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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Chrysanthemums & Rose Petals for USS Langley - 75th Pearl Harbor

My personal hero, who took me to Philly lunch many weekends, Pearl Harbor Survivor remembered.
Yesterday, I made the trip to visit Pearl Harbor's Arizona Memorial and the USS Missouri.  I went, for my late "American Grandpa", who is my father's uncle. Since I am over 10 years younger than all of my cousins, I was like an only child on the weekends with him, his brother, mom, sister, and my the other hateful aunts that he instructed to "try to be nice to her" for as long as I could remember. Uncle Eddie, told me about that day at Pearl Harbor and his duty on the USS Langley gunner that avoided getting hit that day. And that he could only return to clean up while referring me to the framed full crew photograph on the wall of his Upper Darby home. So, yesterday December 7, 2016, I scattered the rose petals and yellow mums at the Arizona Memorial, heartfelt.

Despite Uncle Eddie being a gunner, having only two silver stars from Iwo Jima and the aftermath of Pearl Harbor. My mom, fearing for my life, let me go to lunch with him & to the candy shop. It was a regular weekend at great-grand mom's to hear the fight that he'd been through too much and should stay away from me (offensive names withheld).  Instead, he argued that he'd done the fighting so he could do what he wanted to do. My mom, being Japanese, was someone Uncle Eddie visited with and they would talk in our living room many Sundays. Later 2009, before I came to Hawaii;- he dropped off his Langley mission cards for me to check out. He also was the biggest motivating piano teacher in hindsight, since he "brought me up" not naive about my musical studies and shared his love of music with me.

Yesterday, I didn't know what to say to the living treasured Pearl Harbor Survivors. I remember Uncle Eddie telling me that, "Yeah they want me to come out there, but I don't, nah, dont wanna make the trip." It was like an indicator that he was always pressing to be forward thinking. I remember days he'd show up at the house from cleaning up 9-11 with the FDR hat on. He lived a life of service to the USA, even though he parted from the US Navy so long ago. I always was in awe of him and his inner strength.

I, being born a dual national of Japan and USA,  rarely received a gift of any kind (no graduation cards either) from my father's family members since they would fight and bicker  and cause headaches for Uncle Eddie because they hate me, even as a 6yr old. So I always felt that his time was more precious to me and my late brother. He'd give me a few bucks here and there where he could sneak it in and tell me to hang onto it. That, at this level, it was more individual healing and learning for past events as our interpersonal way of making amends. 
I hope, that there are more of us who choose to honor our fallen appropriately (like Uncle Eddie did every weekend). And, that we can move forward to make peace.

On December 7, 2016
I stopped by a local florist who gave rose petals and the mus to me for my visit. I am grateful for her kindness. The Arizona Memorial ticket was free. I did make some small purchases for momentos of the day since it has always been a family weekend topic in the USA. The box of Cracker Jacks I ate at the USS Missouri was the only one I saw, but it was expired by a couple weeks. Thanks to da Braddah for kamaaina water. 

Pearl Harbor Photos

Last time I was here on my Great Uncle's Funeral day...plus photo of my return to Japan & this morning Pearl Harbor flowers for my personal trip to Arizona

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Feng Shui & Christianity

Feng Shui in a Christian world, came up during my I visit to a local Honolulu Feng Shui Master's shop today. The Master mentioned something about bringing Feng Shui to the USA. I had inquired about the religion link to differnt Feng Shui practices and Schools.
In short, I boiled my experience of Christian Mindset on the East Coast to:
 Christianity = Infinate Vengful acts that are Infinately Forgiven by the Christian God & Jesus

This is quite different than having a Loving heart and Compassionate intents. As a 1st generation USA & Japanese citizen I learned cross culturally that Most American Christians don't translate Love and Compassion to anything they perceptibly interpret as not having "pure Christian origins."
The version of Christianity I was exposed to was inundated with an unsatiable vengance from Americans who hate Asia. Also, coupled with an infinate amount of Godly forgiveness for every destructive action the Christians take.

So, again, it seems that some things are ineffible & perpetually dumbfounding to me. 

2016-11-26 HH Living Buddha Lian-sheng Discourses "Money:" One Should Ta...

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Another death threat --ugh

They are saying that even African-Americans are planning to kill Japanese because they feel it would benefit Korea.
I have the send that whether these are people from within DOD or outsiders who do illegal business with Korean or Vietnamese  gangs;- that it is a death threat that has been directed towards me over the past 2.5weeks since the Trump win especially.

Beet Salad - with avo-basil dressing

Idea for a raw beet salad for 1 or scale to roast beets & pistachios then mix in raw blood orange and top with raw avocado-basil dressing. 

Raw or broiled beet/pistachio Salad
1.5 Tbsp Pistachios (chopped)
1 smaller Beet (diced)
1/2 Blood Orange peeled & sliced 

"Dressing" avo-basil - blend
1/4  avocado 
1 Tsp chiffonade sweet basil
1tsp McT oil
Natural sea Salt -to taste
Add plain almond milk to thin it

Make thicker dressing with avocado as base, chiffonade sweet basil, add McT oil , blend, add almond milk to thin dressing, after spooned on top of beet/pistachio/blood orange mixture add pinch of salt 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Hawaii Needs to rezone

Since before my 1st arrival in Honolulu Hawaii, the American capital of sex trafficking as one of my college mates reported for national new;-- Honolulu County still has over a dozen strip clubs and Asian style "buy me drinkie" bars within 2 miles of elementary and middle schools. It's already obvious to most on the mainland USA to steer possible sexual predators away from minors and schools. However, Honolulu Hawaii has no buffer for minors from transient sexual predators, and street prostitutes  who may visit or live on the the islands. It's a mish mash of adult world stacked on top of family life for many Honolulu islanders. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Viewpoint: Piano performances

 repost from July 24, 2011performerspiano.com by Angela M. Kneale


Where can you find a guide to "ground rules" of being a pianist? Do audiences today and interested persons have any idea of how difficult the actual work is to arrange a song, write a show, improvise to the atmosphere, or even accompany someone on a demanding duo? And then, most people take pianists to be inept business people and "too nice" so they will often times, in person, jerk you around with the conditions of your participation. Once a collegue of mine at a non-profit school (who hated me and was a female over 300lbs heavier than me) tried forcing me to play a show without paying me a deposit for my time. She even left a twenty dollar check from someone I never met on the floor for me to pick up behind her. Needless to say, I showed up to the event and asked her for the deposit check (a minimum of $130 for back then) and she said no she didn't have money for me from any of her 40 students. I walked out refusing to play since they were prepared with a boom box and recordings they were familiar with. Mind that there was no rehearsal. Alot of people, even collegues will try to bend you out of shape by soaking your time and running you into poverty when you could work on something more financially solid or even fun.  If they aren't your favorite person, don't do it. I had a collegue violinist then of the Philadelphia Orchestra who brought a technically demanding, modern and rare piano accompaniment to me just for fun. We rehearsed it within a week. After the rehearsal she said to me "I gave this to you because I knew you could do it faster than anyone." I was happy to take the compliment and hear the piece aloud for the first time. Unless the person is appreciating your music and artistry, make sure you impress that you work for pay and aren't the "minority" to be walked all over. The general public doesn't "appreciate" (depreciates) such things unless they invest in it. If so, leave and find better people who will appreciate your musicianship.
Here are some general guidelines that the average Classical music professional follows as soloist:
allow minimum of 3 months time to book:
  • Piano concert (for some musicians up to 1 year) $3000+ per concert
  • Live music for a Wedding and commisioned Wedding march ($250 to $6000 average-- Special:                                   if you want a celebrity like Elton John you'll need much much more!)
  • Background music for Parties of 1.5hrs to 3 hrs max ($250-$600+)
  • Accompanist for an entire Broadway show already written (price varies- compare to accompanist price below)
  • Professional commissioned works range from $500-$16000+ on average (for 1min to 25 min. of music)
One week to 3 months
  • Accompanist Pianist- $130  to $500 per song/piece - 1 rehersal plus performance 
  • Soloist Pianist- $50- $100+ per classical solo piano  piece (ie., at a church service)
  • Piano Instructor- $20 to $500/hr - Many good studios and schools expect a student to pay tuition and commit for a Quarter up front. This spares the instructor accountant fees and the student, wasted lesson time to collect funds rather than learn. Usually @ $20 the student and/or teacher are still trying to memorize where the keys are on the instrument. $100+ is a teacher more dedicated to creating a high quality recording artist or live performer. 
Note: The above rates are not meant to be non-profit rates, where schools typically use your name/talent for a profit for themselves entirely.  Non-profit schools are financially worse to join than being a church musician. Church musicians have some financial exceptions in the United States. Concerts given at churches are usually supported by a "cover charge" ranging from $5 to $50+ for the evening's concert.
And, as an accompanist, don't feel "bad" for your vocalist. They can pay you. Vocal coach/teachers today charge on between $50 to $500/hr. Any decent recording quality professional vocal teacher/coach will be $200+.

Viewpoint: Philadelphia to Hawaii piano instruction

repost: Cross-Cultural- Understanding from Piano_Noir  
First published Dec. 28, 2012

Aloha...is from a land of Hawaiian Ukulele music.  Ukelele music is popular among the local Hawaiian families and is frequently used at weddings and celebrations. Aloha land is 4920 miles away from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the East Coast of the United States where traditional Christian weddings are plentiful. Philadelphia, PA where Rachmaninoff hisself conducted the Philadelphia Orchestra, where the legendary piano instructors Gary Graffman & the Sokoloffs reigned for over 50 years as the best piano instructors on the planet through the 2000 millenium. Though I was adventurous as a prior student of a Hungarian piano instructor who was a collegue of Zoltan Kodaly where local folk music was embraced, the Hawaiian attitude is anything except harsh.

I was in a condusive traditional Classical piano environment and learned piano in a very strong Christian based community. One where every church has at least one grand piano, if not two or more grand pianos and electric organ or common pipe organ. I grew up with the general knowledge that Bach and many of the great keyboard Composers were supported by the Church and wrote sacred as well as secular music, with a pethora of churches and institutions where I could perform on a variety of period instruments frequently.  In diminished comparison, Hawaii barely houses an electric keyboard at any church, let alone 1 studio upright or pipe organ.

In the current 21st century economy many Hawaii churches have "gotten rid of" their keyboard instruments due to maintenance costs and vandalism from an obtrusive population. Before moving to Hawaii, I took my east coast musical environment for granted and wished the general population was understanding of my Japanese heritage. However, most of the Christian community included everyone in the USA who has traditionally hated the Japanese;- including newly formed Korean specific churches. So I continually befell physical attacks, verbal criticism, and blatant discrimination on the East coast for most of my 30 some years of life.

So, I move to Hawaii and am inundated with a severe local attitude that is against piano.  They say I have  "too high makamaka"  think I'm better than them. I worked at piano because I loved it and my talent put me through college with a scholarship.

The other day, a local parent mentioned to me that his child was learning a popular "Traditional Christian wedding piece" on their keyboard on her own. This is the first time that I have gotten to explain that these are normal pieces, that many children on the mainland learn to play at their family weddings. It's difficult for me to believe that the culture in Hawaii is so vastly different from the East Coast USA that these things are so "foreign" to local Hawaii. Especially since I see the religious rosary with crosses dangling from many rear view mirrors, and other Christian car markings. Just as most mainland people could not explain the differences and nuances of Hawaiian musical performances because they don't know the Hawaiian traditional song repertoire;- most Hawaiian Islander natives could not begin to explain the subtleties of any Classical piano repertoire performance.

edited: Nov. 23, 2016 Sproutfuel.com

Intro viewpoint: Dragon mom versus Tiger mom

Repost from Piano Noir 2012

The Dragon, a universal creature that is emblazoned in both European and Asian cultures. Moms in both European & Asian culture both try to prepare their children for the battles in life. However, being the first generation in a USA culture that discriminates regardless of lies that are told, the Tiger mom's methods are out. Most of the mothers who come from foreign or “exotic” cultures had plenty of self confirmation. Many of the moms grew up with friends who had similar experiences to them in their motherlands. If they had TV and media, these mothers were frequently inundated with cultural images of their parent culture. The amount of criticism they received was likened to that of people who were like them in their motherland.

Now, these mothers enter their new realm USA. Parents of the 1st generation can be subject to major identity crisis. They are singled out. And, many parents who typically lie to hide a common social problem, don't understand just quite how deep an emotional and psychological ravine their children  fall into. Many of these children grow into adults who need to try and “verify” their own image in early adulthood by travelling to Asian countries. Sometimes, this is such an emotionally and psychologically intense experience that the once successful child that the Dragon mom pinned to her ego ceases to live. Mostly, due to frequently high suicide rates among Asians & Asian-Americans who strive for success in the USA. There is little acceptance by the Dragon mom or parents as to why their children did not successfully complete college, university, or their PHD program when it is within a week away. Some outwardly blame their own children and mock them to maintain status in the USA community, rather than take on the blatant responsibility to protect their children through early adulthood.

Sometimes this protection involves participation in the young adult's life past the age of 18. And, it still involves calling the College or University where their son or daughter attends to keep things in line, yet at a distance. Being a minority “ethnic” group in the USA is another thing that many Dragon mom's don't understand or want to accept. Sometimes this will unfortunately include unnecessary and costly legal battles to get their children through higher educational institutions safely. Many minority families can't afford these battles and so usually the child of the Dragon mom is left to fed for themselves in an unrelenting pit of discrimination, abuse, and being taken advantage of (including assault or pushed to the brink with suicide). Competitive majority & USA domestic dorm mates can also score automatic 4.0gpa if their dorm mate commits suicide.  Being a Dragon and hovering over the child even in early adulthood is of prime importance for success.

Many children of these parents usually begin to do soul searching by the time they reach their mid 20's. For others looking for answers, this stage happens later and sometimes in the midst of a pressing professional life.

To be continued... and revised 1/4/2012 - 11/23/2016

Friday, November 18, 2016

the Feng Shui of 2017 President to be.

The feng shui of the 2017 President to be in relation to me/family ;- will create a ton of Ghosts.
It should be however, reciprocated for balance. 
His team is worse than Yakuza, and is using them to further his USA business enterprise.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Arigato gosaimashita!!! TPP JAPAN

5 years from Tomorrow, Hawaii Time;- the expendable of the Family walked in the middle of a situation. USA & M-16 armed gunners aimed at protesters holding signs written in Chinese. It was an intense little 20' stroll in front of the Halekulani. The next day, on Nov. 12, 2011,  Japan made the announcement that they would join the TPP agreement. It took 5 years from that day Nov. 11, 2011 till Today Nov. 10 (hawaii time), 2016 for Japan to sign the TPP.

Minasan, (ChoO) Arigato Gosaimashita!!!

I cried when I read the news. It has been totemo ChoO muzukashii here in the USA.
Arigato Gosaimashita, TPP. 
I hope I (we) die(d) here for family.

いとこ  -- 有我と 
ITOKO san - Arigato Gosaimashita, Abelia/ JT "death knell"... down with the jibe.
my pocket,  still empty.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Do, what actually makes a difference.

Do what actually makes a difference. 

NWO or Consulate banking is now needed in the USA for multinationals, more than ever.

America under Trump

Should never let someone with so much money run for president. 
Republicans historically deny access to Human Rights complaint, trial, & prosecution because "they can't afford it."

What does that say About the American ideals of freedom, beyond the abolition of real chains and whips slavery?
Welcome to 2016, an overrated display of humans taking the slippery slope back to animalism and loss of real spirit.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Voting Nov. 8, 2016

I suppose today, will add closure to the past 12 years of gnarly international politicking adversely affecting my once great life in the USA. I voted this morning, and had registered already in the zip code, and finally gave my personal physical location in the same zip code as I wasn't printed in the Roster. It reminded me back to other times I voted in my hometown of Pennsylvania, a place where the vote remained Republican since the inception of the USA in Central Bucks County, PA with about 148 homes. My cast ballot was broken into as many others, and I was harassed by my neighbors who had very different and white dominant values ( on the fringe of US white domestic terrorism). My father walked in the door to yell at me about how I decided to vote, as he was made aware of the votes on my cast ballot. It pissed off all the neighbors enough that I at least knew they were being honest.

However, I did cast my ballot. Voted for 3 people who have been in my midst or I have met without effort;- from frequent visits to the Collegetown of Ithaca, NY that became my adult home, the Obama/Hanabusa/Maize campaign, And, the crazy dude running for Senate in Hawaii who talked to me at the Waikiki Laundromat who talked my ear off one day about car stuff & the MK experience.

I'm hoping for the best for restoration to peaceable living in the USA.
That the USA mainland becomes more calm again and less racially/ nationally volatile,
I know, my vote most likely doesn't promote TPP issues or any business plans with Japan & other Asian nations that have existed for the duration of my life. However, without the restoration of peaceable calm in the USA mainland;- domestic travel and business is likely to defeat the basic guidelines of security for international/ multinational human beings that should be employed with the TPP.  Yes, I voted, despite being forced into my USA citizenship and operating under USA domestic guidelines of nationality while being terrorized for being a Japanese national  at home, school, and church by white supremicists who sought to impact the future relationship with Japan.

So, for whatever it's worth.,,I voted. Went through the bogus process. Had I been given a fair chance at my own decisions;- instead of being a political tool & statement back at Japan, My life would have been on a very different path. Now, I get to see...what this toss up Presidency creates.

Big Waves already breaking at the North Shore of Oahu;- time to forget this political BS till surf contest season is over. 

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

affecting international market with PEACE

1. United Nations POLICING: Make violations especially against women (of Asian descent) connected to larger EX-IM punishable as Attempted murder charge rather than local police categorization of common domestic violence incidents.

2.  Kill all shipments not connected directly a person of dual-nationality, Asian descent (biz USA).

3. Eliminate the rule of Foreign Agency ( Foreign  Agents act) in the USA when EXPORT-IMPORT shipment is concerned. 

  • USA clouds the issue and manipulates the EX-IM scene by requiring a 3rd party intermediary
  • USA admonishes the potential Foreign Agent due to USA lack of cooperation and USA actions that total international security agreement breaches and cumulative acts of war. 
    • Some of these actions are taken against the Agent as private interest under USA politicians where other individual is seeking to cause reason to retain employment.
    • Some of these actions are taken against the Agent as private interest for other than USA nation.
    • Some of these actions taken against the Agent are acts of domestic terrorism;- particularly personal agendas hidden within the U.S. Military officers & enlisted person's private creed.
    • Allow dual-national persons with exceptional families to receive funds directly without confiscation of funds and unquestionable jail time;-  as USA has assassinated my family members of Japanese nationality through local policing. And USA has created easy fail financial systems in event of such personal tragedy.
      •  -provide: secured joint USA federal and Foreign Nations banking option. 
3. Stop chain of command enforce (no questions asked);- that creates "impression management scenarios" by temporary secret services workers and other high level security officers with access to manipulate such private/personal information.   &;/;Or white  majority  (with understanding that all people of primary European descent qualify as 'White" ie., case of American Italians & Jews), --revision needed--

Sunday, October 30, 2016


1st Knell is with the Star.
Israel will in-Fect cause the Fall.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Japan perspective

This is my perspective from the East Coast where the competition for the "normal America" that is not saturated with Asian culture like West Coast business dynamics.

1. Another issue for Japan's public perception is online and in English. The constant historical banter & speculation that is published to the public as random internet address links within political and military articles.  A slippery slope appears to be aimed at taking the ground out from under Japan  since the overall balance of wartime articles is heavy in comparison with other nations globally. Such a stack of vague Japan militaristic knowledge affects modern perceptions and interactions in the political arena and business environment. The articles are aimed at emotional justification for causing economic and socio-political damage to Japanese abroad in the USA and NY City (a crucial global business environment). Ground level talks that have resolved are difficult to find in the internet haystack about international issues involving comfort women, and past war time atrocities in other nations aside from Japan. At UNESCO, a globally comprehensive report to view the humanitarian and gender based issue of comfort women is not isolated to Japan alone.

2. WW3 looks more like USA/India/Korea VS. China/Russia/Japan 
The United States is responsible for endangering Japanese born nationals within the USA Homeland. The US has jeopardized and pushed out standard business and family safety for Japan in key areas from the US Homeland in county courts in small locales. Instead, the USA business elite has embraced the family presences of Korean nationals and Indian nationals in particular while collaborating to create a facade of Japanese business relationship to the US public. In fact, most of the Korean & Indian linked business presence on the East Coast is aimed at destroying the Japanese image and presence in the larger US public at the ground level.

In the past decade and a half, before the talks of TPP vs. ASEAN;- it was more common to find micro level business & friendships between Japanese and Chinese within the USA homeland. There is still a huge lack of respect from the Korean and Indian communities/neighborhoods towards Japan in the USA. Of course this disrespect is only carried out politically with the help of the usual in charge USA white majority (that includes anyone of European descent who appears more caucasian). The dual national Israelis nearly top the list of foreigners pouring on sexual violence on Japanese in the USA and have no positive ASEAN interest.

3. The TPP vs the ASEAN allies.
The Philippines is going through growing pains with the rebuilding of their nation's infrastructure. Some new choices can be made, and so rebuilding seems to take on a plan-of-action that needs to be in line with the complete failure of the TPP, once promoted by their greatest ally. The past weeks have pressed the TPP issue to a new edge with 2017's USA Presidency to be a voided agreement. Donald Trump touted a revision of NAFTA/GATT from the 90's, while Hillary Clinton directly stood opposed to carrying the TPP torch. Neither US Presidential candidate shows intention of successful completion of the TPP. The ASEAN allies may be going through expected growing pains, arguments, to secure its trade routes and boundaries that the USA once considered crucial to its future survival and growth. This does not mean an internal War is imminent.  

Sunday, October 23, 2016

perspective: Japan

Japan's citizens pulled through the worst of two nuclear bombings by the United States of America, WITHOUT being a Christian Based nation.

However, the United States views the selfless omiyage culture as a pivotal point of spite. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

USA Homeland security

They have had some unsavoury conversations I overheard. And not surprising from the Hawaii Dock crews and Police.
I've heard USA Homeland security speaking of  deporting women and children where they can make money,- as a legitimate form of sex trafficking. And whether deportation is warranted or not.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

USA Business for Japanese relation

  • Recommend Japan limit USA tourist spending to Vacation packages and meals.
  • I have been experiencing heightened violence from some USA citizens with particular hatred of JAPAN. And, there has not been ANY assistance from the USA government programs.

The USA has not given anything to support business for ABAC size or larger.
Rather, since 1996, there has been direct interference with my personal life from the Clinton Boys as well as the Bush business elite. This includes, directly preventing me from leaving the USA to return to my home Country of Japan after completing college. In Hawaii 2009+ I was met at the Honolulu airport by a member of Obama's local Hawaiian secret services team;- He prevented my vacation on my own terms and returning to my life. Local Honolulu police department cooperated with him and guaranteed my abduction.

They, meaning the higher level individuals; - committed identity theft and destroyed my financial integrity as well as much of my work integrity (as I am unable to return to work on the mainland).
Since I have been in Hawaii;- I have attempted to document the issues that the Americans/ US GI's/ and Other USA citizens have created to cause more political rifts with Japan.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Things I think Japan should do @ civilian level immediately:-
1. Arrest and imprison, if not sentence to death, all foreign sex traffickers & pimps. 
2. Deport all foreign USA sex workers & night industry workers
3. Close all USA subsidised & or government funded corporate offices.
4. Refuse landing, docking, refuelling & entry to American vessels and military aircraft. 
5. UsA military fleet  must stay a minimum of 242km offshore Japan.
6. Stop spending in USA - for vacations & holiday.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hawaii security Issues

The Hawaii community, including individuals who may be regular salaried or hourly employees at DoE, Homeland Security, Federal agents, and US Military;- have been harassing and coercing me into positions that they think are detrimental to EX-IM with outside countries. In my opinion these individuals are working to undermine overall USA security. And, they deliberately endanger my life. 
They have taken actions to "cover up" abducting me as well as what would be normally perceived as attempted murder charges due to the existence of the art called "martial arts". I feel this is inappropriate for the well bein of the USA, and that no art form in security or combatives, legal or illegal, is beneficial to peaceable international trade and security agreements.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Stolen identity & USA Yakuza gang

3  people have approached me claiming that they are my brother. One of them, I have already had issues with and had military involvement for Intelligence investigation as he works for DoE & secret services as a combat trainer and has voiced how the American-Asian gangs always want to hire him. I think that they did, as I also wrote to Israel and they responded that he is not an instructor listed with them as IKMF.
I'm very concerned, also for my life and further issues from these Americans, who may be yakuza gangsters or connected to some other Asian based crime gang.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I think I got toxic mold @ my lungs

I'm coughing like I have pneumonia, but my allergies and chemical sensitivity is off the chart. Yesterday, I went to Aldo's at ala Moana, I went to pay for purchase and I was dying in the time to get the payment to the cashier. My throat started to close, my eyes started to water and burn. I felt like I could die standing there. 
My Bad ::: I ate grain & carb loaded  for about a week+. So this is what I get. Harsh punishment.