Sunday, July 14, 2019

Watching logan

So you steal their eyes you see what they see you've got every angle they see on me but it's mine

Called quantum quantum theory of mind

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

International Law & Legalities between HIC USA & Japan

Despite the High income Country classifications of both Japan & USA;- the USA and it's States of Pennsylvania & New York largely refused me legal right to report the following; assaults, abduction, rapes & many other human rights issues that forced me into destitution and homelessness. In fact, the United States & it's intelligence community, and some of its Military & it's actors have also made me an isolated, social outcast over my lifetime.
On these grounds collectively, they and the discriminating public treat me as a Japanese enemy of their Nation since birth. This is torture in every tier of my human development, not to feign my perceived torture of my mother & torture & state sanctioned murders of my 2 late siblings.
The USA and a sufficient number of it's actors & citizens have and still condemn me as a torture victim, whereas I am subject to perceived aleotoric violations of my human rights with Physical Financial, Societal, and Legal entrapment well within USA domestic borders. I feel that this is in violation of my US Constitutional Rights as  US born citizen by land and jus sanguis in order to reinforce that I am not actually a US citizen entitled to human rights even under International Declarations of Human Rights for the type of HICs I was born into dually USA & Japan. It seems the overriding issue for the United States itself was to torture me, and to torture my mother on Japanese Visa well until I was 15yrs of age.
Later, I learned that some, not all of the  torture I endured, fit into the macro structure of a CIA MKUltra protocol under "Alice in Wonderland" that was designed to suicide the torture victim or hinge the personality to a vigilante. The protocol itself included repeated sexual assaults over a long duration of time in order to normalize it. In USA this is not only "rape" but also statutory rape of a minor. It was not child trafficking from my perspective as I did not Witness any exchange of money. The heavy daily physical abuse I endured was not any type of martial arts program. In fact, when I attempted to defend myself or retaliate from the abuse with a single word, I was beaten till I stopped crying or blacked out. And, once I retaliated at age 14and was beaten till unconscious and was sent to school with half of my face black & blue. Since it was state sanctioned as many other freedom of speech violations occurred which prevented me from speaking to my mother or grandparents & cousins in Japanese over the phone or at home.
In anycase, Noone in the Pennsylvania community where I lived in Bucks County did anything to help me. They in fact were delighted that I was beaten up Japanese girl all of 5'2 and appx 108lbs.
I strongly feel and assert that at no point in time, I was considered an American citizen to my school teachers and that it was simply a farce so they could torture me. They also made the students patriotic by making fun of me and teaching my schoolmates that Japan and I am evil enemy that deserved death. This is well known from my time in US Cultures/History class in 9th/10th grade at high school.
Aside from this, FISA allowed my father who was veteran USAF & OSI which is USAF intelligence officer to justify my torture usually implicating my mother as she was the Non-US Citizen for most of my childhood. She was tortured also with invasive surgeries my father told me "destroyed her". Before these surgeries took place and I lost touch with the person/personality who was my caring mother;- she had told me that the USA was going to experiment on us. She also reminded me that I'm Japanese and should serve my Emporer, as well as telling me by age 4 that I would be raped by Americans and that I should suicide when I could not handle anymore. Those were my real instructions from my mother.

I am currently compiling my perspective with the reality of unenforced international laws between nations. This is with and without Japan's changed nationality laws and the fact that things have worsened for me with USA civilian & military population in interpersonal & court interactions from assaults made on me over the past 5 years.

Saturday, July 06, 2019

My parents in MKULTRA

I don't think the Japan community or the Japanese-Americans who are not "all Asian" understand where im at in my thinking or what I am fighting, let alone who.

My story begins with said "my biological parents" one Japanese woman on Visa to the USA from 1968-1990, before she naturalized as a disabled USA citizen after horrendous surgeries performed by a well known Philadelphia hospital.
My father, now a USAF Veteran & former intelligence & recon officer, told me she was "dead", when I was 6yrs old, in his evil altar. My brother was too little to know what ordeals I had with both of my parents till he was older and eventually forcibly suicided by a neighborhood conspiracy involving the Police department cover up 100% in 2005. I have been fighting my own parents who claimed that they need help yet have threatened to murder me and also blame me for the death of my brother in order to live comfortably into older age.

You see, they have always viewed me as 'property' as does the US intelligence community. I have 10 hvr1 mutations and am in .02% of the global human population. My biological parents claimed that "they" patented my genes when I was a child. This was what I was told in childhood well before the internet became public & gene patenting was a common news item. My biological parents personalities are not living, and very evil & contorted even back then. Especially at home for me. So, I was rarely allowed to have friends to be at the house of the rare friends I had made on my own.
Once in middle school, I had a friend over and it resulted in the Middle school principle making a foster care threat that would not have placed me with my grandparents or aunt's & uncle's in Japan or the USA. In fact due to FISA being new in 1978 when my grandparents & aunt visited from Japan;- my mother adopted a language probably from the US attorney of referring to her own family as "those people". It was a tactful step above being called mongrels for my grandparents & relatives from Japan, but not much of a step away from how they were referred to by my neighbors and community. In anycase, I sat at the principal's office and had to weigh out my options. I quickly questioned him and figured out I would be subjected to more unknown abuse from white supremacists who had already attacked my toddler brother & murdered my sister in 1970, a fact my mother brought me up knowing as a middle child toddler, before her heinous surgeries.
You see, my parents did the bidding of their handlers, lawyers, and occult friends in order to harm me. Both of my parents worked for USAF/ NASA as either intelligence operators &/or handling sensitive components.  They rarely acted of their own independent volition and followed a daily protocol of extreme physical abuse known as MKULTRA Alice (in Wonderland) protocol.
The protocol they still implement is & was designed to use me as an information mule, even in childhood. It is designed to break a person, meaning to force me to become a vigilante or suicide from the extreme abuses that are defined as torture even by Mossad. I was subject to this abuse daily for most of my life, In Addition to being ridiculed and physically abused at elementary & nursery school for my Japanese nationality;- by both students & teachers.

So this is another facet of my attempts at summarizing 40long years of abuse I endured in the USA. Futility though, I still seek the legalities that could potentially unravel this disaster. I expect restitution, however it may no longer be in normal orderly and social forms due to the lengthy stonewalling by USA local security & courts to expire statutes of limitations.

This is what I live for each day. Proving and fighting to show the world what USA I have experienced. My family has lived and been documented over 3000yrs of human history. The USA is a small percentage of that time in Earth's trade/ merchant history.

I forgave my parents, yet I cannot condone any of their continued willful or coerced actions against me.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Im Japanese-American Nisei AND ALSO VEGAN!!!

I'm beyond pissed off from the FISA monitoring since 1978. Every targeted individual & follower I have on social media knows this. I also had a long standing reputation as a vegan activist since the 90's.
I literally REFUSE to compromise and take work serving animals;- that is until I started working in April 2019 after returned to the East Coast in Sept. 2018.  So I'm pissed off at my employers, although they will hire me due to my ethnic background being "other". The catering work has me shuffling around the tortured & rotting flesh of God's creatures. They even went so far as to have me serve it up at Cornell graduation.
Granted when I can I dish out the vegan sandwiches, & more wilingly though not happy put out the vegetarian hypocrite food. So, can I call myself vegan since April? For the first time in over 30yrs?

So, the catered work is through a highly questionable to me temporary agency. Trump's racist following has ignited so many small businesses and others with a conflict of interest in hiring me. I also attended an international summit called APEC since I had consulted small businesses & had plans to start my own business (that got crushed under the racism invoked by theTPP that I DIDNT WRITE!)
So aside from seeking help from the vegan community in establishing parameters for vegans who cater in Ithaca. I'm faced with those who call themselves vegan yet are in full force cooking up animals for these wasteful events where large garbage containers for trash trucks are filled with cooked animal remnants after the largest of events.
For Shame!

So much of this angers me that I feel I don't have any choice but to quit.
Ithaca disappoints me on several levels. This one is the most unforgiveable to me. I get the racism, I got that a long time ago.
However they are piling on their opinions again of what makes one vegan. And, they do not HAVE any decent options in town.

That is aside from the social environment that is geared towards the partying staff smoking weed & whatever else. They intended to socially make working uncomfortable for me as an adult who needs to pass clearance checks to attend sometimes high security events.
It's entrapment again as a targeted individual. And, I've been researching enough to believe that the temporary agency is a perpetrator that controls my location & whereabouts by putting me on certain events in order to embarrass me internationally at these events. This means they are Masonic &/or CIA linked Deepstate.
I'm a freelancer who is seeking employment. I left the continental USA due to similar issues that became life threatening to me.

None of this agrees with me.
Plus of course they have all of my personal information that could wind up in the hands of new perpetrators.

Passive Personality Principal

While many European & USA courts have refused this international legal principal "passive personality principle";- I want to challenge it in the sense that
USA Capitalism and diplomacy have been at aimed at creating torture & trafficking victims in the upper echelons of immigration.
My life story is filled with my own testimony of being stonewalled by USA government to the local level, including the grade schools I attended in order to live without abuse & torture from USA. Both my brother & sister are dead, neither of natural causes.
The abuse I endured was a threat to even having my family & mother in my life. As the United States I experienced did not consider my Japanese immigrant mother or her Japanese family humans. So, I was thought of as less and was tortured by CIA protocols set forth at home & in the community. I was "offered" relief from the heavy daily abuse yet the foster care option did not include my return to Japan, to one of a handful of aunts and uncles or to my Japanese national grandparents.

I have also had to file police report of the murder of my sister in front of my mother at the Quakertown hospital after I found evidence of her burial in records at the cemetery.
It was a horror my Japanese national mother, still on Visa, shared with me until they took her away to do erroneous surgeries that rendered her disabled.

I have many horrific complaints I gathered through the course of my life. And I have fought for my life literally, in this world of Bildeberg influenced white Americans.

I have never experienced any good intentions towards me underlying their positive demeanor. It is reptoid mind cold blooded murder that they seek to mask.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Autoword psyop & surveillance virus

Auto word itself does not behave normally. And, my phone has had many updates to possibly change the words that are Psyops as Google suggests different videos and news from my "suggested or recommended" markings. When I input Harajuku the autoword today;- autoword re-spelled it to Hara jakku so I caught the oddity as no words in English even exist to be a correction.
I'm taking my 10min break to write this.
So Hara initiates my thinking of Harajuku
jakku is not an English word, yet phonetically alludes to mastrubation done by a male.

The autoword fought my trying to correct it back to Harajuku as in a Japanese town.
Finally corrected as I wanted to comment on a video about Harajuku girls removing makeup in public.
I am guessing it is CIA again with FISA monitoring.

American women here don't dress up and party in pretty ways. Many of them approach my life and Japanese culture with anger of USA military relatives in their hearts.
They are not pretty. They insult pretty women because they do not find joy in life that we live, unless they are doing intelligence operations against Japan.

I strongly dislike American women for this. They make fun of me as they encourage their groomed rapist men to attack me so that I live in poverty. The ratio of reported rape is 1report for every 16 actual rapes that occur. Then add in the fact that Police in Pennsylvania & New York refuse to take police reports in addition to the University & Private College campus security refusal.

One must understand the average American woman is pretty until age 30. And due to genetics & chemical deteriorating of white European genetics they become ugly and wrinkled by age 40.  So this makes them more vicious and hateful to people like me as a matter of how they actually are.

Sorry, this post is a but more than auto word. I have many comments to make on my experiences as a Hafu Nisei in America.
My experience is different and has had increased intensity of being tortured by USA intelligence agencies. As I stated before, they murdered my sister in front of my mother at the hospital as a form of torture while she was on Visa to the USA from Japan. In 2005 I was urged to expatriate from USA prior to being abducted & assualted in an empty  apartment for over a month& how they also suicided' my brother without investigation.
I have testimony to the contrary of my brother's suicide. However USA federal govt sees us as property. I have no choice except suicide to escape their continued torture. They stonewalled me & my mother so I could not make my nationality choice as I wanted Japan only.

Caught my interest: Architecture Books

"Space, Gender, and Urban Architecture" by Cyrus Vakili-Zad.
Isbn 978-1-63485-281-4
"Making Places for People", C.J. Coffin & J. Young

On the water Palisades bay, MoMA
Isbn 0-7506-597-2
Solar radiation and daylight models,(1997, 2004) by T. Muneer
Isbn 978-7-5618-3565-4
REPOSITIONING the relation between man and nature"
Tianjin University Press, 2010
"Rematerial from waste to architecture", Bahamon and Sanjines 2010

Architecture for Rapid Change & scarce resources by Sumuta Sinna, 2012; isbn 978-1-84971-116-6

22euros inGerman;- "Home Not Shelter! "
Gemeinsam leben statt getrennt woheben
--- Green Walls Green Roofs
Images publishing 2014
Isbn 978-1-86470-552-2
"Ultra Low Tech Architecture" ISBN 978-84-15223-34-4
Call number NA 2542.36.U48.2011
"The Sniper's Log, Architectural Chronicles of Generation X", by Alajandro Zaera-Polo, 2012, Princeton University School of Architecture isbn 978-84-92861-22-4
Architecture and Violence (essays) Edited by Bechir Kenzari publisher ACTAR; isbn 978-84-92861-73-6

"Sex And Buildings"
By Richard J. Williams. Publisher Reaction Books LTD, 2013
"Hypersexual City the provocation of Soft-Core Urbanism" by Nicole Kalms publisher Routledge;- pg 23 "Lavin criticizes..."& How heterosexism can be cloned reproductions
Published by Department of Architecture National University of Singapore 2015;  "Dementia Design Sourcebook" by Fung John CHYE
isbn 978-98109-6833-5 (hardcover)
"Architecture and the body, science & culture" edited by Kim Sexton
isbn 978-1-138-18882-2
Call number FINE NA 2542.4.A71815.2018
"Body, Memory, and Architecture", Kent C. Bloomer & Charles W. Moore
New Haven and London University Press 1977
Isbn 0-300-02139-9 (pbk.)

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

My life story;- saying good bye to USA for good reasons.

Facing my elderly parents, who "had me late' is, One of the saddest things I've had to endure about life in the USA.
I used to be hopeful everyday that things would improve. As a Nisei kid in a community devoid of Any Asians aside from Hapa kids like myself I was isolated.
I didn't have friends. Not at any respectable level to constitute a comfortable birthday party of 5.
In fact, my 9th birthday was the last party I had. It was my mom's white friends children who attended. They belittled and ridiculed my Asian-Japanese features and my father punished me for trying to stand up for myself. I will never forget that day as I hid behind the birds nest shrubs crying curled up on the mulch at my own birthday party.
My mother thought this was ok to support throughout my life.
So now it's 30yrs later and my parents are now more stubborn, violent, and rotten hearted to me than normal. And, it comes after I had to call in the death of my brother BEFORE I got to see his mangled head that morning. Later, I got to Hawaii and actually filled a police report about my sister being murdered in front of my mother prior to my birth. There are no statute of limitations on murder. Yet my father didn't report the incident. My mother was tortured and the community made her out to be a good slave they bossed around and therefore an acceptable 'stupid immigrant'.
My mother took great offense to everyone's comments but didn't want to return to Japan a looser.
I think she lost her mind along the way. She was tortured in a hospital. My USA father was delighted and horrible to me when she was in the hospital. It was something he seemed to take pleasure in. Yet once in a while he changed personality and tried to pretend to care in a heartfelt way.
It's now some 30yrs behind me and nothing about my father's intentions sits well with me. Nothing about his friendships & what he told me was appropriate.
I suppose, in retrospect, it makes me see why my expectations from white people are so low. I place their astute and affluent in the same category with violent felons & dirty homeless. None are trustworthy. They are all vile.
Even though I have had a few scant acqauintences remain in my life;- the bulk of my network is well outside the east coasters who are absolutely rotten in essence. The 'good ones' are people I can compare only to their protected gang rapists. Heed my warning that the United States than it is in a Muslim nation for me.
The USA covered up many heinous stories.
The white men who were 'good to me' in Hawaii don't act close to the same here. So please understand they are attempting to "butter up" the community on Oahu by their positive actions.
They only send the creepiest of creeps at me here in NY & PA. The types of men who do rape, stalk, & harm women as untouchables in their communities.
Except for me, my story will conclude soon. I simply am not up for another fight with these ugly men & their women who see me as a quiet victim. I swear it is because the women are more racist than anyone, as I have no good friends from College, University, or grade school.
I literally wasted my lifetime to document the reality behind the lies my mother told to keep a happy face.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

My Lifestyle;- Low Impact Living

I've spent 4+yrs cutting back on my personal footprint. I've honestly it to the point I'm on the edge of society.
Pushed my body and mind to be able to live the impossible; vegan-keto low impact with help of a world-class nutritionist & world class supplements.

Saving water & Earth in the future with widespead low impact living;- The majority would have to adopt my extreme diet. 2x body weight Water in ounces daily, 1/2lb salad, some nuts or tofu, rest is supplements for protein & fueling. Keto Vegan. I use 1 disposable paper cup a day, don't do dishes. Trying to find a way not to use plates or bowls. Just a pair of metal chopstix. Use wipes to wash face & reuse to clean surfaces. Don't have a home. Don't poo much. Don't shower much, yet love being in water enough. Use oils to clean & spray down with H20/ EO's after yoga/workout. Wash hair once in a while with shampoo & reuse shampoo on body. Mostly use oil to condition. Keep it that simple. Don't buy clothes that are too thick. Rinse & hang clothes. Looks live/sleep out of a small storage pod or vehicle with an air filter & solar charging & provides EM shielding. Has AC & heated seat/bed.
If u want to live, you go out and join the community. No use for multiple personally owned chairs and lounges.
My personal low impact living project.
It's not easy to do against the current mainstream;- but I did it for most of 4+yrs. Revised. And still going, despite societal pressure to "act normal" and wasteful.

Can you make your "daily trash/ waste stream" literally fit in a cup you drink out do you think of water?
After touring a Nuclear Submarine, I decided to do just that above ground.
After all, there are billions of humans taking liberties with the Earth while we kill each other for it's dwindling resources.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

worship earth

I worship your life
I make time for you
(My time is finite here)
I am grateful that you make time for me
Nurturing, compassion, love, & abundance
You say you worship me
Yet you have transcended finite time
For that, I am grateful.
May abu dance and pea e be steadfast on my journey with Earth

Saturday, June 01, 2019

No more bottled soap

Paper towels & biodegradable sponges & clothes & Fiber mops with soap, disinfects, ammonia,  dots

My ideas for reducing plastic bottles & waste. Cut down on chemicals

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Issues with legalities of parental neglect & statuatory rape as child trafficking

Unless a child is abducted, or a teenager;- there should be some charges of neglect put on parents & guardians in statuatory rape charges. There is heightened child trafficking today, and alot of deception by families to lure men with money.

This by no means is fair to anyone, particularly the child" who in manslaughter or a more "serious" charge might be tried as an adult.
However the Traffickers are generally abusive pimps advertising hurt and vulnerable people, regardless of sex & gender. How parents circumvent being charged with a base neglect is unbelievable.
Noone seems to question why a teenage child was in the situation if there are no abduction charges and a willing compliance.
So in this, I think there should be some scrutiny of the families the children reside with permanently.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Unregistered Diplomatic Mission

Whether Japan has had unregistered diplomatic mission or not.
My parents apparently have clearance to murder me & walk away free.
I arrived in Pennsylvania to receive 6 mos of mental & physical abuse from both of them. They have spent the past decade actively planning to murder me and pass lie detector tests by generating and role playing a false story about how I am there to murder them so they can murder me.

They have destroyed my income and credibility and also alerted the police to assist them to murder me.

They have lost all my trust currently. I have new burns, scars, damaged property, and a healing tendon from yet another surprise attack from behind intended to tear my arm from my socket & break my elbow 3months ago.

April 2019

I have been working at a new restaurant this past month, and in-between I have been able to brush up on my vocalizing and play piano to ready myself for any teaching job audition or other opportunity as piano faculty at music community schools. I haven't taught piano much since I closed my piano studio after I attended APEC 2011 and waited out the 5yr TPP decision process of the USA for the EXIM opportunity that had been extended to me from those in Japan & China & ASEAN related nations. My involvement was meant to be a civilian approach to prevent the long dead Air America (CIA tainted, USAF) deal my parents had been offered to do in the late 60's. It's not a blessing, rather a huge political quagmire of politics from Asia & the USA that literally puts my life in jeaporady. My Japanese relations already do business globally through the world's largest construction firm (founded by their family) with secure shipping lines through multiple nations which scrutinize the USA treatment of us. So, many privy Americans want to kill me to affect war politics, globally.

The USA has not been a reasonable place for me in my lifetime. I in fact, as a 12yr old did not want to be a USA citizen. The CIA/USAF learned that and interfered on every level of my ability to retain my Japanese born citizenship through my deciding nationality age of 21. USA rather promoted varying degrees of racism and humiliation of my person to impose their power and political statement to Japan post Hiroshima. Especially since I am the last living USA relation  niece of A Japan Steel Broker. Remember USA dropped the Abombs on Japan to eradicate Japan's Steel Industry. So, with the old USS Langley types on my USA family side;- I have endured 40+ years of abuse & CIA & other factions actively harming me at every juncture in my personal life. That is to say and includes my mother and father after she became a USA citizen in the late 1980's.

Back to the last Saturday of april 2019;- Since I'm not a performing singer, I went to grab a cup of coffee at my Alma Mater snack bar. Caffeine is a vocal chord taboo for those with exquisite classically trained operatic voices. I face the fact that my singing is a self driven motivation. And useful skill that improves my speaking voice. That is, despite  majority USA Americans' astonishment that this "brown thing", a "mud" (derogatory term for a mixed race person) they called me in elementary School in Bucks County, Pennsylvania speaks English. It's a very frustrating issue since I have had to tolerate such comments from certain German Europeans & USA whites amidst my daily activities prior to and apres my Attendance to rep the USA at the International Trade Summit hosted in Honolulu since I had worked with a variety of USA startups  in the decades prior to USA considering the TPP. Yes I'm sick of mentioning the TPP, Trans Pacific Pact that multiple nations signed to alleviate intertaxation aka Free Trade to alleviate steep Consumer Inflation. Yet, highly protested by many due to the packet of stipulations and attachments to the overall issue of industry specific manipulations of standards throughout the international supply chain. Things I had nothing to do with and are traumatic to me since my brother was suicided in 2005 by USA & Cheney's Cabal for varying reasons. He was found dead, 1st by my parents or the dog. His head blown apart by a sawed off shotgun without serial numbers, I was told. I was the one who called 9-11 hoping it was a matter that emergency services could resucitate before our family Akita inu showed me where his body lay face down. His brains a pile of mush on the ground. I think I screamed into 9-11 operators ear on the phone. This is my reality that one cares to hear. The police & ambulance arrived and cleaned up his splatter and harassed me angrily, asked ZERO questions and left with his body.  They view me as a mud too and added to my trauma by chasing me as if they were going to murder me. That was my 2005. For real. No one, not even my friends asked a question & I was also ostracized by Bucks County's elites who are loosely or tightly connected to various Intelligence agencies and legitimate, world renound, USA music traditions.
But, noone cares about me in a sufficient way, not even and especially not my own parents who were legally guided to be able to murder me without consequences in order to remain in Cheney's Cabal land. My life fell apart financially as they denied me services I had paid for for times like this through credit & banks. I was harassed, abducted, and assaulted heavily for 2 years after his death. The PA police prompted over 1/2 of the attacks on me and refused to take my reports.
Reality, my reality. It's only redundant in my writing.

So, anyway  2019 end of April, I got my cup of coffee early at the dining hall barely.  I had vocalized from 7:30-8:30AM long before most students & performers  might arrive for their weekend rehearsals. And I walked back inside the city blocks long covered hallway that joins multiple buildings on campus. Being an alumni,  I saw several event tables with refreshments set up for Saturday.
One table was actively staffed and the word "Feminists" jumped out at me from the plain B&W text sineage on a simple easel. It said "REGISTRATION" at the bottom when I skimmed it. So I inquired about the event, more as a way to see where current thinking is 2decades after my graduation . I saw the name of a woman who was involved in the comic book world's racial upheaval that impacted Hollywood's economy.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing on a simple text only, b&w, printed conference schedule. It was so humble. I thought that the 1/2 cup of  not so great dining hall coffee I had sipped at followed up by a closed mainstream coffee source was to blame.
Since it was sleeting outside I decided to attend. I had a close parking spot too so I was not eager to loose my spot since I have barely bones minimal gear/clothing for cold weather as I lived on Oahu for the past 10years for my own safety, till it became draining due to POTUS followers who started to actively campaign against & attack Asian-Americans on Oahu.

Yes, on Saturday the 27th of April 2019 I heard an hour live interview with Dr. Nnedi Okorafor. I did purchase a book in the long corridor to complete my alumni morning & personal survey of my undergraduate Alma mater. And I did stand in the line for her book signing period. I had alot I wanted to communicate, yet kept it short as she also acknowledged quite involved discussion material. I wanted to know if the African community has a similar Globalist language issue they speak about as the Asian Cinema directors discuss as an issue of sharing stories with USA's Hollywood. And, more...

Monday, March 25, 2019

My personal Help Story was submitted to Bruno COF

My personal Help Story was submitted  for an international publication.
The submission was made during my time as a Success Report Writer Helper with the Organization
So, it has likely been edited further

Angela M. (Kikuchi) Kneale
Honolulu Community, Hawaii, USA
December 7, 2017

Help with Photo

Paying Family Respect at Pearl Harbor 76th Anniversary

In case you want to verify if this is based on any factual information due to the unusual nature of
my personal story I am sharing; My Mother & Father are mentioned in the Obituary, as my

father is his nephew at www.

I woke up in the morning and was still sad from my great-uncle passing last year before the big
Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary. I went quietly on my own to the memorial with flowers for the
water. I did this in Hawaii the day of his funeral in Philadelphia and for the 75th Pearl Harbor
Anniversary since I could not afford to leave Hawaii. I was forced to move to Hawaii
unintended, in 2009 due to Government coercion. My great uncle served on the USS
Langley during World War 2 and was on its skeleton crew as a gunner the day Pearl Harbor
was bombed by Japanese forces. My Father was USAF OSI from a normal Philadelphia family.
My mother was a Japanese National until the late 80’s. I grew up in Quakertown, PA where my
we lived with my Philadelphian Great-grandmother, singer & voice teacher, until she passed. I
saw my Uncle Eddie almost every weekend before and after I attended college. Uncle Eddie
doubled as my USA grandfather since I never met my Grandfather on the USA family side.
As a kid, Uncle Eddie stood up for me to my Japan hating great-grandma and great-aunts. He
stood between those in my dad’s family who attacked me since birth. And he let me be a kid
taking me out for candy & Philly cheesesteaks before I had to go vegan. He didn’t spoil me like
my cousins or even give me graduation present, but he helped me through my life as a dual
national Japan-USA kid.
Uncle Eddie provided a political buffer for me through my adulthood. And a buffer in my mind to
handle USA kids & community members who abused me at School, Church, and at Piano
classes. Under teacher supervision I’d was beaten up at school regularly by groups of girls at
recess and racially taunted by boys since I was a kindergarten kid at the front of the bus line.
The Bucks County families who hated me and my family were “fake” to me in a sense of actual
USA patriotism.
Uncle Eddie remind me on weekends that I know what REAL is. He’d say, “Angie, hey
you know what real is, you’re looking at it.” He made sure I always knew that he was a
Real guy who fought the Real battles, Pearl Harbor and Iwo Jima. In 2009 before I
departed for my Hawaii vacation he stopped by and left his real mission cards for me to
see. I learned he had 8 bronze stars and 2 silver stars from Iwo Jima and his service on
the USS Langley.
Lethargic the morning of December 7, 2016, I didn’t get up and go to Pearl Harbor at 6:30AM to
wait in line & pay my respects with flowers. I also waited ALL day before I decided I should go.

And, I forgot how bad traffic is, horrendous. I did not have time or flowers (or much cash on me).
I had barely 20 minutes by the time I started praying hard. I searched my mind, I had Bruno
Groening’s photo on my car’s visor and pleaded for help. This is a normally impossible scenario
to complete at 4:30PM on Nimitz Hwy with the Arizona Memorial closing at 5PM. I pulled into
the airport lei stand and its owner immediately asked me what I wanted and dropped the price
considerably for three lei and gave me an extra lei. I had 4 beautiful lei for the Memorial. I asked
God to bless her! A shut down construction lane made traffic stand still. I was praying the whole
way and I actually got over 2 lanes with cars leaving more than enough space for me to drive
around the long way, driving through the town to the right, making a circle back to the opposing
lane to drive to Pearl Harbor memorial entrance.
When I arrived, the gates were closing and I managed to get in. A park ranger told me they are
closing the park, but saw that I had the flower lei. I placed 2 lei on the Contemplation Circle.
She showed me a place where I could easily place the remaining flowers in the water at the
Memorial. I snapped a couple photos to send to my parents. The park ranger told me some
people didn’t make the early ceremony because a house had fallen off a truck and blocked a
lane. I hope the day was perfect for them regardless of the accident. All I know is that what I did
was normally impossible, I would have been sitting in construction traffic when the Arizona
Memorial closed. I thank God, Bruno, the Lei Stand, the fellow traffic drivers, and the Park
Ranger for making this possible.

Greatest sin & overman path

Synthesis of overman & humility
About the path of the ubermensch or overman Excerpt written By Angela M. Kneale
All rights reserved July 1993 

What is left to live for?
Come down from the heavens and look beneath you.
"Once the sin against God was the greatest sin; but God died... to sin against the Earth is now the most dreadful thing." - Frederick Nietzsche
If the life on Earth were to die, we sin against the Earth and ourselves. We will become selfish beings without either a home or Mother Earth. We will have destroyed the things dearest us, admitted, or not. To find another Mother Earth will not be the same, and we will venture to destroy her through hatred of our initial Mother (Earth) abandoning our souls. To become a race of overmans would be favorable for self, Mother (Earth), and siblings. 

Granted to become and over man is a treacherous path strung high above the wide path of the many. However, once one has begun to take the path of the overman, the path of the many will be harder to take. There are many places to step on a path so wide as the path of the many is. The path of the many is taken to try to find the path of the overman. It is a path of pure experience and takes much from the Earth. The overman, in starting on the narrow path will be hesitant at first but with each step grow more reluctant to recede, and shall take each step with growing joy as the path is so clear, and without doubt.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Love around the moon

Bright red heart drawn in blood
Love around the moon

Equinox dark teara

I thought it was bad enough the past decade on Oahu. That is, going for a vacation after the adrenaline of being supportive of my folks after my brother died, then running into the ground. I got stuck on Oahu. Then SHF. I was prodded to go to an international summit despite being in horrendous shape. & While Dating the elite combat artist trainer.
I financially couldn't make it back to mainland for several family funerals.
Now, 10yrs later I'm back and on equinox got a call my 1st crush died tragically.  It doesn't feel better that I've been back not even a year and haven't reconnected with those who i spent family holidays with.

Yesterday I tweeted a big psychic attack; type thing. So tonight's phone call explains what was sheer pain yesterday.

In tears. They place is tearing up my soul.


Moonlight makes her water. Tonight I finished filling bottle to set down at 20:08 or 8:08PM moonrise in the east.
A short meditation brought bright orbs and dark shadows. Giving thanks and asking for healing & interconnectedness with mother Earth and all of the spirits.