate use of metal cans & related mined materials for daily use food pantry item foods from the supply chain. Replace with least toxic storage option.
  • Shorten Product warehouse storage time on daily pantry items - 
    • Shorten Expiration and move product out of warehouse as "stock" mandatory 2 year minimum on warehouse stored product with 3.5-3.9 year total shelf life from production. 
    • Reduce warehouse storage time on unnecessary food items such as Candies to holding stock for less than 1.5 years
    • Increase warehouse storage facilities for survival goods in cans to 15+ years with more subsidies to warehouse canned food stocks.
  • Shorten Product to Retail Purchase
  • Change packaging for fish, meats, seafood, pet foods, soups - impress dehydrated foods as storage method. 
  • Refocus on hydration supply to re-hydrate such foods - Hydrators.
  • Can be interpreted as moving "healthy/ natural foods"
  • Increase reuse incentive of plastic containers that house dry goods;- supplement powders, grains, dehydrated edible plant matter & other protein based nutritional sources.
  • Promote shipment of personal water filtration bottles & reduce any canned hydration or recreational drink stocks.
  • Reduce number of personal kitchens with pots, pans, and metal cooking utensils. 
    • Reduce public sales of personal use/household metals
    • Increase disaster recovery stock of portable personal cooking burners (solar or gas @warehouse storage) 
      • note:# urban survival burner can: make a 30min heat sourced burner from tuna/pet food sized can with tightly rolled corrugated cardboard inside, minimal candle wax (prolong burn), and long burning wick to start.can be placed in a larger empty coffee can to warm things and trap some heat.
    • implement used/broken pot/pans & utensils collections to prevent landfill burial
The use of Cans - BPA-Free or not should be a "Survival Only item" rather than a storage method for daily pantry items that need short storage. Acid based foods that deteriorate packaging need to be reduced as well.  One of the most pertinent issues then becomes continual transport of non-hazmat goods and use of shipping systems geared towards transport of food/liquids. This is in part to reduce EX-IM liability of potential terrorist threats that could easily be hidden in metal container packaging.
I cannot insure the integrity of entire team that I would have to rely on. I have had to consider the requirements of the goods I would ship. I looked at the US GOVT as a model;- and their requirements are different and allow metal items to be shipped domestically & internationally as single packages with personal liability on the sender.
However, as a larger company;- I would not want to incur that liability of metal items being sent.
China & other nations that take actions against democracies, have engineered plastics to resemble weights, densities and textures of natural materials and also disguised toxins as food ingredients.
My focus has been to set the HULOTOXIGEN standard high. This lends itself to a perishable cargo or a cargo that is not haz-mat or chemically complex of human design. Use of mobile refrigeration container units and their storage could be employed across Grids as plug-ins and singular vending sites (with solar compatibility as a mandatory requirement).
To reduce the cost to the shipper and insure a sufficient number of the units, there needs to be a demand. Current American home kitchen standards do not support this type of business to exist with profitability to maneuver the current economic platform in North America. Globally, this type of business has potential to reach even more remote communities with a sufficient power supply;- even a solar converter, to provide the community with a weekly-bi-weekly fresh food source and cooking station for dry/ preserved foods.  

A more extreme viewpoint (or more living like a New Yorker) that I have concluded so as to develop my company values. I don't believe that every home deserves or needs what has become commercial/restaurant quality kitchen equipment in comparison to food standards from 70 years ago using most famous cookbooks from 1950's7 60's as a basis. The reality of old or uncleaned and thrown away kitchen appliances is the loss of metal resource and landfill space used.

Goal: Eliminate large personal kitchen appliances in private condo/homes
or America (specific): Government subsidies for kitchen appliance use & maintenance (purchase, utility, shipment) of large personal/family kitchen appliances to process & cook foods for families with children.
1. To reduce Shipping Insurance damages and loss of materials/goods
2. Redistribute cost of single person home appliances & depreciation (due to transience and unoccupied time) to support restaurant & convenience and vending services.
  •     Immediate cost of utilities also included in vending/ convenience store products
3. Kitchen square footage can be re-allocated to emergency shelter space without new construction (more for USA/Canada than Tokyo, Japan). Possible to implement Government payment or tax incentive for emergency shelter housing to participating homeowners.
4. Re-organize distribution of refrigeration units on the Grid - Small Convenience stores & grocery. - in power out, Grid power gone.
5. Re-train consumer habit of continual refrigeration for large quantities of sauces and condiments, the beer fridge, cold storage of "power/meal bars" includes installation of solar panels for pre-existing personal kitchen units.

2011 Vegilogi, LLC Product Needs:
  • Reusable &  plastic-flex see through packaging or bulk packaging for fresh or prepared food - oxygenated/ fresher needs to be reusable & strong for units. Vegetables/ Fruits requirements to be - 
    • Live enough to be taken out of the package at point of purchase
    • Stays fresh in H20/water for 3-5 days without any refrigeration.
  • contaminant free: wime barrel style to contain breakages (see through window) buoyancy

America Specific: 
USA refrigeration is mainly used for hydration, frozen veggies (that incur frostbite), desserts, sauces, beer, eggs, milk, Peanut butter, cheese, and incurs a large waste of fresh vegetables & fruits, breads, and luncheon meats & cheeses (speculative due to high volume of sandwich/sub/hoagie shops).
Even without a refrigeration unit in the personal home: Current  (not expired)  liquid  hydration/ Hydrators can be secured in aseptic packaging and reconstituted such as almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk. Non-vegan items could still include high-quality dehydrated eggs for omelettes, crepes, scrambled eggs for personal home use. Dehydrated eggs still serve as a protein source and would cook quickly over emergency burners on a downed grid. Traditional butter keeps out in a covered butter dish at a cooler room temperature and fresh oils could be used if there is still burner/ stove top cooking in the household with use of a thin pizza pan.

   2011 Vegilogi, LLC Product Needs*:  
  • high-quality dehydrated eggs (vegan equivalent)
  • Dehydrated Pepperonis (vegan possible?
  • Science adding oil to a dry parmesean style - mozzerella cheese type protein powder base (make stringy reconstitution) 
  • Spice packet for a dehydrated cauliflower or traditional crust
  • Dehydrated pizza sauce
  • Hydrators:- Requirements;- flavorful for addition to dehydrated proteins & foods, without refrigeration stays preserved in aeseptic packaging or other non-metal & contaminant free packaging.

 *Note: the above products should be able to be cooked on "basic" urban survival burner can
# urban survival burner can: make a 30min heat sourced burner from tuna/pet food sized can with tightly rolled corrugated cardboard inside, minimal candle wax (prolong burn), and long burning wick to start.can be placed in a larger empty coffee can to warm things and trap some heat.

Saturday, January 07, 2017

USA& Vietnam to replace Japan

Heard through grapevine that the USA cannot afford to maintain its security agreement with Japan. As recourse to Pentagon budget cuts, the USA will be making preparation to settle into Vietnam as a crucial Asian logistical & strategic move. 
The USA is not in support of TPP and Japanese business as of now.

Friday, December 30, 2016

DEc 2016 Update Hawaii Nightclub- Syndicate

Hawaii Night Club scene becoming increasingly unsafe 
The notorious Hawaii Syndicate and any related US military and US Military veterans are rampantly pushing cocaine in the open with Honolulu Liquor Commission seeming to turn a blind eye to any illegal activities as well as  and drug sales in their nightclubs. 
It has become unbearable to even attempt being in the Honolulu night scene for me. It's almost like it's a horribly flagrant  backlash to the Phillipine Dictator Duarte's executions of drug dealers. 
One nighttime patron, stated an EX-IM shipping accountant recounted the vast amounts of cocaine that the Dock workers/ Hawaii Syndicate bring in through Honolulu. Additionally, how that despite some bender partying, that drug tests for Shipping & EX-IM conveniently came up negative when tested for the drug during regular employee screenings. 
Additionally noted is the US military personnel have bragging rights to pay off the drug-test labs in exchange for a clean drug-test in order to maintain rank, security clearance, and employment. 
Granted, the night clubs have not shut down as they are maintained as "helping people in need" from all walks of life.
One anonomous person who is more familiar said;- Once the Hawaii Syndicate hates you, you won't be able to work or drink anywhere in Hawaii. 

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Reflection:- My Sakah line

The Americans are infatuated with the trivial monetary cost of Asian cultures. And, they hype as well as rave about those areas where they have spent time. To them, there is value in setting an American flag in their birthing in foreign lands, largely despite nationality laws, as a further American Spiritual war on the world. 
Today is The Christian Christmas Eve as I sit alone in Hawaii. I'm reflecting on the losses that I have incurred and on the sanctity of thought the infinite timeline gives me in knowing at some point in time, I became stateless with my Sakah genetics mixed with many Asian genetics. I always treated myself in the way that my DNA is a frequency modulator where I feel more in tune with others along my self contained person. 
Most Americans and their foreign contingents like to make a spectacle of their visual imagination and "race" impressions while making light of me as an individual. Very few Americans care to even engage me at a reasonable friendship level of conversation before delving into stereo types that their large egos need to have compliance with,- compliance from numb parties nearby.
So today, I further deepened my understanding of my role to my family and related DNA this life time.
I have a deeper appreciation of Asia, and Sakah-muni Buddha a genetically possible distant ancestry to my existance. 
I also understand: 
the volitility of the United States public and mass opinion. 
The carefully threaded sound/homonym type associations that splatter through USA media culture.
 How, the French impressionists Dada movement distorted the visual mass medium. Distorted it conciously so that modern race and human political issues can be admonished to a space for multiple realities rather than the actuality of the present plane.
How volatile adding information to an entire nation of Christians who like to believe a NaZi fantasy version of Jesus their savior, whose God is infinitely forgiving of all misdeeds.
How, US Americans who came from slavery mindsets, immigrant mindsets,&  lackadaisical White privledge only serves them to gain footing collectively of accessible mindsets for waging mental wars abroad and to bend the socio-economic game play interaction between nations.

It's difficult for me to believe that I am alone today. That I have humbled myself so much with the brutal US American and Hawaiian attitudes that want to own Asia. 
Yesterday I really thought about Buddha. How communist workers were used in China to make a toxic industry that supports the "American beer gut Buddha  who quells about owning the Asian spirit of a warrior deep within them. How Asia doesn't deserve to exist except as servants places well beneath their African-American counterparts. This mind reel that has come to my mental forefront only angers me. 
To be edited...fresh from the heart💔:this Sakah mix Asia Buddha protector with tears flowing freely.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hawaii through the door

The white dude, with the wisp of grey and the bomemiatic preference of a red and white flowered aloha shirt. He walked in with other sailing apparel accompanied by the staunchest of skinny white vegan conservatoires....a raw vegan restaurant! 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Chrysanthemums & Rose Petals for USS Langley - 75th Pearl Harbor

My personal hero, who took me to Philly lunch many weekends, Pearl Harbor Survivor remembered.
Yesterday, I made the trip to visit Pearl Harbor's Arizona Memorial and the USS Missouri.  I went, for my late "American Grandpa", who is my father's uncle. Since I am over 10 years younger than all of my cousins, I was like an only child on the weekends with him, his brother, mom, sister, and my the other hateful aunts that he instructed to "try to be nice to her" for as long as I could remember. Uncle Eddie, told me about that day at Pearl Harbor and his duty on the USS Langley gunner that avoided getting hit that day. And that he could only return to clean up while referring me to the framed full crew photograph on the wall of his Upper Darby home. So, yesterday December 7, 2016, I scattered the rose petals and yellow mums at the Arizona Memorial, heartfelt.

Despite Uncle Eddie being a gunner, having only two silver stars from Iwo Jima and the aftermath of Pearl Harbor. My mom, fearing for my life, let me go to lunch with him & to the candy shop. It was a regular weekend at great-grand mom's to hear the fight that he'd been through too much and should stay away from me (offensive names withheld).  Instead, he argued that he'd done the fighting so he could do what he wanted to do. My mom, being Japanese, was someone Uncle Eddie visited with and they would talk in our living room many Sundays. Later 2009, before I came to Hawaii;- he dropped off his Langley mission cards for me to check out. He also was the biggest motivating piano teacher in hindsight, since he "brought me up" not naive about my musical studies and shared his love of music with me.

Yesterday, I didn't know what to say to the living treasured Pearl Harbor Survivors. I remember Uncle Eddie telling me that, "Yeah they want me to come out there, but I don't, nah, dont wanna make the trip." It was like an indicator that he was always pressing to be forward thinking. I remember days he'd show up at the house from cleaning up 9-11 with the FDR hat on. He lived a life of service to the USA, even though he parted from the US Navy so long ago. I always was in awe of him and his inner strength.

I, being born a dual national of Japan and USA,  rarely received a gift of any kind (no graduation cards either) from my father's family members since they would fight and bicker  and cause headaches for Uncle Eddie because they hate me, even as a 6yr old. So I always felt that his time was more precious to me and my late brother. He'd give me a few bucks here and there where he could sneak it in and tell me to hang onto it. That, at this level, it was more individual healing and learning for past events as our interpersonal way of making amends. 
I hope, that there are more of us who choose to honor our fallen appropriately (like Uncle Eddie did every weekend). And, that we can move forward to make peace.

On December 7, 2016
I stopped by a local florist who gave rose petals and the mus to me for my visit. I am grateful for her kindness. The Arizona Memorial ticket was free. I did make some small purchases for momentos of the day since it has always been a family weekend topic in the USA. The box of Cracker Jacks I ate at the USS Missouri was the only one I saw, but it was expired by a couple weeks. Thanks to da Braddah for kamaaina water. 

Pearl Harbor Photos

Last time I was here on my Great Uncle's Funeral day...plus photo of my return to Japan & this morning Pearl Harbor flowers for my personal trip to Arizona

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Feng Shui & Christianity

Feng Shui in a Christian world, came up during my I visit to a local Honolulu Feng Shui Master's shop today. The Master mentioned something about bringing Feng Shui to the USA. I had inquired about the religion link to differnt Feng Shui practices and Schools.
In short, I boiled my experience of Christian Mindset on the East Coast to:
 Christianity = Infinate Vengful acts that are Infinately Forgiven by the Christian God & Jesus

This is quite different than having a Loving heart and Compassionate intents. As a 1st generation USA & Japanese citizen I learned cross culturally that Most American Christians don't translate Love and Compassion to anything they perceptibly interpret as not having "pure Christian origins."
The version of Christianity I was exposed to was inundated with an unsatiable vengance from Americans who hate Asia. Also, coupled with an infinate amount of Godly forgiveness for every destructive action the Christians take.

So, again, it seems that some things are ineffible & perpetually dumbfounding to me. 

2016-11-26 HH Living Buddha Lian-sheng Discourses "Money:" One Should Ta...

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Another death threat --ugh

They are saying that even African-Americans are planning to kill Japanese because they feel it would benefit Korea.
I have the send that whether these are people from within DOD or outsiders who do illegal business with Korean or Vietnamese  gangs;- that it is a death threat that has been directed towards me over the past 2.5weeks since the Trump win especially.

Beet Salad - with avo-basil dressing

Idea for a raw beet salad for 1 or scale to roast beets & pistachios then mix in raw blood orange and top with raw avocado-basil dressing. 

Raw or broiled beet/pistachio Salad
1.5 Tbsp Pistachios (chopped)
1 smaller Beet (diced)
1/2 Blood Orange peeled & sliced 

"Dressing" avo-basil - blend
1/4  avocado 
1 Tsp chiffonade sweet basil
1tsp McT oil
Natural sea Salt -to taste
Add plain almond milk to thin it

Make thicker dressing with avocado as base, chiffonade sweet basil, add McT oil , blend, add almond milk to thin dressing, after spooned on top of beet/pistachio/blood orange mixture add pinch of salt 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Hawaii Needs to rezone

Since before my 1st arrival in Honolulu Hawaii, the American capital of sex trafficking as one of my college mates reported for national new;-- Honolulu County still has over a dozen strip clubs and Asian style "buy me drinkie" bars within 2 miles of elementary and middle schools. It's already obvious to most on the mainland USA to steer possible sexual predators away from minors and schools. However, Honolulu Hawaii has no buffer for minors from transient sexual predators, and street prostitutes  who may visit or live on the the islands. It's a mish mash of adult world stacked on top of family life for many Honolulu islanders. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Viewpoint: Piano performances

 repost from July 24, 2011performerspiano.com by Angela M. Kneale


Where can you find a guide to "ground rules" of being a pianist? Do audiences today and interested persons have any idea of how difficult the actual work is to arrange a song, write a show, improvise to the atmosphere, or even accompany someone on a demanding duo? And then, most people take pianists to be inept business people and "too nice" so they will often times, in person, jerk you around with the conditions of your participation. Once a collegue of mine at a non-profit school (who hated me and was a female over 300lbs heavier than me) tried forcing me to play a show without paying me a deposit for my time. She even left a twenty dollar check from someone I never met on the floor for me to pick up behind her. Needless to say, I showed up to the event and asked her for the deposit check (a minimum of $130 for back then) and she said no she didn't have money for me from any of her 40 students. I walked out refusing to play since they were prepared with a boom box and recordings they were familiar with. Mind that there was no rehearsal. Alot of people, even collegues will try to bend you out of shape by soaking your time and running you into poverty when you could work on something more financially solid or even fun.  If they aren't your favorite person, don't do it. I had a collegue violinist then of the Philadelphia Orchestra who brought a technically demanding, modern and rare piano accompaniment to me just for fun. We rehearsed it within a week. After the rehearsal she said to me "I gave this to you because I knew you could do it faster than anyone." I was happy to take the compliment and hear the piece aloud for the first time. Unless the person is appreciating your music and artistry, make sure you impress that you work for pay and aren't the "minority" to be walked all over. The general public doesn't "appreciate" (depreciates) such things unless they invest in it. If so, leave and find better people who will appreciate your musicianship.
Here are some general guidelines that the average Classical music professional follows as soloist:
allow minimum of 3 months time to book:
  • Piano concert (for some musicians up to 1 year) $3000+ per concert
  • Live music for a Wedding and commisioned Wedding march ($250 to $6000 average-- Special:                                   if you want a celebrity like Elton John you'll need much much more!)
  • Background music for Parties of 1.5hrs to 3 hrs max ($250-$600+)
  • Accompanist for an entire Broadway show already written (price varies- compare to accompanist price below)
  • Professional commissioned works range from $500-$16000+ on average (for 1min to 25 min. of music)
One week to 3 months
  • Accompanist Pianist- $130  to $500 per song/piece - 1 rehersal plus performance 
  • Soloist Pianist- $50- $100+ per classical solo piano  piece (ie., at a church service)
  • Piano Instructor- $20 to $500/hr - Many good studios and schools expect a student to pay tuition and commit for a Quarter up front. This spares the instructor accountant fees and the student, wasted lesson time to collect funds rather than learn. Usually @ $20 the student and/or teacher are still trying to memorize where the keys are on the instrument. $100+ is a teacher more dedicated to creating a high quality recording artist or live performer. 
Note: The above rates are not meant to be non-profit rates, where schools typically use your name/talent for a profit for themselves entirely.  Non-profit schools are financially worse to join than being a church musician. Church musicians have some financial exceptions in the United States. Concerts given at churches are usually supported by a "cover charge" ranging from $5 to $50+ for the evening's concert.
And, as an accompanist, don't feel "bad" for your vocalist. They can pay you. Vocal coach/teachers today charge on between $50 to $500/hr. Any decent recording quality professional vocal teacher/coach will be $200+.